8-11 Oct: No Prison – No State! Anti-Authoritarian days against the prison society in Hamburg (Germany)

No Prison – No State!
Anti-Authoritarian days against the prison society in Hamburg
8th-11th October, 2015

Whilst we are working, consuming, functioning… they hold the cage we`re
living in!

Life under democratic regimes are dominated by a continuous process of
adaption to the problems and developments of the system.

The state permanently reflects and improves itself, trying to keep up a
civic discourse through offering so-called alternatives and reforms.

This is supposed to destroy the basis for unrest and resistance and to
many it legitimates strong repressive answers to such rebellious

This phenomenon can be found in almost every aspect of modern life. The
illusion of participation is one of their strongest weapons, and
together with the ongoing expansion of so called rights, democracy is
developing towards a system, in which the ruled are actively
participating in their own oppression.

But their maintenance of this so called social peace doesn’t happen
without any disruption and errors. In many places, the social inequality
reaches a point, at which it doesn’t maintain, but starts to threaten the
stability of power. In these places, more and more people start to leave
their prescribed roles and rebel.

Furthermore, Europe is facing a constant stampede towards its borders
(including its financial and social systems) by people from those
countries, in which inequality has already crossed the peak of
functionality. These unwanted ones of democracy are creating dynamics to
which the state has to react, if it doesn’t want to see its existence
under threat.

But these developments do not come out of nowhere – they have been expected by those in power, these dynamics are known through studies and analysis
for a long time. Counter-programs and processes are running and the
states, including their structures and apparatuses of control, are in
a state of restructuring again. Everything has to become faster, more
effective, more cheap. So does the apparatus of repression, which is
supposed to defend the current order, defend the state and attack
rebels, unwanted, unneeded and the states enemies. Besides the
expanding networking and armament of the apparatuses of repression,
there is a need for social assimilation as well, for to avoid the
development towards a field of conflict and a target of the hatred of
the oppressed. A society, that finds the ever expanding repression
legitimate and actively takes part in its development won’t rise up.
This ever increasing praxis of often violent appeasement is not unknown
– especially to those, who have been incarcerated in the prisons during
the 1980s and 90s, when there were riots, insurrections and
hungerstrikes going on all over the European continent, creating cracks
in the destroying force of prisons daily grind, it must be pretty
familiar. The methods which were used to crush these tensions – on one
hand, repression and violence and on the other hand, intensified
improvement of the illusion of actively participating and having
influence on their own oppression – can nowadays be found on both sides of
the walls.

The prison, as the states most frightening weapon of repression against those, who are either not willing or able to comply with its rules, is actually everywhere, it became much more then just s grey wall which we`re supposed to fear, it became a concrete reality in everyone’s lives – the prison is just
the states maximized version of the same confinement we have to get used
to since we were born.

If we want subversion, the overthrowal of the system and the end of all
oppression and authority, for the realization of a life in freedom, we
have to rebel!

If we want a social revolt, that doesn’t just pave the way for
another authoritarian reality, then we have to recognize social conflicts, we
have to analyze them and create them ourselves. Through permanent
intervention, conflict and reflection of the existent, we can provoke
cracks in the normality of the system. Our goal should be to destroy
this prison society, starting from what could grow in the spaces
permanent attack could open.

In most parts of Europe, subversion seems to be asleep. Let`s wake it
up, armed with our ideas and passions for freedom and put an end to the

If it be prisons, camps or borders, the states institutions, banks, the
economy, the cops or the military – lets face the system and its
defendants – just as we have to destroy all the authoritarian bullshit
in our heads, the rules and norms created by the existent, for getting
closer to our freedom.

We want to come together on this weekend for discussing ideas and
struggles for social revolts against the prison society and its world.

We want to talk about whats up and what is to come, get to know each
other for finding out if we share perspectives and find ways of
struggling together.

08th-11th October 2015 in Hamburg

Preview to the program:

Thursday, 8th October, 19:30, Centro Sociale

Our passion for freedom is stronger then any prison!
Presentation and discussion with revolting prisoners in Greece and a
comrade from the solidarity-found for prisoners from Athens.

Friday, 9th October, Rote Flora, 19:00

Against the world of borders and papers!
We want to talk about the possibilities and perspectives of struggles
against the deportation machinery, the racist normality and its world.
There will be comrades talking about concrete experiences in specific

Saturday, 10th October, Rote Flora, 12:00am
Neither laws nor order!
Discussion concerning specific struggles against repressive developments
with comrades from Munich.

Later: Open space for different discussions, for example a workshop
about communication with prisoners and a presentation concerning the
repression against anarchists in Czech Republic.

Sunday, 11th October, Rote Flora, 12:00am

Against the prison and its world!
What happens in the prison society which perspectives of struggle do we
see (or don’t)?

For more info, check solidaritaetswerkstatt.noblogs.org
On each day, there will be food, drinks and infotables.

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