War against ISIS/Daesh: Turkish Army attacks 600 Kurdish refugees with tear gas (Turkey, Kurdistan)

NEWS CENTER – Girê Spi Civil Society Forum stated that around 600 Kurdish civilians who fled Girê Spî due to an ISIS massacre threat and arrived at the border to northern Kurdistan have suffered a tear-gas attack by Turkish soldiers. According to a report by ANHA (Hawar News Agency), Girê Spî Civil Society Forum said in a statement on the subject that Rojava Kurds remained stuck at the border to Bakurê (North) Kurdistan amid attacks by ISIS gangs and Turkish soldiers.

The Civil Society Forum remarked that Turkish soldiers attacked the Kurdish civilians and did not allow them to move further in an attempt to keep them away from the border. The statement underlined that hundreds of people, including women and children, who were given 5-days of time by ISIS to leave their villages, remain stuck on the border with North Kurdistan where they were hindered by Turkish soldiers.

“They were targeted by the bullets of ISIS gangs on one side, and the tear gas of Turkish soldiers on the other side”, the statement said, and strongly condemned the attack and attitude of the Turkish state against civilians from Rojava. …

Archive photos via Lions of Rojava

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