About the anti-fascist struggle after Maidan (Ukraine)

This is a translation of a brochure written by 2 anti-authoritarian communist groups, Vida (Rivet) and Proletconnect about the anti-fascist struggle in Ukraine after the Maidan events. Events unfold on very high speed and although this brochure discusses the Ukrainian reality until June 2014, to the opinion of the translator it offers insight on the background of the conflict and the international geopolitical significance of these events. It offers a different interpretation compared to western media and even parts of the western left.

In USSR times…

“…Its (Kiev’s) buildings are famous all over Russia. It was a center of religion. And now it is a semi-ruin. Here the Germans showed what they could do. Every public building, every library, every theater, even the permanent circus, destroyed, not with gunfire, not through fighting, but with fire and dynamite. Its university is burned and tumbled, its schools in ruins. This was not fighting, this was the crazy destruction of every cultural facility the city had, and nearly every beautiful building that had been put up during a thousand years. Here German civilization did its work, and one of the few justices in the world is that German prisoners are helping clean up the mess that they made.

If the United States were completely destroyed from New York to Kansas, we would have about the area of destruction the Ukraine has. If six million people were killed, not counting soldiers, fifteen percent of the population, you would have an idea of the casualties of the Ukraine. Counting soldiers, there would be many more, but six million out of forty-five million civilians have been killed. There are mines which will never be opened because the Germans threw thousands of bodies down into the shafts. Every piece of machinery in the Ukraine has been destroyed or removed, so that now, until more can be made, everything must be done by hand. Every stone and brick must be lifted and carried with the hands, for there are no bulldozers. And while they are re-building, the Ukrainians must produce food, for theirs is the great granary of the nation”.

John Steinbeck “A Russian journal

…“The rest of Ukraine, with the exception of regions close to the front (Donbass and a few others), was under the authority of the so-called reichcommisariat. A terrorist regime was imposed everywhere in the country. During the occupation, fascists murdered around five million people only in Ukraine and over two million were sent to forced labor in Europe. These felonies were carried out with the assistance of bourgeois nationalists such as Stepan Bandera”…

…“USSU offered 12% of labor force to the Soviet Union and 24% to its overall financial activities. Ukraine provided one third of Soviet production with coil, steel, uranium and agricultural fertilizers. Only in Krivoi Rog half of Soviet metal ores were dug up. In addition to that, one fifth of the Soviet production of grain, one fourth of meat, potato and vegetables was made in Ukraine. On the same time, Ukraine possessed specialized labor force and an advanced industry which included mechanical constructions and electronics”.

…“In 1990 Ukraine gathered fifty one million tons of grain, one could say according to the population, one ton for each one”..,

…“It is worth mentioning that Ukraine before 10-12 years (1987-1989) was placed among the 10 richest countries in Europe”…

  1. The new ruling class after the fall of the Soviet Union

On the 24th of August Ukraine was proclaimed an “independent democratic state” and from the 4th of September of the same year, under decision of the parliament, the Ukrainian flag was raised in the Ukrainian hall.

The declaration of “democracy” of course, was nothing more than the political establishment of capitalist restoration. Thus begins the great thievery of the accumulated social wealth by private enterprises and the strengthening of the bourgeoisie. The State Property Fund takes charge of the privatizations, which means the transfer of all the capital (land, enterprises) from the hands of the state to private organizations. From one day to the next, as for all former members of the Soviet Union, neocapitalists are accumulating more and more wealth and the western ruling classes are celebrating the victory of capitalism and the opening of a vast market open to exploitation. For example, “communist persecutor” ex-president of the United States Richard Nixon makes a statement in 1993, after a visit to Moscow and Kiev, that no more are there three worlds. There are just two. The propaganda of western imperialism concerning a second world of socialist states can now be stopped. * Here of course, it is not an ideal place for an inclusive critique of the significance of socialist states and their value for the working class on a world-level. However, for whoever takes the side of the commonwealth of the working class, of the oppressed, in order for this critique to be an asset for the future, it must be done without dogmatic barriers and to continue aborting the sloughing polemic of the bourgeois class side.*

Taking over the political power, the new bourgeoisie of Ukraine had full authority on sculpting production. A savage attack targeting labor and all class struggle achievements such as wages, pensions, transportations, on the entire social spectrum took place.

