State and Media Intoxication in the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners (Spain)

The Spanish Interior Minister of State fears an anarchist attack against prison officials this week.

From contramadriz via freeonline; in the context of the official report, the anarchist comrades F.Solar and M.Caballero were also referenced.

Spain: A digital media site of disinformation has “uncovered” a Prisons Circular recently distributed to its workers demanding extreme measures to protect themselves against possible suspicious packages received between 23 and August 30th. The reason for this is the “discovery” by the Information Service of the paramilitary Civil Guard of the international call for solidarity with anarchist prisoners from 23 to 30 August.

According to these coppers, the poster ismuch more aggressive than the last year’s In fact, you can read the legend “fire to the prisons and jailers”, which leads them to conclude that the “main objective of the anarchist movement” at the moment are Prison Officers “or any persons related to the facilities of the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions”. All because someone added “and the Jailors” to the traditional “Fire to The Prisons” slogan.

Moreover, we now learn, thanks to this that Interior recalls that there was “increased activity” of these groups last February when counter-terrorism experts attribute to them “though unconfirmed, the sending of envelopes or parcels to several prisons and the prison officers union ACAIP containing a white powder.” Those facts forced the activation “in some cases of the bacteriological risk protocol” for fear that the substance was a harmful agent such as anthrax.

Anarcho-Anthrax Fantasy

Finally, says the circular, it was found to be “a false alarm”. To top off the fantasy it then relates these imaginary anarcho-anthrax “attacks” (manufactured in our own laboratories in the “autonomous squat centres” ? …) to police activity in recent years in Spain against such terrorism “which has led to the arrest of some members of the so-called Coordinated Anarchist Groups (GAC).

It is not the first time that an “anarcho-terrorist emergency” has been activated based solely on the conjecture of Police and Civil Guards, for example in 2010, when letter bombs were sent from Greece to various institutions and European leaders by Conspiracy of Cells of Fire a “moderate alert” was declared in Spain for no justifiable reason (as later events proved).

Moreover, in recent years the activities of anarchist groups and individuals have been suffering severe repression orchestrated from the current government and implemented by the true spokesmen of “freedom of expression” a continuous campaign of poisonous lies and scaremongering. Their biased headlines and published information exclusively from the Interior Ministry paved the way for the repression, legitimizing and justifying the emergency measures, Gag Laws, arbitrary arrests, and other preventive measures against the new enemy within.

This explains the ultimate goal of the prison panic, building the image of the enemy to legitimize preventive annihilation and justify the police state under which we live.

We should promote our own media and dismantle the lies of the mass-media shit!

Solidarity with anarchist prisoners!

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