Comrades Juan Flores, Guillermo Duran and Nataly Casanova in more than 50 days of hunger strike ($hile)

(By Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras)

1. More than 50 days on hunger strike: solidarity inside and outside prisons.

Anarchist comrades Juan Flores, Guillermo Duran and Nataly Casanova
continues their hunger strike, started on April 14, demanding an end of the
harassment on their closest environment; end of aggression towards Juan
and Nataly; end the isolation of comrade Nataly Casanova; end of the
indiscriminate use of DNA testing; immediate release of comrade Enrique

The three comrades remain with integrity in position of confrontation
against power, and solidarious comrades have made polymorphic demonstrations
on the streets and outside prisons. Also, barricades and arson attacks have
been claimed in solidarity with the hunger strike.

Subversive and anarchist prisoner Juan Aliste, Marcelo Villarroel, Freddy
Fuentevilla , Carlos Gutierrez Quiduleo, Hans Niemeyer, Alfredo Canales,
Alejandro Astorga, Natalia Collado and Tamara Sol joined in the hunger strike
for some days in May.

2. Comrade Nataly Casanova transferred out of isolation wing

As informed comrades from “Publication Refractario”, comrade Nataly
Casanova was transferred to a wing where she can share with other

“During the last days of May, comrade Nataly Casanova was removed from the
extreme isolation in which she was kept, being moved to the 2nd “public
connotation” wing in the prison of San Miguel.

In that wing was arrested comrade Tamara Sol, a few days ago when she was
transferred to the extermination center of San Joaquin. Now, Nataly is in
the same wing with comrade Natalia Collado (Tato).

We understand this move as part of the progress in the fight led by
comrades on hunger strike and their family and comrades outside prison. It
is a victory in the request demanded from inside prison and a motivation
to understand that we open paths with struggle, and the prison
administration is forced to back away from the impunity that characterizes them.

Eternal affection in revolt to Nataly in the new paths that open to share
with more prisoners.

A victory for the hunger strikers comrades ! Anarchist insurgent
Solidarity with fighters in prison!”

3. Nataly`s words.

Before she was transferred, comrade Nataly Casanova writes the following

“I wish to reaffirm the continuity of our hunger strike against the
indifference of power and its institutions. My weight today is 51,400 kg.,
I have lost 9,400 kg, that is 15.4% less than my initial 60,800 kg weight.
It is a daily harassment, persecution and even kidnappings to relatives,
Friends and close people that support worthy prisoners who face the reality
with them. And it extends from the punishment in prisons, torture and years of
isolation to try to break their convictions and will in the fight against
the rule, trying to impose fear to those who sympathize with them, [as an]
offensive by power that is repeated across the globe.

But breaking with the indifference of the world of death and misery,
solidarity turns into a weapon of struggle, every scream, gesture and action
becomes food for our beliefs and desires (…) this is the answer to their
indifference, persecution, aggression and isolation … We will not lay
aside our attitude or give in to this decision … indifference to
reality is not our choice.

We continue until our demands are met.

A fraternal embrace to each comrade who has supported us in this decision,
giving us strength and with their actions, Hans, Freddy, Juan, Marcelo,
Alejandro, Alfredo, Carlos, Natalia, Tamara Sol, Javier.
To our dear family and friends who have not given way to threats and
continue to be present every day.

From San Miguel Prison
Nataly Casanova

4. About others comrade’s exigencies and their health.

Their relatives and closest environment have been working to force the
prison authorities in order to satisfy what comrades are demanding.

More details we can find in the report made by solidarious comrades from
Colectivo Anti Carcelario Vuelo de Justicia (“Justice Flight”, Anti-prison
Collective) :

“Comrades have lost about 10kg., and their bodies have thinned with the
passage of days and they have discomfort in their health such as fatigue,
drowsiness and low blood sugar (among others); it is quite expected that
in the next few days it could intensify.

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Comrades are with integrity and good high spirit, and they are constantly
aware on the war outside prison walls. They have received every gesture
and solidarity action in Chile and around the world.

Harassment against their relatives and immediate environment has continued
since their arrests, but they continue supporting the comrades.

Comrade Nataly Casanova continues receiving visits from his family and
near people, but she still cannot communicate directly or see comrade
Juan Flores (they are comrades in struggle and in love too). She has been
supervised daily by medical staff of prison.

Comrade Juan Flores, remains on the 1st maximum security wing of Santiago
One. His regime is more “normal”, having 8 hours in the yard and fluid
communication with the rest of the prisoners, but prison guards have been
putting problems for him to see his lawyer and he cannot have communication
with comrade Enrique Guzman. He has also a daily medical supervision with
doctors of prison.

Comrade Guillermo Duran faces hunger strike on total house arrest. He
remains strong against the discomforts of their health, but he is assisted at a
public hospital to check him. Police makes recurring controls on him to check
his closure/house arrest.

Their relatives have been active in this path with unconditional and daily
support. They presented some judicial request to meet with prison chief,
but bastards have been delaying the situation. Also, an external doctor is
going to check comrade’s health, to make unified reports about three


Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras

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