Turin: Preliminary hearing of the trial against Silvia, Costa and Billy + Solidarity event (Italy)

11th June will be a day of international solidarity with Marius Mason and all long term anarchist prisoners, another occasion for dedicating them our time and thoughts and for carrying on the struggle together with them.

This year’s day of international solidarity is entitled “Transition: the struggle is not over“, and is also in support of Eric McDavid, released in January after 9 years of
imprisonment, and of Marius’ gender change.

On the same day the preliminary hearing of the trial against Silvia, Costa and Billy will be held in Turin. The comrades are once again on trial for the events following which they already served years in-prison in Switzerland: the charge of attempted sabotage on the IBM nanotechnology research centre of Zurich.

The repression unleashed by the enemy is an inevitable aspect to be tackled for the human and animal liberation of the earth, because we are struggling against the same world that devastates and exploits the living, and segregates and locks up those who rebel against the version of the existent imposed as the only one possible.

And we want to strike the techno-industrial system where it hurts most.

To discuss these and other aspects of the radical Eco-anarchist struggle, a documentary entitled ‘If a tree falls’ will be shown at Radio Blackout in Turin on Thursday 11th June from 8:30pm: it is about an ELF cell from the United States, a country that after brandishing Muslims as the worst enemies of its security also produced special legislation against those who struggle for animal and earth
liberation, reducing them to Eco-terrorists and guaranteeing security to the lobbies of the devastation of the planet.

A talk with Billy, Costa and Silvia will follow.

From actforfree.

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