War against ISIS/Daesh: Terrorist attack against Kobane is "utterly repelled" by YPG – Turkish PM Erdogan declares that he will never allow a Kurdish state on the border (Turkey, Kurdistan)

June 27: Daesh’s Attack on Kobane Utterly Repelled, Remaining Terrorists Driven Out of the City

Immediate Release for the Media and Public Opinion

KOBANE, Rojava (June 27, 2015) – A military operation by members of the People’s/Women’s Defense Units alongside Security Forces continues to encounter terrorist attacks started on Thursday which brutally targeted and killed a large number of unarmed civilian population in Kobane.

Military actions continued last night against a large group of the Daesh (ISIL) terrorists who had infiltrated inside the city; the group was surrounded in 4 distinct locations. In the dead of the night, our troops effectively cleared 3 of those positions from all terrorist activities; moreover this morning our Units were able to fully secure the Mishtenur hospital as the last point controlled by the attackers, and hold initiative over the hiding place.

During the stated securing process, in total 60 terrorist elements who had surreptitiously penetrated into the city were confirmed killed; our forces also could capture a member of the enemy forces in action.

Heavy battles between the Defense Units and terrorist groups who had broken deep into the Upper Shiukh village yesterday morning, June 26, are ongoing to this moment. Clashes in that region have led to killing of a large number of the attackers, corpses of twenty of them discovered on the battlefield.

Last night in south and southwestern Kobanê, a clash was experienced between our forces and militants affiliated to the Daesh terrorists. Fighting in place around the villages of Sina, Geydadê and Gas station are continuing sporadically and time-to-time.

During engagements with terrorist attacks in and around the city of Kobane where several attempts for massacre were desired, six of our combatant comrades who strongly resisted to defend civilian lives, fought a noble battle and were martyred in action.

CIZIRE, Rojava – Following a major military campaign on the 52nd uninterrupted day, combined forces of the People’s/Women’s Defense Units, alongside fighters from the Burkan al-Firat (Euphrates Volcano – FSA) Joint Ops. Fighters from both Kobanê and Cizîrê (Jazira) Cantons continue to maintain and advance a significant move against Daesh terrorist group near the road linking Raqqa and Girê Spî (Tal Abyad), Rojava, Syria.

The conflict on the mentioned route that was intensified last night continues up to this time.

People’s Defense Units (YPG) Press Office

Above picture: Dead terrorists of Daesh killed in Kobane. Raqqa is next.

27 June 2015 – Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the President of Turkey stated today that he will never allow a Kurdish state on the Turkish border.

He went on with saying that by every means he will keep up the fight against such achievements and will not watch any demographical change in the region.

Erdogan supported ISIS before by letting them get their supplies and ammunition through the Turkish border, by aiding the wounded ISIS fighters in Turkish hospitals, by providing them with intelligence information and letting fighters join the terrorists.

Just recently ISIS terrorists crossed the Turkish border in to Kobane with machineguns and car bombs and slaughtered more than 150 unarmed civilians.

Erdoğan prefers to live next to ISIS rather than to the Kurdish people.

Well if that is the case then we also have a message for Erdoğan.
We will establish a Kurdish state and we will keep on fighting ISIS.

We are not going to ask for permission and we do not negotiate with terrorists and their supporters. We will not watch how unarmed civilians are being decapitated and women enslaved. Your political days are counted and you saw it in the results of the last elections. It is just a matter of time Erdoğan.

Long live the YPG/YPG. Down with Erdoğan and ISIS!

27 June 2015
– Kobanê is sad today…..
They were all innocent people, all were murdered cruelly. Of 152 victims were 120 buried yesterday.
152 victims, 152 martrys of Kobanê killed by ISIS terrorist helped and supported by Turkey’s Erdogan. A minute’s silence for Kobanê victims…

Lions of Rojava

We Kurds have always said that we have no friends in this world but only the Kurdistan mountains. But today we see that we were wrong. Yes it is true the mountains were always our only friends, the only friends where they have not sold us and betrayed our protection. They protect us against cruel Iranian king named Dehaq. The Kurdish history is very long and sad. No history of nations were ever so bloody as that of the Kurds.

As I wrote in the beginning, we were wrong, we Kurds have the whole world behind us. You all are our friends. We have martyrs from Australia Heval Bagok Serhed (Rest in peace brother), from Britain Heval Kemal (Rest in peace brother), from Iran Heval Aryel Pusagorion (Rest in peace brother) we will never forget our martyrs. They are lighting our way and goal.

We have fighters from China Canada America Brazil Portugal Spain Germany France Greece Romania Russia United Kingdom Ireland Finland Denmark Iran New Zealand Australia South Korea Syria Italy you are all our friends. We are a family. It’s good to know that we are not alone. Thank you for your support and help. We will destroy Isis together. A big thank you to coalition air strikes.

The Lions Of Rojava

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