Turkish State attacks Kurdish liberation movement in acts of political genocide (Turkey, Kurdistan)

Thursday, August 20, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Political genocide operations conducted by security forces across Turkey and North Kurdistan in order to eliminate the Kurdish struggle are continuing increasingly as part of the war policies recently put into practice by the AKP government.

Dozens of people are being detained and arrested in many cities and towns across North Kurdistan and Turkey on a daily basis.


A large number of people in Seyhan district of Adana took to the streets last night in protest at the brutal state violence and killings in Kurdistan cities. Police attacked the youths who started a march in Gülbahçe neighbourhood in protest at the massacres in Kurdistan.

Police brutally battered and tortured two youths they caught in the street and then took them into custody, forcing them into a police car which later took them to police department.


Special operation units raided the houses of Hizan People’s Democratic Assembly co-chair Kader Sönmez and DBP Hizan branch co-chair Muhyettin Çetin. While Sönmez was detained following a house search, DBP co-chair Çetin was not found at home. Police broke down the doors of Çetin’s house and damaged the furniture inside. Police search in the house continues, according to reports.


Two persons who had been detained in Mardin on August 17 were first taken to the prosecutor’s office. Following the testimonies, the prosecutor’s office referred the detainees to the court on demand of arrest. The two were formally arrested by the court on the alleged ground of “being member of an organisation” and sent to Mardin E Type Closed Prison.


DBP Batman branch executive Afif Filiz was detained in a house raid operation by police forces early this morning. Filiz was taken to Batman Police Department.


At least 16 persons were detained in house raids carried out in Alanya district of Antalya early this morning. It has been reported that the detainees were those who defended themselves against the racist attack on HDP office the previous day.

Turkish special operations teams airdropped into Haftanin amidst heavy clashes

Thursday, August 20, 2015 at 12:15 PM

Heavy clashes are taking place around Marty Kendal Hill in Haftanin area of guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in South Kurdistan territory bordering North Kurdistan, the Kurdish region in Turkey.

According to the reports coming through from the region, the area of clashes has also been shelled by jets and helicopters of the Turkish army, in addition to reconnaissance flights over the scene.

While Turkish troops deny access of civilians to the clashes area, special operations teams are being airdropped into the area by eight Sikorsky type helicopters.

Reports also say that Turkish army has deployed 12 tanks at a point close to the Marty Kendal area.

HPG: 13 soldiers killed in actions in memory of Ekin Van

Thursday, August 20, 2015 at 3:15 PM

HPG (People’s Defense Forces) Press Office said in a written statement that HPG-YJA Star guerrillas continued their effective actions in response to the ongoing operations and attacks by Turkish forces in Kurdistan.

HPG listed the following actions conducted by guerrillas in North Kurdistan;

Guerrillas carried out a sabotage action in memory of the recently martyred YJA Star guerrilla Ekin Van on the road between Şirvan and Pervari districts of Siirt at 14:10 on August 19. Guerrillas destroyed a large military vehicle, which left 12 soldiers dead and three others heavily wounded. While Cobra helicopters shelled the scene after the action, troops launched an operation in Şirvan and Deleman areas with the participation of village guards.

In an attempt for another action in memory of Ekin Van, YJA Star guerrillas were engaged in clashes with Turkish soldiers on Arıcak-Elazığ road at 05:00 on August 17. One specialist sergeant was killed and one village guard was wounded in the short-lasting clash.

Guerrillas conducted another action targeting the Verkalıt guard post in Baykan district of Siirt at 07:20 on August 20. One soldier was killed in an assassination action, and one other died after guerrillas destroyed an emplacement of heavy weapons in the post.

Guerrillas destroyed a base station located between the villages of Sevanê and Hawrê in Batman’s Kozluk district at 00:45 on August 20.

In another action against Simer guard post in Kozluk at 16:15 on August 19, guerrillas killed a soldier in an assassination attack and destroyed an emplacement here. The number of soldiers’ casualties couldn’t be clarified.

Guerrillas infiltrated into a unit of Turkish soldiers preparing for an operation near Amed’s Hani district at 13:00 on August 19. One soldier was killed here.

Turkish troops conducted an operation in Nêrduşa area between Yüksekova and Şemdinli districts of Hakkari at 15:00 on August 19. Guerrillas responded to the troops as they opened random fire on the area with heavy weapons.

