A Voice of Middle Eastern Anarchists – The deadly ideology of Islam (Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, …)

We do NOT see anything on any Western Anarchists site, Facebook, etc,
regarding all crimes happening in Iran by the brutal Islamic regime or in
Afghanistan by its puppet regime or many other Middle Eastern countries. But
when a woman in burqa will be attacked we see straightaway there is
rallies, actions etc, in their support under the name of being against
Islamophobia. But if any of “our comrades in Western countries will be
or racist treated by fascist racist group, there is NOT a single
action to support our people. We are from Muslim background and we, of
course, respect Muslims. But we as anarchists we are strongly against all
religions, states, class society, fascism, borders, etc.

And we believe we should NOT stay silent on the brutality of Islam under the false reason that it could be against Muslim residents in Western countries!! We believe at the same time that we must be against all kinds of fascism / racism, but at the same time we also must reveal the deadly ideology of fascism in Islam that is hiding behind the burqa or anything else. We believe the burqa is NOT just a piece of clothing or dress, BUT it is “an ideology”, a deadly ideology of Islam who believes you must kill whoever is Not Muslim. You are allowed to marry your innocent child daughter to whomever you want even at the age of 6 or 9.
“A brutal sexual rape of little girls”. You must be stoned to death as a
woman, if you chose to have any sexual relationship with a man or a woman you
love. Your finger, arms, legs will be cut off, if as a poor you steal a piece of
bread. And many more ….


Corrupt and brutal Islamic regime of Iran with the help of CIA and British
/ Western governments, came to power (by changing the direction of our
progressive revolution at that time in 1979 which was started by radical left

They were claiming to bring the money of “Oil & Gas” to the table of
the poor. They not only did not help any single person of the poor
population, but they have destroyed the whole country. If at the time of
“dictator Shah of Iran”, there were 10% or 20% of the population living
in poverty, today over 80-90% of Iranian population are living in poverty
or under the poverty line !!

Below is what is happening NOW in Iran under the horrific rules of brutal
Islam: Child labour, homelessness, street children/women and men, Poor are
selling their bodies and body organs to feed their children, drug addiction, sex
slavery, killing, murdering, torture and executions are to the sky high

You may know under the fascist Islamic regime, Iran became a huge prison for
anyone who is progressive. Under this barbaric regime the prisons
established inside prison. It is full of anarchists, radical
leftists or any other progressive activists, child, young, old, women and men
are dying in big numbers every single day under the torturing machine of
this deadly regime …

We as Anarchists are against all religions. But for Middle East the worst
one is of course Islam and Zionism !!

It means we are strongly against religion, but we are not against people
who believe in religion.

We know only under a progressive education system people can slowly be
changed and get rid of the disaster of religion believes and become non
religious and be against a class society !!

We also think all fascist Islamists including the Islamic regime of Iran,
Hamas of Palestine, Hezbollah of Lebanon, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, etc,
etc, are all of the same brutality and of course they all have been created by the
help of CIA / Zionism, British empire and other bloody Western governments.

In addition we have experienced China / Russia are the same criminals like
all other governments.

We are NOT like western leftists who just support Palestine and forget about
other crimes happening in Iran and other Middle Eastern countries by brutal
Islamic regimes, and other Islamists, etc.

We of course support Palestinians and a “Free Palestine”, but we do NOT
think Hamas is any solution for a free Palestine but is a part
of Zionism’s games !!

We also have experienced directly, bloody western governments are more
against genuine progressive activists like us Middle Eastern Anarchists /
Activists than being against Muslims.

They actually have increased the number of mosques being built to much
higher than 10-20 years ago in Western countries. This dirty politic is
happening with the help of Iran’s Islamic regime which is spending billions of
dollars of Iranian people’s money for the building of new mosques and
other costs to brainwash innocent refugees !!

The other source of western leftist brain washing is “Press TV”, which is
funded by the Islamic regime of Iran. By including some progressive program
into this TV, like supporting Indigenous People, Palestine, etc.

Therefore we see sometimes even Western Anarchists, use topics from Press TV
as a good source of information. It is like to use CIA / Zionism source of
info as a good source.

Below are some facts:

Islamic regime came to power with the help of CIA:


How Israel and the United States Helped to Bolster Islamic Fundamentalism



Sexual torture of women political prisoners in the Islamic Republic of



Raping Before Execution:

Cutting Arms:

دو حکم قطع دست در مشهد اجرا شد


Here are issues regarding ISIS:

ISIS being trained by Islamic regime of Iran:

Islamists trained In Tehran and sent to illegally to Turkey

Hillary Clinton is saying about their dirty game of creating islamists in
Middle East:




Hillary Clinton admits they created “Al Qaeda”:

These links regarding ISIS has a message for us. It means that all these
criminals are working together even if there are fighting verbally against
each other!!

With The Warmest Anarchist Greetings

Love & Rage !! United We Will Win



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