Barcelona: Solidarity demo with anarchists persecuted by the State – 13 June 2015 – Operation Pandora/Piñata (Catalunya)


An “anti-repression” demonstration brought together nearly 500 people this Saturday, June 13, 2015 in Barcelona under the slogan “if they attack us for our struggles, we will respond with struggle,” it was called in solidarity with incarcerated and persecuted comrades following operations ‘Piñata’ (two are still detained, three others released under judicial control) and ‘Pandora’ and more generally against the repression of squats, and those who struggle against the state and this society.


In the demo, we could read on two banners: “!Neither gagged nor domesticated, we continue to struggle” and “Repression likes us isolated, solidarity makes us strong” while resonating in the streets were chants of “Freedom! Freedom!”. Present in large numbers, the agents of the anti-riot police Mossos d’Esquadra wanted to control and file the participants at the level of the Plaza de Sants. The response to this repressive strike was immediate in the streets of the Sants and Eixample districts: more than twenty demonstrators destroyed the windows of bank and real estate agencies, shops (including a beauty salon), a bus shelter, three car dealerships (including those of ‘Peugeot’ and ‘Ford’, where a fire was started).



Encircled (A)s and several slogans were daubed on the shop fronts. The cops of Mossos d’Esquadra managed to divide the demo into two groups and charged the march. Six people were arrested for “degradation of street furniture”.

After spending the night in the police station, they will appear before the court on Monday morning. The Catalan police has announced that the investigation was continuing and that further arrests were not excluded in the coming days.


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Translated by Act for freedom now!
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Barcelona, Spain – Court order blocks and freezes bank accounts opened in solidarity with the prisoners of Operation Pandora
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Translated by act for freedom now

The court of Barcelona blocked and froze the bank accounts opened in solidarity with the prisoners of Operation Pandora.
On orders of judge Eloy Velasco and as requested by the Brigada de Información de la Policía Nacional, the Audiencia Nacional blocked the bank accounts that had been opened soon after the arrests of Operation Pandora.

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