Communique about the end of the hunger strike from Nataly, Juan & Guillermo ($hile)

To our brothers, comrades, relatives, loved ones and people in solidarity with us, to the public.

In 54/53 (Nataly / Juan, Guillermo) days from the beginning of our hunger strike, on Friday, June 5, we end our mobilization, which was a response to the repressive maneuvers power unleashed this time against us, against our emotional and solidarity environment. We decided to stand on our feet and to publicize our situation, without letting the designs of power to realized, which through legal/police/media/ suppressive tricks seeks to perpetuate isolation, silence and absolute submission. We decided to mobilize through a joint decision, a horizontal agreement, far from levels and hierarchies, which the lovers of power and the law seek to replicate in each and every group of people. It is the most dignified way of being in this world of bowed heads and prizes for any kind of boss.

The primary objective of this hunger strike was the release of our comrade Enrique Guzman Amadeo and also to remove Nataly from the paranoid isolation imposed on her since the first day of her kidnapping/detention/hunt.

Also, we added more points, the end of the harassment and of the attacks against the people closest to us and in solidarity with us, in the face of the hunt and persecution unleashed by the power against our loved ones and the those in affinity with us. An example of this was Enrique’s detention, who from the first moment and with nothing to hide, approached us to help us with our imprisonment/captivity, to materialize solidarity and revolutionary love that is opposed to fear and isolation , which authority aims to diffuse and to impose through its suppressive practice.

Also, the clarification of the scientific validity of DNA tests presented by the prosecution, whose examination by the defense hasn’t started yet after seven months, something which the implementation of legal procedures within the application of the counter-terrorism legislation is responsible for, as it delays the work of the defense as mush as it can, in order to give prosecutors a head start. It is clear that public defense is an organization that obeys the central government. We understand that passivity and its frequent complicity with the prosecution in these bureaucratic issues is dictated from above.

We also demanded the end of the attacks made against us by the prison guards/mercenaries of power in Santiago 1 and San Miguel prisons, who invaded and forcibly searched our cells and have made complaints about alleged death threats, something we have denied from the first moment, since we would not have any problems recognizing them, but they just didn’t happen!!! Similarly, they punish us. We recognize that the guards have absolute impunity and the complicity of both their institution and prosecutors and authority in general. All prisoners are in the same situation in the face of this confinement situation, this continuing hostility from the exercise of power and the resistance we create as dignified beings. Due to our punishments (Juan and Nataly), they have have blocked access to transport between the two prisons and sexual intercourse, which we could only realize once last November. Therefore, we demanded to reinstate our right to transfer between prisons which was banned due to the whims and tantrums of prosecutors, plaintiffs, prison guards, all with police minds.

We also tried to amend the restrictive condition that keeps Guillermo locked up his house 24 hours a day, which for seven months, without any proof, keeps him incarcerated because of the whims and the fascist/police mentality of prosecutors and plaintiffs, the representatives of power and the prison system.

Some of these demands have been met by judicial decisions. We consider that these were pressed by our strike, we believe that they were victories of the strike/mobilization that we did, although courts, prosecutors, plaintiffs, prison, even those of the defense completely deny the usefulness of such fights to exert pressure. We also know that their minds and bodies, common in obedience of to the legal and moral order enforced, will always refuse any kind of mobilization that would risk their own skin, health or work place, we know that fear/subjugation for/to retaliation is so integrated and incarnated in their the logic and sense, that they will always be unwilling to take a solitary position on this type of actions. We are not interested in whether this derives from fear or complicity with power, we will continue with our own way until the end of our days, since we feel satisfaction when we face power in these circumstances, where the vast majority is subjugated and allowed to be intimidated by the dominance of silence and passivity/apathy.

On the afternoon of May 29, Nataly was transferred to wing 2 and now after months in solitary confinement she/I is/am able to be with the captives of the wing of “public importance” with whom she/I would like to be a long time ago so that she/I could have spent her/my days with Tamara and Tato, but the correctional institution did not leave their comrades get together because of the alleged risk that they/we would have caused if they/we were together. We believe these are merely excuses for the political machinations behind these decisions, which appear in the decision for the comrade Sol Malen to be transferred without notice and by using deceit. These are situations created by deceit, hostility, fear, isolation, subjugation, things we will always reject as self-determined beings and refractory against dominion, since we consider their development an act of war and we declare ourselves to be opponents of this reality.

On Friday, June 5, we heard with joy that Enrique has been moved in full house arrest. We are pleased to know that our comrade will be able to enjoy the company of his love, that he can receive visits from our families and those in affinity with us. We would like for him to be able to go outside the house to perform his activities but this is not the case. We hope for this possibility to be considered in the future, after the appeal of the prosecution and the plaintiffs is rejected. Surely the clowns Orellana, Guzman and their friends were left disappointed with the charges they maintain and keep us in prison. Their case collapses, DNA evidence is as phony as their good intentions, as proved by the expert presented by the legal defense of Enrique, who completely shot down the scientific validity of the study presented by the prosecuting dogs and thus the basic evidence that link us to the bombings has collapsed. We are pleased to know that this legal hit will be very difficult to be reversed against us in this process, as well as for the fact that it will prove that our brother was arrested and charged only for the fact that he stood in solidarity and insubordination in the face of the politics of fear .