The ideological-cultural superstructure of the pro-western part of Ukrainian bourgeoisie sovereignty is anti-communism, according to western standards (see EU), a systematic distortion of history, nationalist rhetoric and support for fascist organizations. The latter did not stop an undermining activity during the previous decades with various activities in the interior of Ukraine. From the very start of the capitalist establishment of independence, the “Democratic Right” refers to Nazi collaborators as heroes. Only two months after August 1991, the founding congress of Nazi party Svoboda (Freedom) takes place and declares Andrushkiv as its first leader.

  1. Entanglement with imperialisms and the internal confrontation of the bourgeoisie

In parallel with the strengthening of the local ruling class, Ukrainian land is now open to exploitation from international capital. For example, from 1996 to 2005 21 Special Economic Zones were in industrial areas and regions of priority for “economic development” covering 10% of Ukrainian territory. The state guaranteed these zones of hyper-exploitation (supplement of specialized as well as non-specialized labor force) with special laws, tax exemptions and others towards reinforcing the influence of foreign capital. In this wild course of depredation of accretion and tremendous rise of profit, a part of the Ukrainian bourgeoisie is entangled with the Russian ruling class whereas another with the German and American.

This entanglement is apparent in the moves of the political personnel of the ruling class. Previous president Leonid Kuchma was a proponent of the slogan “radical politics in favor of an economy of the market”. His main goal was to acquire loans from western creditors. This line of political thought ultimately led to loans from the International Monetary Fund, enormous depts to Gazprom (the biggest Russian natural gas corporation) and the application of extreme austerity measures in a country with already increased poverty.

The confrontation inside the bourgeoisie concerning the choice of imperialistic side was the actual procedure behind the scenery of the “orange” demonstrations of 2004. These gatherings were baptized “orange revolution for democracy” by western liberal media. At that time, western imperialism and its local facilitators favored the way of constitutional intervention. Let’s remember the facts. November 2004: On the second round of presidential elections the Party of Regions (Yanukovych), a center-left party with the support of the Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU), largely influenced by Russian capital. Accusations of forgery follow from the party “Our Ukraine”, right wing party also encompassing known neo-Nazis (Tyahnybok). The “peaceful”, as characterized back then, orange demonstrations promote the west-backed Yushchenko and it is the Supreme Court which orders a repeat of the second round which is won by Yushchenko’ s collaborator, Yulia Tymoshenko who becomes president. A constitutional organization thus will intervene to give power to pro-western nationalists.

  1. Imperialistic antagonisms in the geo-stratigic field: Ukraine-world crisis-confrontation

The new government, while employing deeply anti-communist and nationalist propaganda, at the same time baptized Nazi collaborators such as Stepan Bandera “defenders of the independence of Ukraine against Soviet and Nazi occupation”*. It provided total cover to neo-Nazis and additionally of course to French, German and American monopolies. Under these circumstances Ukraine enters the crisis of world-wide hyper accumulation of profit in 2008.

During this structural capitalist crisis, which is based upon the main contradiction between labor forces and relations in production, imperialist antagonisms grow enormously as a necessary means of destruction of capital and creation of new markets. Countries placed in the periphery of imperialist centers are a “fertile” ground of this confrontation.

Furthermore, in 2008, Russian imperialism makes its move in Ukraine through energy warfare. Gazprom puts pressure on the Ukrainian government by demanding the payments of dept equal to a billion dollars and applies gradual reduction of delivery. The vast majority of natural gas pipelines pass through Ukraine and this fact makes obvious the significance of this move. Tense negotiations follow this stage of the confrontation presented in liberal media as “Tensions between Russia and Ukraine concerning the purchase and interchange of natural gas”.

In parallel it must be mentioned that up to 2008, at least, the main bulk of international trades (imports and exports) is made with Russian capital. Boards portray the Ukrainian market (not at all negligible) in close quarter with Russian bourgeoisie.

It is quite evident that a profound subversion of relations would occur in the case that the re-elected president Yanukovych signed a treaty for free market and custom connections with the EU. For that exact reason Russian capitalists react to this intended treaty and pressure Ukraine towards the direction of Eurasian Union.

The answer to this eventuality from the rival imperialistic camps and their local supporters was the Maidan demonstrations and the fascist coup that followed.

