Words from anarchist comrade Paul Jara “Pol”, arrested following “Operation Piñata” (Spain)

Greetings comrades and those in affinity. I’d like to send out some words as an anarchist, taking as good the many positions and visions that anarchism can adopt, all equally valid when they are seeking to destroy power, authority and the State.

I think that is the beauty of our ideas and in my opinion all these trajectories can coexist and merge in search of much longed for total liberation. I want to express my hatred, disgust and contempt for everything that concerns the State, power, authority and in particular that instrument of annihilation called prison, which uses isolation as its main weapon.

I have always maintained that anarchists must prepare themselves and be aware that at any moment the day can come when they will have to face prison and, in my opinion, this is logical, because if you try to destroy the State, it will try to arrest you in order to nullify you, paralyze and destroy you.

But in spite of that they won’t succeed. Anyway, if for some reason or another, prison doesn’t touch us, all the better. I want to tell you that I am well both physically and mentally. I continue to think as I did before being inside, and what’s more I feel even more convinced of my ideas, with my head very high and proud of what we are. I am as I act and interact in theory and practice, always making self-criticism so as to continue to grow, because one never stops learning and by saying all this I don’t consider myself any better or worse than others.

I want to convey strength and courage to the comrades and those in affinity, and tell you with all my strength and rage that the struggle is the only road I have. With these blows the repression wants to scare and paralyse the anarchist and affinity milieu so that we only give assistance to those struck by the reprisals. Don’t let this happen, continue your projects with determination, and keep saying what you are and what you think without hesitation.

Until true total liberation! May solidarity not just be written words!


From Soto del Real prison, spring 2015

via actforfree.

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