War against ISIS/Daesh: Statement on the Conclusion of Operation Cmdr. Rubar Qamishlo (Kurdistan)

July 10: Statement on the Conclusion of Operation Cmdr. Rubar Qamishlo, Briefed By Cmdr. Sozdar Derik in July 10 Press Conference

For the Media and Public Opinion

ROJAVA, Syria (July 10, 2015) – A major military exercise, Operation Commander Rubar Qamisho, which was initiated by combined forces of the People’s Defense Units, Women’s Defense Units, alongside fighters from the Burkan al-Firat (Euphrates Volcano, Free Syrian Army) Joint Operations Room and the effective support of the Anti-ISIS International Coalition – in order to liberate the rural district to the west of Jazira (Cizire) region of Rojava, Syria – managed to achieve incredible and historical successes. The terror of the Daesh (ISIS) organization which treaded on all human values and inspired fear in hearts of the region’s people with their vicious attacks, was delivered with significant blows in the group’s largest setback since its foundation.

As before this operation, a strategic defeat was inflicted to the ISIS terrorists in the city of Kobani. After that conquest, two of the tactical military sites for the terrorists – Til Hemis and Til Berak – were liberated and the terrorist threats were eliminated in that region.

While directing the operation in Til Hemis and Til Berak, the Daesh terrorist carried out a major offensive against the Assyrian, Syriac, Arab and the Kurdish people living in line extent of Til Temir and Hasakah. In that way the Daesh terrorists tried very much to obstacle our movement in Til Hemis and Tel Berak as well as fighting our forces in a broader region, so that it could accomplish victory against our Units.

After a fruitful end for the operation in Til Hemis and Til Berak, it was agreed in the Central Command for the People’s Defense Units together with partner forces fighting alongside the YPG, that a major military campaign was needed to be led to constantly counter the terrorist attacks of ISIS. It was on that basis that adequate preparations were put in effect unwaveringly. Member of the General Command of the People’s Defense Units, Cmdr. Rubar Qamishlo, was acting most insistent and willing for those planning. For that, the Operation’s title was changed to his name after his martyrdom on day 4 of that operation.

It was realized well with the operative completion of these operations in range that the Daesh is not an unconquerable force. If you act upon concerted plans, and move in accordance with diverse principles of combat and concentrate well on success against that force, then there would be no elusive goal. How low our forces resource might be, and the lack of support in the area of weapons and ammunition, relying on the will and ability of our forces, they can defeat Daesh; we are a proof for that statement.

As part of the Phase I of this campaign, our forces, primarily, secured one of the major combinations in eastern Syria, Mt. kezwan (Abdul Aziz), the strategically located Alya region and terrorist-occupied Assyrian villages. From that point our forces moved to the Phase II of the Operation without stopping, and in a short term, they liberated ancient sites of the Arab population like Mabroukah, Dahma and a number of nearby villages from the terrorists’ presence.

Once securing Mabrouka and Dahma, our forces continuously advance in the area and were able to cleanse further locations within the rural district. Approaching the town Suluk and yet liberating it, our forces in besieged Kobani region were motivated more than ever to step forward and operate in accordance with the key planned campaign, and ultimately we could surround Gire Spi (Tal Abyad) on the border with Turkey. It was not very late that the city was liberated and a strategic victory was attained. Borders of the two Kobani and Jazira regions were then linked and connected to each other and new page was opened for the history of the region.

Afterward, the Defense Units from both regions this time directed toward the occupied town of Ain Issa and its surrounding villages. In a short time that target was freed from terrorists too, yet another win from earlier victories.

ISIL, over the past 6 months, has always lived a setback before our forces. Never did they realize triumph against our troops. Making the operations possible to succeed, our Units perfectly shouldered and carried out the role to repel and defeat all of ISIL’s assaults. For nearly a year, there has been not a single day without war in both Kobani and Jazira region, yet our warriors have always been decisive to fulfill their duty of providing a well-deserved protection for the population of the two locations.

This resoluteness was able to make ISIL more distressed and more troubled, and it renewed hopes of those have suffered of ISIL’s terrorism. Our forces proved that ISIL could be degrades and defeated. These successes were not confined to liberation of ISIL-occupied areas, they shook ISIL’s expectations for a prevailing unshakable power.

Because of this situation, ISIL attempted to conclude of fresh and major attacks so as to restore morale of its fighting force. With this objective, on the July 6th in south Kobani to Hasakah far in the East, they tried to complete a large-scale attack. They deployed weapons and fighters from Iraq, Homs, Jarabulus, Minbij, Raqqa and the rest of areas under their occupation, in a desperate attempt to change the current circumstances.

On July 6 in the city of Hasakah, Mt. Kezwan, the Alya region, south/east/west of Ain Issa and near the town Sirrin the ISIL terrorists carried out simultaneous attacks. First they positioned near several uninhabited villages to the west of the Mt. Kezwan and from there they started an attack on the village of Bedi. The terrorists then faced towards the villages of Algane, Alya, Rehaniye Beggara, and in this way a large-scale fierce confrontation was experienced within a 25 kilometers line. At the same time ISIL affiliates aimed for a number of tactical hilltops in Mt. Kezwan to take partial control of the mountainous region.

One of the fiercest attacks of ISIL was led on the south, west and the east of the town Ain Issa where they pushed towards the town with a large number of assailants. After the terrorists could occupy numerous localities of that town, members of the YPG and the Burkan al-Firat Joint Ops. Room get involved to engage and retake initiative near that region, as they were proceeded to encircle the attackers inside the town. To the east and west of Ain Issa, a face-to-face battle did take place. At the same time the terrorists carried out numerous assaults in south Kobani.

Yet, an unparalleled resistance was shown by our forces, they defeated all the ISIL attacks on that day, and advanced to even carry out counter-attacks in place. As result of severe clashes of the past 4 days, this attempt of the terrorists was fully repelled and important blows were forced on the brutal enemy.

Over the course of those attacks, in total, 157 ISIL fighters were killed whereas 118 corpses of the attackers were found on the grounds of battle.

Twenty nine of our combatant comrades played a big role to repel the major offensive, fought well on the fields of the battle and were martyred in action.

Today, July 10, Operation Commander Rubar Qamishlo which was initiated with the objective of eliminating ISIL terrorists’ threat on Rojava is on the 65 consecutive day. We as the General Command of the People’s Defense Units announce that this military campaign has been officially concluded with its historical gains.

Over the past 65 days, the Defense Units have been successfully able to liberate 11000 square kilometers from ISIL terrorists. During this campaign, a number of the operations were conducted with unverified outcomes, however, ISIL’s suffered casualties are truly significant. According to confirmed field information, 1315 ISIL fighters were killed, along with 529 of enemy forces, a large number of weapons and ammunition caches were discovered.

This victory certainly has been created thanks to the extraordinary job of our fighting comrades and those lost in action, the fallen martyrs. In 65 days of this operation 118 of our comrades were martyred in action after a perfect performance of resilience on the battlefield. Peace and freedom adorers fought with a determined resolution and spirit of sacrifice, and dedicated this win to us. We, offer this success to all the population in Rojava and Syria. We believe this great victory will be a firm foundation for a democratic Syria and a free Rojava. We do remember all the fallen comrades as we humbly bow before their awe-inspiring good debt to humanity.

We repeat our promise once more, we shall continue our duty of defense until all attacks that target Rojava Revolution and a democratic Syria are defeated.

General Command

People’s Defense Units (YPG)

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