New investigation for 'subversive association with terrorist intent' and 'attack with intent of terrorism' (Italy)


On their way back from a beautiful antimilitarist demo against the airport of Decimomannu [Sardinia] on 14th June, four comrades were stopped and searched by police at the airport of Bergamo. One of the comrades was notified that he was under investigation for 270bis (subversive association with intents of terrorism) and 280 (attack with intents of terrorism) following two attacks carried out between December 2013 and January 2014: the one against the techno-industrial hub “Meccatronica” in Rovereto and the other against the Tribunal of surveillance in Trento.

It must be said that investigations for 270bis have been following one another since 2000 in Trentino like in other regions of Italy. In this case the “novelty” is that the cops wanted to take DNA samples from the comrade. As he refused, they told him that procedure for forced sample taking would be put in place. In accordance with cops and judges’ statements after the events of 1st May in Milan, namely that they wanted to create a DNA database with samples taken from the streets, sample taking, accomplished or attempted, has been a constant against any comrade being arrested, evicted or stopped.

You can bet that this practice will go well beyond the events of 1st May. The other “novelty” is that the power of attorney of Trieste is in charge of the investigation into the two direct actions carried out in the Trentino region. This explains the reason for the meeting between Digos and prosecutors from Trentino, Veneto and Friuli held last year.

The reason why the jurisdiction passed to Trieste is this: as for the attack on the Tribunal of surveillance judges Arnando Rubichi and Ettore di Fazio appear as “offended parties”, which makes the power of attorney of Trento incompatible with the investigation. As we express solidarity with anyone who attacks power, as always, we want to highlight a few points.

To their role of power’s watchdogs, surveillance judges (in particular Rubichi) are adding their own fervour as they systematically deny prisoners early release, house arrest and other “alternative measures” even when they are entitled to all this. This fervour has caused two suicides in the prison of Spini di Gardolo in the space of just a year. Recently prisoners staged determined protests (beating on bars, setting bed sheets on fire, detonating gas canisters in the corridors) in Spini di Gardolo, and the prison administration responded with beatings, isolation and the intervention of GOM [police units deployed to restrain prisoners].

During the recent solidarity demos outside the prison, besides denouncing various restrictions (concerning visits, phone calls and access to the exercise yard), what the prisoners constantly shouted were insults to Rubichi. We know that prisoners were overjoyed at the news of the explosion that struck the Tribunal of Surveillance.

Some prisoners were even interrogated because they were exchanging letters with comrades. So who are the offended parties? There’s no investigation that can suppress direct action or solidarity.

Comrades from Trento and Rovereto

From Actforfree.

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