*Right after the October Revolution nationalist groups began acting in Ukraine. In 1919 the “Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists” (OUN-B), which from 1941, right after Hitler’s attack on the USSR, began to openly collaborate with Nazis. In 1942 out of these forces and the Nazis, the “Ukrainian Insurgent Army” (UPA) was formed with the main goal of annihilating Soviet partisans who were fighting in Ukraine, as well as any other man and woman expressing support for the USSR. Thousands of atrocities were committed on behalf of this organization against Soviet people.

Stepan Bandera was head of the nationalist organization OUN, a known anti-communist and Nazi collaborator. With his organization, he acted against the Red Army and the people of Ukraine since 1941 and in general against the USSR until 1959, while it was his organization which oversaw the extermination of 7000 Jews in the city Lvov.

Many members of OUN that survived fled to Western Europe and the United States with the help of the CIA. In Washington, they founded the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA). Its members held high positions in the National Security Council and recently they took the lead in organizing demonstrations against the government of Yanukovych.

  1. The fascist coup

The anti-proletarian, anti-communist nature of the aforementioned forces as well as the creation of fascist organizations as a reserve weapon for the bourgeoisie has already been analyzed. It has to be also mentioned that the government of Yanukovych funded fascists in order to undermine the pool of voters for his major rival Yulia Timoshenko.

This fascist reserve is also boosted by capitalist crisis. Up to 2004 the neo-Nazi party Svoboda, later with its leader Tyahnybok, had only a small presence in some western parts of Ukraine. In October of 2005, the far-right groups of OUN and UPA tried to march through central streets of Kiev. There, communists, anarchists and other militants welcomed them with tomatoes, rocks and a beating chanting in parallel the anthem “Fascism shall not pass!”

Nevertheless 4 years later, in 2009, the far-right succeed in assembling the first large gathering in memory of fascist “hero” Bandera. References can be found that in 2010 the neo-Nazis of Svoboda did over a hundred demonstrations for similar historical issues.

On the square of Liberty (Maidan) – history always has in store some tragic irony- neo-Nazis of Svoboda are present along with the paramilitary squads of Right Sector, a coalition of various fascist organizations like Trident of Giaro and far-right hooligans in their arsenal. They take positions on the square, crash even the lightest left-wing dispute and proceed to the fascist coup. After intense clashes with police forces they occupy administrative buildings, chasing away legally elected president Yanukovych. They overthrow political power and claim its strategic sectors.

The battle fought on Maidan square was not in favor of the oppressed classes, but against them. It occurred in the context of an everlasting war that we tried to describe above. The criteria of spectacle, as given “generously” by mass media, as well as the criterion of “enraged crowd”, of the “armed people” can be given back where they belong: to the petite-bourgeois perception of history process which seeks messiahs and spectacular, “impulsive”, “rapid” salvations.

The class political criterion, class relations, objective conditions, the development of subjective factors, the level of organization of the working class are our tools.

For what reason then, in the Ukraine of 2014, as well as in many other countries on a global scale, where objective conditions are fertile, a deep capitalist crisis which leaves “the king naked” as well as an occurring deep political crisis inside the bourgeoisie do not become a turning point in favor of the working class towards liberation?

Here, we can cite certain facts which we regard as key points:

  1. The critique made upon the USSR was left for more than 20 years in the hands of its victors. It did not become possession and wealth of the subject for which it mattered most: of the global working class. Thus, during all these years they turn this critique against it. With great insistence, tons of ink and saliva, the ruling bourgeoisie understood very well from the beginning that by employing fierce anti-Sovietism, a black disputatious writing of history, inspection and the old hideous equalization of fascism-communism its target was not the ex-USSR or the People’s Republic of China. Its target was the global proletariat and its submission.

Towards this objective the Ukrainian right wing was working all these years. Persistently, it asked for banning the Communist Party which was legally elected and held parliamentary positions. What else could be the reason for them to stay so firmly anti-Soviets after so many years since capitalist reinstatement?

  1. The ideological disarmament, which accompanied historically the attack on labor,

was confronted by the CPU only on the level of the parliament. Extra parliamentary propaganda and action was not only neglected but additionally its parliamentary tactics were highly opportunistic. In order to secure the legality of its existence, CPU supported the center-left and social-democratic solutions. Through this coalition, the Communist Party itself dashed any prospect of firmly resisting to the new plans from its base. With capitalist crisis becoming more acute and internal imperialistic antagonisms intensifying, the totalitarianism of capital and along with it the rise of fascism which of course manifest themselves under different terms in each country, do not constitute a spontaneous choice of the bourgeoisie but a mandatory decision for its survival. In order for capitalist function to “roll”, to surpass its inconsistency, the over-accumulation crisis, it needs destruction. The social-democratic way of Yanukovych, tightly connected to Russian imperialism, was spreading delusions to the part of the working class which followed him and was ultimately leading to destruction. These delusions were also reproduced by the CPU.