As part of the Martyr Reşit Serdar Initiative, guerrillas conducted a sabotage action against two armored vehicles patrolling in Yeşildere neighborhood of Hakkari’s Yüksekova district at 01:30 on August 19. One of the armored vehicles was completely destroyed but the number of casualties couldn’t be made clear. Three ambulances came to the scene after the action and transported the casualties.

In another action as part of the Martyr Reşit Serdar Initiative, guerrillas targeted the Eriş and Bilican guard posts at the border to Zap region of Medya Defense Zones between 07.30–09.30 on August 19. One emplacement in Bilican guard post was completely destroyed in the action which was conducted with mortars. Troops at both posts shelled the surrounding areas after the action.

Guerrillas also targeted the Rubarok guard posts at the border to Avashin area and damaged the vehicles outside the main entrance gate at 12:00 on August 20.

A base station of two private GSM operators in Türkmen village of Ağrı’s Bazid (Doğubayazıt) district was completely destroyed by guerrillas at 19:45 on August 19.

A short clash erupted between a group of guerrillas and a special operation team laying ambushes aroundn Şehidan hill in Ağrı’s Tendürek area between 18:00 and 19:00 on August 19.

One soldier was killed in an assassination action by guerrillas who targeted the Dızê guard post in Hakkari at 21:45 on August 19.

A base station of three private GSM operators was destroyed by guerrillas in Bêkendê village of Siirt’s Kurtalan district at 23:00 on August 19.

Dersim-Erzincan and Dersim-Ovacık roads remain under the control of guerrillas since August 17. Besides ID checks, guerrillas are also informing the people about the process.


HPG said napalm bombs were used in a bombardment conducted by Turkish jets on Martyr Gafur area between 17.00-17.30 on August 18.

HSM: Guerrillas will intervene if Turkish army continues its attacks

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 at 3:15 PM

People’s Defense Centre (HSM) Headquarters Command released a written statement announcing that guerrillas will have to intervene in the event that attacks by Turkish army on civilian areas continue. HSM called upon all the Kurdish people to manifest a stance and resistance against the attacks of the Turkish army in the areas where people have declared self-governance.

HSM Headquarters Command stated that the attacks launched by AKP against the Kurdish Freedom Movement on July 24 have reached a very dangerous point, adding; “The AKP state which left the people with no choice but to declare self-governance and carry out self-defense against the cruelty, repression and arrest operations by police, plans to commit a massacre in a rarely seen racist-fascist attitude by reflecting this situation as ‘founding a state within a state’.”

The statement pointed out that in order to avoid an ‘escalation of the conflict in cities’, the guerrilla forces of HPG have yet not participated in the rightful resistance which was started by Kurdish people and youths to defend their living areas against the AKP savagery. However- the HSM said- Turkish military forces have intervened this process with weapons that aim a mass killing of civilians in Varto two days ago, and in Farqîn (Silvan) and Şemzînan (Şemdinli) as of yesterday.


HSM Headquarters Command warned all the relevant forces that HPG will have to enter the cities and intervene the situation to defend the Kurdish people and youths in the event that the Turkish army continues its attacks on these neighborhoods where youths are trying to defend themselves amateurishly.

“It is obvious that no one will be able to make amends for the probable heavy consequences of such a case. The Turkish army should therefore stop intervening the civilian-popular resistance of our people. It is not us but Erdoğan and and his followers that will be responsible for the consequences in the contrary case”


Regarding the torture perpetrated on the body of YJA Star guerrilla Ekin Wan (Kevser Eltürk) who fell during a road-closure action in Varto on August 10, HSM said this was savagery that trampled on human rights, laws of war and the values of the Kurdish people. HSM underlined that it was not possible for the Kurdish people to accept or tolerate this case which hurt their honour and dignity.

HSM called on all human rights organizations, relevant international agencies and all the circles defending the societal values to stand against these inhumane practices of the Turkish state and fulfill their responsibilities in order for the Turkish state to abide by the rules of war.


In order to hinder the growth of the savagery and destruction started by the AKP-led Turkish state in Kurdistan, and to stop the destructive attacks of the Turkish army against the Kurdistan people and youths resisting in a civilian and amateur manner, HSM called upon the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan to not remain silent on the AKP attacks in Varto, Farqîn and Şemzînan, to unite their power, manifest will and stance against the massacre attempts, and to support the areas that have declared self-governance.

HSM underlined that the youth of Kurdistan should resist bravely, protect their honour, defend their streets against the cruelty and savagery of the Turkish state, and join the guerrilla ranks to give the required answer to the AKP brutality.

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