Letter from Argentina for the Global Day of Political Prisoners by the Collective for the Re-foundation of the IVth International – FLTI

325 receives and transmits – We add the clarification after a contact with our comrades, Sin Banderas-Ni Fronteras, in Chile, that this letter is published mainly for reference, not as an approval. Our nihilist-anarchist and anti-civilisation perspective obviously has a critique of the authoritarianism of Marx-Lenin-Trotsky. Solidarity to the imprisoned comrades, for a new internationalist struggle:

October 2, 2015


Firstly, we wanted to send you a big hug, a hearty encouragement and our entire sympathy and support in the fight for your freedom in the dungeons of the Greek regime, especially to comrade Evi Statiri, who is now recovering from her hunger strike.

We are the Collective for the Re-foundation of the IVth International – FLTI. We are an international current with militancy in Syria near Aleppo, resistance against the genocidal Assad; we are also working alongside the rebel militias in Libya who yesterday defeated Khadafi; we are fighting in Zimbabwe and South Africa in Black Africa; and also in several Latin American countries.

We are writing to you because we have been carefully following your struggle and denouncing and fighting together with you against the brutal imprisonment that dozens of comrades are suffering, who today are still in prison at the hands of the Syriza’s Government, those “merchants of hope” -as comrade Nikos Romanos denounced them – that are actually jailers and oppressors.

We want you to know that this claim and this fight that you are carrying forward, is also ours. We know that you are imprisoned for fighting; for defending migrant workers attacked by the fascist gangs of Golden Dawn. Today it is thousand times more necessary to deepen this fight, when tens of thousands of political refugees arrive in Europe fleeing from genocide as that perpetrated by dog Al-Assad against the Syrian revolution before the “crocodile tears” of European Governments and Obama who are the ones that command these massacres against the rebel masses.

So when we hear of students that have taken the technological Institute of Athens to fight for the freedom of political prisoners and in defense of the refugees, we greet their action with revolutionary fervor and say that this is a huge example to multiply and deepen.

It’s about confronting the governments and regimes of this rotten imperialist capitalist system. The working-class and rebellious youth will only have life and future if imperialism dies. The victory of the workers will be taken the day we defeat and expropriate the parasites of Wall Street, major butchers and genocidal rogues in the planet, chiefs and senior partners of the Greek bankers.

You have to know that you are not alone. Nikos Romanos, Evi Statiri and all the young people who are today prisoners due to their fighting Greece are our class brothers and sisters, our comrades. We won’t halt for a moment our fight alongside you to conquer their freedom. Putting our whole strength, we will redouble our international campaign for the freedom of all Greek political prisoners and we will continue calling for rallies on the embassies of Greece around the world and proposing this motion to all workers and student organizations of struggle, because defending you amounts to defending the right of all the oppressed to fight for their dignity.

We have been fighting and raising the cry: “Freedom for all political prisoners in Greece and worldwide!” together with the Commission of the Condemned Workers of Las Heras, their Friends and Relatives in Argentina. This is the Commission set up by the oil workers who two years ago were sentenced to life imprisonment and some years’ imprisonment for fighting for their rights. Thus the Justice of the imperialist oil companies and the Government of Kirchner seek to punish those who “dare” to strive for having living wages, a job and a decent life. They are the same transnationals that have condemned the miners of Asturias of the Spanish State to 12 years in prison and also to keep you and all the political prisoners imprisoned there in Greece.

For the same reason, we have been pushing the need to unify the fight for the freedom of all political prisoners in the world, in order to coordinate a single struggle against the repressive, jailing and murderous regimes and governments. This is the motion that we have been raising: let’s set up a network of international solidarity for the freedom of all political prisoners in the world, together with all those that seek international unity against States and their Governments that attack, chase, repress and massacre us for fighting for a dignified life.

As part of this, December 12, the day that the state condemned our comrades from Las Heras, was baptized as the International Day of the Persecuted Worker and for two years it has become a day of international struggle. In these days we have been able to fight in common with Basque political prisoners in France, with the port workers and high school youth in Chile and with fighters of the Palestinian cause as the Global Political Prisoners Day movement struggling from occupied Palestine for the freedom of the 7,000 Palestinian prisoners who today are in the prisons of Zionism, among others.

So we want to send to you this proposal for a unified fight and call you to meet us in a same fight not only on December 12 but every day for the freedom of all political prisoners, in defense of persecuted workers and political refugees, as the prisons of the exploiters continue to be filled with working-class and youth fighters, and workers and exploited continue being chased, attacked, condemned and killed as with companions Alexis Grigoropoulos and Pavlo Fyssas, Michael Brown and Black youth in the United States or the 34 mineworkers killed in Marikana (SouthAfrica) for fighting against imperialist mining companies. So we also fight for the popular trial and punishment of all the murderers of our martyrs and the –live-appearance of the 43 of Mexico.

With this aim, we wanted to tell you that the convicted comrades of Las Heras will be performing in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the first days of November, a press conference to denounce prison, persecution, repression and massacre being suffered by the working-class and youth fighters all over the world and promote the day of struggle on the next December 12. Of course there the claim will be present for the release of all Greek political prisoners and we are sending you the invitation so you can use that platform to make your voice heard, for that can strengthen the struggle of all of us, uniting above borders and the walls that separate us.

Finally, we invite you to visit our web page: www.flti-ci.org where you can find more information about our struggle in the world, as our fighting for the freedom of political prisoners and standing next to the martyred masses of Syria, and also our political statements, including those about Greece and our struggle to help begin the European revolution.

We look forward to hearing from you and to be able to continue to communicate to deepen and coordinate a common struggle.

A warm revolutionary hug,

Juventud Democracia Obrera

(Worker Democracy Youth)

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