But who could prevent the fascist coup as well as the onslaught unleashed by Capital, foreign and domestic, towards the world of Labor?

  1. It could only be an autonomous political organization of the working class, one that could set strategies, not according to Capital’ s needs but instead on the needs of the oppressed classes. There is only one way that can deter barbarism and that is the Revolutionary.

This noticeable absence (although there were of course some organizations , but apparently weak) ultimately led the people suffocating from fascist atrocities, the ones that protected with their own bodies the monuments of the working class and they continue to do so and clash with fascists on the streets, though unfortunately now under a foreign flag. Under the delusion of “lesser evil” some people believe that the flag of Russian imperialism, of Russian monopolies, will stand against the fascist coup as an ally of the oppressed classes.


Under these circumstances fascists in Ukraine assumed the strategic decisions of the domestic ruling class and modern euro-Atlantic totalitarianism. The prime laws belched by the junta were typical:

  • Plan of order concerning the banning of the activities of the CPU

  • Plan of resolution for the treatment of the effects of soviet occupation

  • Appointment as Minister of Internal Affairs of far-right Avakov and appointment of members of the Right Sector in the Ministry

  • Plan of order for the “Pantheon of national heroes”

  • Plan of order for the introduction of fiscal restrictions

  • Plan of resolution for the attribution of honors to the deceased during the armed clashes of Maidan peaceful protests

  • Plan of order for the appointment of Svoboda Party member A. Machitskogo at the office of General Prosecutor

  • Plan of order for the appointment of a member of the pro-German party Udar as overseer of the Security Agency of Ukraine

  • Plan of order for the discharge of soldiers and officers of security forces (In their positions, members of far-right groups are hired)

  • Plan of order to ban the right of minorities to use their language. Russian, Romanian, Hungarian and Greek.

The fact that the primary concern of the fascists was the banning of the CPU is a proof of their profound hostility towards labor but at the same time of a sad demonstration of defeat, a consequence of the call on bourgeois legality on behalf of working class organizations. Trust in bourgeois constitutions leads to delusions and grave dead ends for the class of the oppressed.

The fact that most of these legislations are dealing with the historical rehabilitation of Nazism, while the new government was recognized by the whole of the western ruling class, is a strong proof of the hypocrisy of the bourgeoisie regarding “democracies” and “democratic rights”. This recognition is the apparent historical proof that fascism and liberal democracy are not two differentiated “ideologies” but two strategic options of the same political thinking: politics of bourgeoisie dominance.

Lastly, the banning of languages other than Ukrainian is a staggering proof of obscurantism and quackery of local fascists of Golden Dawn who were proudly taking pictures with their brother fascists of Ukraine before the coup. The turn that followed is a loving tactic of these watchdogs of Capital.

The months that followed these laws were applied under the blessings of “humanitarian” United Nations. The fascist government of Kiev began a suffocating control on mass media and press agencies. Fascists of Svoboda attacked with punches the secretary of the CPU while all this time they continued attacks on offices of left organizations, threats towards their members and the “setting” of charges against them. These kind of attacks happened to members and structures of the CPU in cities of northwestern Ukraine like Rovno and Sumi.

East Ukraine: The field of antifascist resistance

Under the situation of neo-nazis crashing structures of counter-information on Western Ukraine, shutting the flow of information, and their western partners – among them Greece as presidential country of the EU- opening it just to serve their imperialistic aims, calling whatever that does not fit into their plans as terrorism or Putin’ s plan, counter-information is indeed difficult. But it is not impossible.

Facts themselves can lead us to safe conclusions and secondly, the voice of antifascist anti-capitalist groups.

Already from the beginning of March – before the Russian claiming of Crimea – in cities of Eastern Ukraine there were anti-nazi anti-government demostrations. To these unarmed gatherings the neo-nazis sent armed formations to assassinate demonstrators.