These two events marked the decision to end our hunger strike, knowing that the rest of demands are on the road of solving. The valuations have been approved by the public criminal mediation, our visit between the two prisons (Juan and Nataly) will be demanded after the punishment they imposed on us about the hunger strike (one month without visits) and Guillermo’s restrictive condition will be reviewed within this month. We believe that this mobilization has given these results, the acceleration of procedures of defense/response against the accusation of the prosecution and the thrust of repression their system unleashed. We know that it is difficult to achieve the stoppage of harassment and prosecutions against us and the family, relatives and those in affinity, this is a reality that has always existed, authority seeks the isolation and subjugation of prisoners under the power of boots and missiles, from hungry dogs of authority/domination, families and their environment in solidarity, because they transform love into endless acts of solidarity and support. It gives us immense happiness and pleasure to face this reality and that so many people became brothers in this battle.

We decently replied against our enemies’ attacks in the way we believed to be necessary and relevant, here, between so many walls with barbed wire and guarded by their henchmen, we confirm our abhorrence towards prison, punishment, authority and every form of domination, putting our body in front and using strength and will as weapons. Those days were long, but have given us much strength, knowing that we always can reply and never fall to immobility, as those who captured us wish.

We thank every gesture and action of support that lifted our struggle, they were caresses and smiles in the days of our fasting, all those that got involved with every demonstration, gathering, diffusion and specific support towards us, they are gestures which reconstituted forces and fed even more beliefs, such as solidarity with all the prisoners who declared themselves enemies of authority. We want to thank all organizations and individuals that took action in solidarity and in an anti-authoritarian, revolutionary and anti-systemic way. A fraternal hug to comradely libraries Sante Jerónimo Castello, Sacco y Vanzetti, Luis Armando Triviño, to the comrades of “Against prison – Flight of Justice” group, the “Coordination against prisons – Escape”, the group “81 Reasons”, the popular media and means of counter-information, Refrectarion edition, the popular radio “1st of May”, Enrique Torres, Villa Francia, the “Antiauthoritarian Athletic League”, the “Idea” edition, the comrades of “Revolutionary Fight” group, the brothers of Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras (Neither Flags nor Borders), the comrades of various squats, autonomous/social places that took actions all over the world, in every collective and individual initiative and supported us through polymorphous action which aimed to continue the constant conflict with every authority and dominion.

We send our fraternal hugs and love to all the comrades imprisoned by the state of Chile or every other state of this world. To the comrades of CAS, Marcelo Villaroel, Freddy Fuentevilla, Juan Aliste Vega, Carlos Gutiérrez Quiduleo, Hans Niemeyer, Alejandro Astorga and Alfredo Canales, who went on a hunger strike in solidarity with us between 17 and 22 of May, to comrade Javier Pino who also went on a hunger strike on April, 28th and did many solidarity gestures for us, comrades Tamara Sol Vergara and Natalia Collado who also went on a hunger strike between 10 and 17 of May in solidarity. We send a complicit hug to comrade Sol Malen, recognizing her dignified resistance against the trap organized by CDP San Miguel correctional officers who fraudulently and without a warning transferred her, not allowing her to say goodbye to the comrades with whom she became sisters. Strength and struggle against the new imprisonment conditions and the bastard confirmation of conviction by the bourgeois justice, we become brothers with your position and sharpness against reality.

Love and struggle for the comrades all around the world who responded to the solidarity call, the brothers and sister of imprisoned members cell of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire that hugged us with their insurrectionary greetings that goes through every mental and physical wall, comrades in Greece and Australia that diffused the battle and our situation. To every brother of this world, of this time, the past and the time that shall follow, who has stood in front of authority to fight for liberation, to those forever unchanged who will always be thought and felt with a smile on our face, an idea on our mind and affection in our heart.

To all comrades that raise to fight and act polymorphously against domination, to all those seeking to liberate themselves from authority in their lives and the reality in which they live, to all those to rush towards liberation. A hug to every comrade who took action in solidarity with us and for his own beliefs. To all those who arm solidarity as the most beautiful gun we have in hand to diffuse our ideas, such as the one of polymorphous action.

Greetings and complicity with Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar and with the comrades being held for operations Pandora and Piñata. Complicity with all the comrades who stand in solidarity since the first day of this repression’s burst.

To all prisoners inside authority’s prisons around the world, to all the fallen ones in the struggle, they are dead only physically. The insurrectionary memory always remembers them; the only dead is the forgotten one. Every dead of the war, every life willing to live or die freely is an eternal call for liberation against every form of domination, a call towards continuous struggle until we reach freedom.

Through this text we unite ourselves with the June call for Earth and against Capital, an initiative that tries to diffuse the ideas and action for earth liberation and the liberation of all creatures living under the destructive and exploitative dominion of capitalism, supported by all states, which only perpetuates and normalizes the condition of slavery imposed on us for centuries. We also unite ourselves with the boycott and sabotage initiative against the media/athletic event of Copa América. We recant the bourgeois culture and its athletic competitions which try to develop patriotism, social sleep and simultaneously the pocket of all these who enrich themselves through soccer business and all conditions which accompany this carnival of oblivion and stupidity.

Love and strength to our families that continue to unconditionally support us.

To all comrades, known and unknown, who get involved with every initiative of struggle against authority.

Against the silence and indifference of prison society, no forgiveness, no oblivion, just fight!

Prisoners of war on the streets!

Nataly Casanova Muñoz

CDP San Miguel, Wing 2

Juan Flores Riquelme

Santiago 1, Wing 1

Guillermo Duran Méndez

Full house arrest

(via inter arma)

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