War against ISIS/Daesh: YPG capture Egyptian ISIS terrorist who confirms they had crossed the border from the Turkish side (Kurdistan, Turkey)

Captured ISIS member: The main group arrived at Kobanê from the Turkish side.


Among those ISIS members who infiltrated into Kobanê and massacred over 200 civilians, one Egyptian of the gang captured alive by YPG/YPJ forces said the main group that started the attack had come into Kobanê from Turkey. He further said the ammunition used by the gangs in the clashes that lasted several days after the attacks had also been brought into Kobanê from the Turkish side.

On 25 June, ISIS gang members attacked Kobanê town centre from two directions; one from Helince road and the other from the side of Mürşitpınar border gate.

According to the information given by the ISIS member from Egypt, the ISIS members dressed in Turkish military uniforms entered into Kobanê from the Turkish side, while another group entered from Helince road in Free Syrian Army uniforms.

The two gang groups gathered in the town centre and a total of 84 gang members then formed 7 groups comprising 12 members each. Starting from a building on Helince road, 4 groups targeted Mistenur Hill, Kaniya Kurda, Qada Azadi, while the other 3 groups directed at Qada Asiti, the border gate and to the building of Kobanê administration. The civilians were mostly killed in Qada Azadi, Kaniya Kurda and Mistenur Hospital. The ISIS gang members dressed in YPG uniforms massacred many civilians, mostly children and women, who had taken refuge in there.

The YPG/YPJ forces, responding strongly to the gang members, killed 80 of 84 gang members who had infiltrated into Kobanê in the clashes that continued for 3 days. While 3 gang members escaped to Turkish side, 1 gang member was captured alive by YPG/YPJ forces.

During the 3 days of YPG/YPJ’s intervention, no casualties occurred despite the gangs’ use of civilians as human shields at many points in the town. The YPG/YPJ forces successfully evacuated the civilians and destroyed the gangs at the points they were stationed, and rescued the hostages after infiltrating into the building where they were held in Kaniya Kurda neighbourhood.

The attack was carried out on the western side of the canton, during the 2nd day of the clashes in Kobanê it was demonstrated that the real aim of the attacks was to create a chaotic environment. As YPG/YPJ forces deployed some forces from Ayn İsa and Sirrin to the town centre from Sexler line, the gangs infiltrated into two points here; Sexler and Kara Qozak, aiming to unite with the gang members in Kobanê by reaching the town from the southwest and occupying Kobanê once again. However, having predicted the plan, YPG/YPJ forces stepped up forces at those points and intervened at the moment of the gangs’ passage, thereby hindering the attempted infiltration.

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