Fascist attacks on Kharkiv are distinctive. In this particular city, from the beginning of the fascist coup, every day there is an anti-fascist demonstration and gathering under the statue of Lenin. Nazis do not have human potential in the local population, something that becomes quite clear on the 15th of March, when they send thirty armed fascists from Poldava, a city far from Kharkiv, in order to strike protestors. The gunmen were isolated by the demonstrators and fled to the local offices of Svoboda. Surrounded, they shot at the crowd murdering two protestors and injuring heavily another one.

Imperialist confrontations are escalated after the annexation of the Crimea by Russia. We wouldn’t of course expect that a powerful imperialistic state would give up one of its major naval bases, in the heart of the Black Sea to rival imperialists. In parallel, the plot of USA-EE-Fascists for dominance on Eastern Ukraine is proceeding.

Antifascist mobilizations, under the form of demonstrations and squatting of government buildings, continue in many cities of Eastern Ukraine.

On the sixth of April in Donetsk, which is predominantly a working class city of heavy industry, demonstrators manage to squat the building of the regional administration after short classes with the police. On the next day there are reports of a general assembly of the people which declares the beginning of the People’s Democracy of Donetsk. In Lugansk demonstrators squat the headquarters of security services.

The outset of “anti-terrorist” operations is signaled after the passing of a law concerning the duplication of sentences for “acts against the territorial integrity of the country” (08/04/2014) and the legation of CIA head John Brennan to Kiev (12/04/2014).

From this point onward antifascists proceed through self-organizing to fortification and barracking of their cities, with militias, barricades and control of streets.

In the town of Slavyansk (13/04/2014) takes place one of the first battles of armed militias at the squatted police headquarters against the forces of Kiev. In Mariupol people squat the town hall and set up barricades. Self-defense councils squat government buildings and police departments and acquire control of major parts of the cities Donetsk, Kramatorsk, Krasni Liman, Drushovka and Krasnoarmeisk.

The “special anti-terrorist operation” of the leaders of the coup becomes intensified on the 16th of April, the day of negotiations of the Geneva summit, and succeeds in re-capturing the airport of Kramatorsk but loses the battle in Donetsk.

Hitherto, we ascribe the general term “antifascists” because of the fact that in Eastern Ukraine there was a powerful popular resistance against the fascist-coup regime and the plots of its international supporters. But what does the term “popular” contain? “Liberal antifascism” which takes its place alongside Russian imperialism and adopts the plan of federalization or annexation by Russia. The Russian flag. But also class antifascism which fights to defend the interests of the working class against fascist offensive. The flag of soviet-remembering antifascism, with clear antifascist characteristics, especially in some parts of Eastern Ukraine. These two flags, with their distinctive content, coexisted in squatted government buildings.

To circumvent this second trend of antifascist resistance, no matter if it has minority influence, under the generalization of a people “waif and carrier of imperialistic confrontations”, means that we abandon a significant part of the antifascist, anticapitalist, anti-imperialist class struggle as prey to the overwhelming historical conditions: the absence of an organized militant working class, to the caving in of the revolutionary movement on a global scale, under the boot of multi-polar capitalism and complex entanglement and imperialist conflicts. Bottom line, it means that we abandon the flag of Proletarian Internationalism.

17/04/2014 Agreement of Geneva- Agreement of crackdown of the Antifascist Struggle

While in Eastern Ukraine battles rage against fascist forces of Kiev and the slandering of antifascist resistance as Russian agent guided -although the sole military operation that was declared officially was the campaign of Neo-Nazis, EU, USA and the Russian capitalist state draws its goodwill from murdered antifascist demonstrators, Foreign Ministers of Ukraine, Russia, United States and the head of European diplomacy sign the pact of Geneva. The terms of the agreement are the following:

  • All the illegal armed groups must disband and hand over their weapons

  • All demonstrators must depart from illegally squatted buildings

  • All the squares, streets, public places that have been squatted must be evacuated immediately

  • Kiev must guarantee amnesty to squatters, except those that have committed felonies

  • The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), being already present in Ukraine, will engage a supreme role in dealing with the crisis. US, EU and Russia have committed to supporting the mission and provide observers, as mentioned by John Kerry

  • A political dialogue involving all regions and political groups must start immediately

  • If the aforementioned terms are fulfilled all sides are ready to provide economical support to Ukraine

If the first term, that concerning armed groups, leaves any space for being misconstrued, the rest of the terms are crystal clear regarding the common direction agreed by rival imperialistic sides: legitimization of the fascists of Kiev and disarmament and surrender of the antifascist struggle. While the alleged goal of “de-escalation of tension” was not fulfilled – an internal imperialistic conflict is never settled on paper-, the severity of the fascist charge on the east rose up.

