Reports about the repression against Kurdish liberation activists, radical left, anti-authoritarians & anarchists (Turkey)

26 07 2015 – Today, about 70 anarchists from İstanbul, Ankara, Yalova and other
cities (Eskişehir Anarşi İnisiyatifi, Ankara Anarşi İnisiyatifi, İstanbul Anarşi İnisiyatifi ve Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet), gathered in Eskişehir in a commemoration action for their comrades (Alper Sapan, Evrim Deniz Erol, Medali Barutçu) who were killed by suicide bomb in Suruç (Pirsus) last week. When anarchist gathered and started to march, police suddenly attack and arrested about 15 anarchists.

It was the action of Anarchy Initiative which made an international call for solidarity action against Turkish fascist government. Also other groups, autonoms and individuals joined the action in Eskişehir.

Anarchists who gathered in front of Migros (Adalar) and started to march were attacked by police. And about 15 anarchist arrested. Other activists dispersed to the streets and cafes. Then, fascist groups appeared in the streets to annoy the protestors. Some fascists applauded police who were arresting some anarchists.

Meanwhile, police tried to criminalize the protestors and anarchists by a bomb warning in the city center. Already they blockaded roads, they increased the security in the center. Then they exploded the package with fuze on the street.

For now we don’t have more details about arrestees. But we’ll give more updates soon.

Also in Istanbul, there was a Peace March which is banned by governorship. Protestors gathered in Aksaray among the police blockades and repression. Some anarchists join the demo and hold some banners on which there are pictures of anarchist comrades Alper Sapan, Evrim Deniz
Erol ve Medali Barutçu.

There is a huge police/military operation in Turkey and Kurdistan right now. since the Suruc explosion there were not even one gathering that wouldn’t be attacked by police or military. A couple of days ago, police/military conducted raids on hundreds locations arresting around 300 members of DHKP-C, YDG-H, and other formations. As for anarchists being arrested, there is no exact data about it, but there were a few comrades arrested during the confrontations around attempts to commemorate the victims of the massacre. In Gazi district of Istanbul there is an ongoing street-clash since the afternoon of the 20th. Yesterday one cop was killed in the clashes, after police tried to stop a funeral of one woman killed during the raids two days ago (she was a member of DHKP-C).

Police has been visiting some comrades in Kurdish cities (also foreigners), and a few soldiers and cops lost their lives in the last few days, the cease fire is broken between PKK and Turkish State and fighter planes are being busy bombing PKK positions (and some villages around them) in Turkey and Iraq. Loads of people are getting arrested.

There is another anarchist comrade killed in Suruc, that A-nisyatif didn’t mention. He wasn’t part of any group, so somehow didn’t end up on the list. His name was Serhat Devrim.

27 07 2015 – Anarchists are still held in custody in Eskişehir. The prosecution have ordered to arrest one extra person (she was detained at her home), so it is 18 people in total. Detained comrades are awaiting trial (it should happen tomorrow – 28.7). The judge has demanded extra detention time

It looks like a repeated story from 2012, when the police took extra interest in anarchist movement after the 1st may demonstration when 62 people were arrested and 15 convicted.

Solidarity actions welcomed!

All the arrested anarchists released in Eskisehir

On 26th of July 2015, police attacked our comrades who were just gathering in front of Adalar Migros in reply to international call for 4 comrades among 32 revolutionaries who were killed by a suicide bomb in Suruç (Pirsus) and cops arrested 17 comrades violently. After that day, another comrade was arrested from her house and they extended the detention time for arrestees. Today after the processes in prosecution office, 7 comrades who appeared in court for demanded custody are just released now. So all the arrested anarchist are now released.

We have a new world in our hearts and until beats of our hearts stop, our fight will continue.

Dayanışma ile.

İnsurrection Revolution Anarchy

Eskişehir: An anti authoritarian arrested in operation against YDG-H

1 08 2015 – Yesterday morning police who made an operation to some houses arrested 1 anti authoritarian activist with 12 people. The terror units who raided houses at 07:30 a.m. charged some friends and comrades of being members of YDG-H (Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement) which is the youth organization of Kurdish liberation movement. It’s said by the police that the list of arrestees will be expanded.

During operation our comrades were directly handcuffed and police put their guns against the head of arrestees. During raids, Fatma Emine Çakır had a panic attack then she was taken to the hospital. She is now still in hospital. Other arrestees are: Sehmuz Serdar Gören, Şahin Kayaalp, Ufuk Can Kurtalan, Serhat Erçin(Anti Authoritarian comrade), Zeynep Sol, Maşallah Ağaç, Eylem Alper, Cemsit Bilmez, Enes Baran, Mehmet Emin Çakmak, Nametullah Basar, Fatma Emine Çakır.

Anti Otoriter Blok Eskişehir (Anti-Authoritarian Bloc Eskisehir)

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