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Note: The YPG recruits volunteers through attraction to the cause and does not in any shape of form attempt to indoctrinate or “groom” people to travel to Rojava to join our cause. We are not like Daesh [ISIS]. The Lions of Rojava clearly explains to each individual the reality of the conflict in Rojava, the risks of travelling to the region and the expectations of the YPG. The safety of all volunteers is paramount. We always encourage the thousands of young westerners who have approached us to consider other ways to help the Kurdish and Ezidi people in the struggle against Daesh such as donating to charity or volunteering with humanitarian groups.
The YPG is not a militant militia, we are a Peoples Protection Unit that is organized under democratic, secular, gender equal and ecological principles that has formed in the absence of a functional government in Syria and the presence of a barbaric extremist Islamist threat. Our goal is to liberate all people from the tyranny and evil of Daesh and to construct a free and stable and democratic country.

Latest story from Lions of Rojava:
Turkish MIT agent within ISIS captured in Mosul

It has been reported that an agent of Turkish intelligence within ISIS was captured by the Peshmerga during a clash with ISIS gangs in Mosul on 24 April.

A source asking to be anonymous stated that the Turkish agent was taken captive during the fighting in the village of Sehelil in İyaziye district of Mosul two days ago which left 17 Peshmergas and 35 members of the gangs dead.

According to the source, the MIT agent from Erzurum province had formerly been arrested in Turkey on charges of murder, sentenced to 30 years in prison but was released by way of joining the ISIS as an agent of Turkish national intelligence service.

The source speaking to ANF about the case told that Peshmerga Commander Tarik Koyî has turned the agent over to Emîd Behçet at Zêrevani Intelligence Command. It is not known where the agent is being held at the moment.

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