On the same day in Mariupol residents gathered in front of the squatted town hall. They demonstrated against the coup leadership in Kiev, indicting the murdering of three demonstrators, the injuring of thirteen and the overall terrorism by armed fascists-mercenaries of Academi (previously Black Water) and of Right Sector the previous night.

H. The escalation of Fascist terrorism: Odessa, 2nd of May 2014

Despite the agreement of Geneva and the fascist campaign, the squatting of state buildings and its protection with barricades is continuing all over the country.

In Mariupol people ask for autonomy and referendum for south-east regions, declare sovereign democracy and adopt as a parallel request federalization.

The statement of Nazi President Turchinov, on the 22nd of April, that: “Autonomists, instead of retreating and disarming… squatted the police department of Kramatorsk after the agreement of Geneva,” is characteristic.

Two days later, the as Nazi Minister of Interior Arsen Avakov cheers for the retaking of the town hall of Mariupol (indefinite for how long): “The town hall is liberated, to terrorists a harsh response is prepared, until total annihilation”.

The Nazi plan of liquidation could not be put forward on areas where antifascist struggle was coordinated and organized. In the county of Donetsk antifascist militias carried on the attack on police headquarters (city of Kostiadivnika), arrested and took as hostages’ observers of OSCE and Ukrainian officers.

However, the assistance of fascist hooligans was made use of against anti-nazi demonstrations, as earlier in the recent history of the Balkan people (Yugoslav War) under full support from the allies, EU and US.

On the 27th of April, a few thousand fanatic supporters of football teams Dnipro and Metallist of Ukraine gathered on Constitution square and joined with 250 supporters of the fascist government in Kiev. They marched to the stadium of Metalist, where the match between the two teams would take place, holding torches and shouting nationalist and Nazi anthems such as “Glory to Ukraine-Glory to our Heroes” and “Ukraine above all”.

The same recipe of employing narco-hooligans was applied also to Odessa on May 2nd 2014.

For the purest product of capitalism, the inhumane barbarity, we leave the proclamation of fighters of Borotba to speak for itself…

02/05 Neo-Nazi terror in Odessa: more than 40 killed, hundreds injured

On May 2, under the pretext of the so-called march ‘For unity of Ukraine’ (that was dated to football match ‘Chernomorets’ – ‘Metallist’) – the paramilitary squads of Ukrainian nationalist were brought together to Odessa from all over the country. They arrived by buses and by trains. From the very beginning – when they just started to gather on ‘Sobornaya’ square – among ordinary ultra-right fans too many well-equipped paramilitaries could be seen. They had shields, helmets, bats, traumatic and service weapons. Mostly – men about 30-40 years old who were evidently not football fans. Some of them had shields where it was written: ’14-th hundred of Maidan self-guard’. And these nationalist paramilitaries became the main striking force of bloody massacre of Odessa residents on ‘Kulikovo pole’ square.

In total there were more than thousand of nationalists that participated in the march and the slaughter that followed it. Local residents of Odessa were the minority among them, while the majority – far-right paramilitaries that were brought together there. They could be identified in particular by dialect (not typical for Odessa region), however many of them openly acknowledged and told where they came from. Local Odessa fans of ‘Chernomorets’ team have left the march at the moment when clashes started – they came just for traditional march to the stadium and when they realized that ‘visitors’ and provocateurs led them to beat local people – the majority of ‘Chernomorets’ fans (identified by black-blue scarves of Odessa club) – immediately left the so-called ‘peaceful’ march.

At the same time ‘guest-militants’ were not going to the stadium. Their aim was to terrorize the city-residents and to unleash violence against the activists of the movements opposed to Kiev junta. The action of nationalists from the very beginning had not a peaceful nature, since they were preparing to start a massacre.

There were just a few policemen, although the personnel of only local Odessa police was able to control a crowd of a thousand people and, therefore, prevent pogroms and murders. As it turned out, the majority of police officers were ordered to guard the building of Internal Affairs Department. Thus, the whole city was delivered into the hands of neo-Nazi paramilitaries. Although, it is not surprising given the fact that the current Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov has long and close connections to neo-Nazi groups, that are included into the ‘Right Sector’.

