About the slander by the Syrian Coalition – Statement of the General Command of the People’s Defense Units (Kurdistan)

To the Media and Public Opinion – 30 May 2015

National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces are pursuing a speech disgraced the honor of the Syrian Revolution and derails it from its real track

Every victory for the People’s Defense Units (YPG) at the expense of the terrorist organization of Daesh (ISIS) in Syria, with the air support by the International Coalition Forces, Syrian Coalition emerges statements (most recently on 30 May 2015) of trumped-up charges and baseless slanders. Also to discredit the achievements of the YPG, and mislead public opinion from horrific massacres committed by ISIS against the Syrian people in all their diversity – all serve the terrorist organization of ISIS.

The irresponsible actions of the Syrian Coalition intentionally distort the facts to cover up defeats and ISIS terrorism, and try to blow into the fire to stimulate hatred among the Syrian people. Syrian Coalition is pursuing a speech disgraced the honor of the Syrian Revolution and derails it from its real track and their aim to spread the spirit of sectarianism, ethnic and sectarian strife in Syria which is multi-ethnic and doctrines, to serve foreign agendas who do not want good and peace for Syrian people.

Their hateful speeches and disgusted statements have become the other face of ISIS with all of their malice and grudge. They no longer distinguished from ISIS only the formal suit, their face clean-shaven are different from ISIS. They are a key partner of ISIS who causes the suffering of the Syrian people with all its components of grievances.

People’s Protection Units in their discourses and practice on the ground is the only force in Syria who avoided sectarian, ethnic and doctrinal and YPG protect all components, without bias or discrimination, as evidenced by the participation of all the components between the rows.

While the terrorist organization ISIS uses unarmed civilians as human shields, and when civilians refuse deal with them, they kill those civilians in cold blood, committing the worst crimes against humanity as happened on 27 may in the village of Nestlé, 54 km southwest of the city center of Serêkaniyê, and in the village of Abu Shakhat. In addition, ISIS turned towns and villages that they occupied to fields of all types of mines, detonated dozens of car bombs there, and ignited all flammable to cover his escape. ISIS leaves Syrian people with two choices, death or destruction. When we expelled them, Syrian Coalition comes out with a new tone and false claims. As if to say, why do you fight ISIS? Why do you defeat them? To continue ISIS in his terrorism?!

We at the General Command of People’s Defense Units call for Syrian Coalition to return to national service and grade of the Syrian people, away from the other agendas, aimed at widening the gap between societies and stop its poisoned speech by racism. We also call for the Kurdish National Council in Syria to clarify his position from Syrian Coalition’s statements and his accusations and allegations because of being a partner with them.

Once again we emphasize that our Units will continue to pursue terrorists and expulse them and rid the Syrian people in all its component Arabs, Syriac and Assyrian from ISIS terrorism, and we will work with all our resolve and determination to protect civilians in Syrian to build a free and democratic society where everyone is equal and dignified.

General Command of the People’s Defense Units

30 May 2015

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