When the column of nationalists marched along Grecheskaya street – a few (some 200-250 people) activists of local Odessa militia tried to stop them. But soon the opponents of nationalists were pelted with stones, bottles and stun grenades. There were heard gunshots. The activist of “Borotba” Ivan has got a gunshot wound into the belly from a military weapon. Then activists and members of Odessa militia tried to escape in the shopping centre “Athena” in the ‘Greek’ square. A crowd of far-right nationalists demanded to start a carnage against them. The far-right paramilitaries started immediately to prepare Molotovs on the square in order to set fire to the shopping center with barricaded Odessa militia members inside it. Police officers managed to save the lives of activists as they drove police cars directly to the entrance of the shopping centre.

Then the crowd of nationalist headed to the square ‘Kulikovo Pole’, where there was a camp of opponents to Kiev junta. Activists of ‘Borotba’, along with other activists and ordinary Odessa residents, were on duty that day in the protest camp. In total there were some 200 people in the camp and half of them – women and elderly men.

Neo-Nazis began to pelt the tent camp with Molotovs and set it ablaze. Activists from the protest camp were forced to retreat to the nearby building of ‘House of Trade Unions’.

When trying to kill Odessa residents, ultrarights set ablaze the ground floor of the ‘House of Trade-Unions. And the fire spread rather quickly over the building.

People began to jump out of the windows of the upper floors – trying to escape the fire. But on the ground, they were finished off by nationalist paramilitaries. Thus, our comrade – a member of “Borotba” union Andrew Brazhevsky – was killed. Deputy of regional council Vyacheslav Markin (a fellow of the leader of ‘Borotba’ Odessa Alexey Albu) was also brutally killed the same way when he jumped out of window. Over 40 activists were burnt alive, poisoned by smoke or were murdered by the Nazis while trying to escape from a burning building. Fortunately, most of our comrades managed to escape alive. Some of our comrades, including the leader of Odessa “Borotba” and city council deputy Alexei Albu were severely beaten by bats and kicked. They have numerous bruises, broken bones and head injuries.

The massacre in Odessa was organized by Kiev junta so that to intimidate the population that is discontent with the new regime, and so that to eliminate the active fighters against new regime. The evidence of it is the fact that far-right militants were brought together and well-equipped. Moreover, the police inaction as well as the fact that attack of ultra-rightists in Odessa was synchronized with the “anti-terrorist operation” in Slavyansk – are also the evidence of it.

Kiev junta has openly set a course toward violence and carnage against their political opponents. And the tools of this brutal violence are neo-Nazi militants – those who act closely with the secret police, who are well-armed and being financed by the oligarchy.

The massacre in Odessa reveals that Kiev regime of nationalists and oligarchs is rapidly grows into the outright terrorist dictatorship of the fascist style.

The council of ‘Borotba’ union, May 3, 2014

Recent investments in Ukraine

On the 12th of January 2014 a crowd of 50000 “pro-western” demonstrators was rallying on Independence Square (widely known as Maidan Square) against the government of Janukovich. On the same day a major trade agreement was announced. Corporation Cargill, a colossus in the nutrition sector, offered 200 million dollars to buy part of UkrLandFarming, the number 8 enterprise for agriculture products in the world and second in production of eggs. Here we observe this corporation was hardly bothered by the collapse of the dialogue for accession of Ukraine into the EU and the turmoil that followed.

The largest corporation for genetically modified food, Monsanto, seemed to share its optimism and invested 140 million dollars in a corn factory in Ukraine. Here we should note that while the world-wide economic crisis had a strong impact on Russia, the agricultural sector of Ukraine scored a rise in growth of 13% in 2013.

Although Ukraine is often named “the wheat field of Europe”, meat production is also enormous. Forecasts are rising, with the overall level of meat exports rising in total by 8.1% and with pork meat exports leading the rise immensely by exhibiting 71.4% expansion. In parallel a drastic reduction in meat exports is forecast without a change in domestic percentages of consumption.

In addition, there is a growing debate on Russian natural gas pipelines crossing Ukraine and supplying Europe. Already in 2006 and 2009 there were crises in the relations between the two countries under the pretext of the price of natural gas and as a consequence Russia threatened to “freeze Europe”. The reasons that made Europe declare the third energy package concerning cross section of supply can be traced there.

Perhaps the most significant development during recent years was the discovery and promotion of shale gas and petrol, the so called “shale revolution” with the USA paving the way. The latter has been slowly evolving from importer of energy to exporter. This is also a piece in the puzzle of this confrontation as US aspire on exporting their natural gas to Europe as well. Obviously this can be achieved solely if the “monopoly” of Russian corporation Gazprom is ended. Already since November 2013 petrol company Chevron signed a contract of 10 million dollars for the production of shale gas in the region of Olesska of western Ukraine with a clear goal of “ making Ukraine independent from Russia up to 2020”. In addition, Shell had signed in 2013 a contract which enfranchised the company to probe and exploit places in the Donetsk area of Eastern Ukraine for 50 years. On mid-May the son of American vice president Joe Biden was placed as CEO of Burishma Holdings, the largest petrol production company in Ukraine. While negotiations between Ukraine and Russia for gas prices fall out, US “volunteers to help” the fascist government with export of petrol and know-how. Pipelines, like borders in earlier times, become the “veins of the planet” but blood keeps flowing around them for profit.

A short epilogue by us just before pressing this brochure

We, on our behalf, as part of the polymorphous class antagonistic movement, have noted in this article as well as in others, that only an autonomous political organization of the Class could perceive how dangerous alliances are with the class enemy- in this particular case with Russian imperialism- and how imperative it is to form a strategy against it, as well as a strategy against the endo-imperialistic confrontation. Only such an organization, built under insistent, gradual social-politic elaborations could fight neo-Nazis on every level, fighting the root of their very existence, the aggression of Capital. This aggression, as we see its example in Ukraine, will continue with or without neo-Nazis in the government, with army uniforms or with Center-Right costumes. Towards the aforementioned direction of organization we support the anti-fascist anti-capitalist groups and actions in Ukraine and continue our effort of counter-information through the means that we have (blogspot, fanzine etc).

Because if for capitalists the solution lies in destruction, for the working class the only solution lies in the destruction of capitalism. In other words as it has been already said: “Communism or Barbarity”.

Anti-authoritarian group Rivet (Vida)

Members of the group consider wage relation a very specific state of affairs: Order-service.

Wage labor as compulsion. Metropolis as an enormous labor camp for proletarians but also as a vast ground for guttersnipes, proponents (each one in his own way) of class supremacy and discriminations/specializations. Making sense of the myriads of class confrontations on the molecular level and paying attention to class struggle on every form, hidden or obvious, but also with its difficulties and contradictions, “Rivet” is an effort of anti-authoritarians who experience the sovereignty of capital, small or big, on their everyday lives.

All of the above constitute an impetus that brings together people that make of the group that publishes the Rivet. Of course the issues concerning class struggle, modern class synthesis, the antagonism of the proletariat against the ruling class, the place of immigrants of both genders, the contradictions of the working class and so many other issues are continuously under discussion, certainly towards the direction of amplifying class antagonism… (academics, political parties, intellectuals, sociologically sensitive can keep their distances). Rounds of struggles that lead to direct confrontations with bosses, metropolitan figures that deny capitalist roles, autonomous labor struggles that without patrons, inside and outside of labor space, collective denials, proletarian insurrections all over the planet are reasons that provide inspiration and strength for future victorious struggles, while they indicate the central role of class war that is conducted relentlessly all over the planet.

The assembly of the Rivet is consisted of carriers of super value, un-employed, “flexible” workers, “8 hour workers” who do not feel neither domestic nor foreign, who do not have any relation to national consciousness, national flags, national anthems and whatever related to national unity and identification to its course of rival interests and confrontations between social groups and adopted roles within them. All those conditions that keep dividing the exploited on the global map.

Proletconnect blogspot

This internet space is an effort of recording proletarian “mobilization” and class confrontations in capitalist metropolises.

It is a least contribution towards proletarian direction, analyzing in the best possible way issues of our Class and featuring thematics “closer” to us.

Nothing is taken for granted; everything is under discussion considering that political developments between proletarians are an elemental constituent of the Struggle.

Keeping alive Class memory and connecting it to current political circumstances and everyday class confrontations in the present, let’s organize proletarian self-defense and counter attack.

Let’s raise barricades against the state, capital and fascists.

Our cause is the liberation of our Class.

Our weapon is solidarity.

For Communism and Anarchy!

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