Hambach Forest – 3 People in Jail (Germany)

Updated 2 Nov 2015



Newest information about the Hambi-prisoners

Yesterday evening we got new information about the conditions and developments concerning the 3 prisoners from the forest occupation, who are at the moment imprisoned in Aachen and Cologne. We want to give an update to everyone interested and call out for solidarity. At the moment, there are no public names for the two persons arrested last Thursday, so they’ll be called A. and B. in this text.

All 3 prisoners suffer from injuries they had inflicted on them during their arrest. How the situation exactly went and if they were hurt by police or security, we don’t know. Mr. Blue, who is imprisoned for several weeks now, can’t hear well out of his left ear, and he can’t feel two fingers on his left hand. Since he is in prison, he is not been allowed to see the prison-doctor. A. has a bleeding wound on his head, one of his fingers seems to be broken or seriously hurt. Somebody broke B.’s nose, he has several missing teeth and complains about pain in his jaw – we don’t know what the last thing means, because he couldn’t see a doctor before the judge sent him to prison the day after his arrest. He declared the wants to go on hunger strike, if the prison refuses to give him vegan food (like always).

In the cases of all the prisoners, it’s at the moment not possible to say how long their imprisonment will take. The lawyers expect it to be 2-3 months at the longest. The charges for A. and B. are dangerous assault and destruction of property, Mr. Blue’s are “Hausfriedensbruch”, “Störung öffentlicher Betriebe”, assault, resistance against his arrest and insulting. the lawyers expect as punishment in all cases prison on probation.

Visits and letters will be under surveillance. At the moment, there’s no official “Anklage”, so it’s not possible to predict the day of the trial, which would (hopefully) mean the end of their imprisonment


It is important that the people inside the prison to know they’re not alone! And that we wont accept the injustice that our comrades are in jail without a fight.If you were thinking about doing an action against coalmining and climate destruction, do it now! Spontaneous demonstrations, sabotages, banner drops – be creative. And show your solidarity to the 3 prisoners in your action declarations. You can also do solidarity-pictures with banners and send them to us. But also direct help is necessary.

Write to them!
You can find the prison-address of Mr. Blue at the end of this article, to publish the other addresses we have to wait for the permission of the prisoners. Please send letters for them to the ‘Werkstatt für Aktionen und Alternativen’ (WAA; address also below), we will send them to the prisoners. For them, letters are often the only contact to the outside, and therefore very important! Be creative – put leaflets, stickers, song-texts or other stuff inside, write them about the project your involved in, send pictures, stories, articles. You can also write an email to us – we will print it and send to the people in prison.

Send them reading material!
In the cell, it can be really boring. Often, the prison rejects books sent to prisoners. Chances are best with thinner ones, soft covers and non-political content. But please also try to send political stuff – if it works, it’s even nicer for the prisoners.
The state tries to stop us from continuing our fight with intimidation and prison – we are not intimidated, and we are not afraid! we will stand together and face repression. Now more than ever:

Let’s smash RWE together and put an end to deadly brown coal mining! Let’s fight for solidarity amongst humans, nonhuman-animals and ecosystems, for a free society!

“Nims” with a broken nose and several broken teeth.
(Detained since Oct. 22nd):

JVA Köln Ossendorf
z. Hd. Felix Neuner
Rochusstr. 350,
50827 Köln

“Mr. Blue” with a broken wrist (detained since Oct. 7th):

JVA Aachen
Herr Unbekannt Unbekannt 1uJS932/15
Krefelderstraße 251
52070 Aachen

“I….” (detained since Oct. 22th) with a head injury and several immovable fingers in a splint.
Still refusing to cooperate in any way or accept a lawyer.
Arrested with Nimms but held in a separate jail in Kerpen.

Three Hambach Forest Activist are presently being imprisoned with severe
injuries while awaiting trial, which in Germany can be expected in up to
3 months. Their injuries have been sustained while being locked on to
the conveyor belt feeding the coal-power plants and while scouting the
area of the clear cuts. They have been maced, assaulted and injured and
held by being stepped on while awaiting the arrival of the police and
then accused of assault to justify such a violent “reaction” on the part
of the security guards in effect attempting to not just demoralize but
to take our comrades out of action and dissuade all other activists from
opposing the Climate-Chaos Criminal RWE.

In Germany there is no access to phones for prisoners and mail is
delayed and inspected by the court in charge of the case under section
191 which in cases of other prisoners delays it on average by about 5
days, however in the case of Hambach forest activists it has been
delayed for up to a month and not delivered at all in intervals for up
to 2 weeks. We have also noticed that including any personal info on
yourself or info on our or any other struggles delays the mail even
more. We urge you then to send them get well cards as they will most
likely be forced to await the trial in custody for up to 3 months to
prevent them from documenting their injuries and counter-suing their
assailants. So for over a month they will get practically no mail and
have no access to any addresses to write to. Please include German
stamps if you are writing from Germany and additional blank postcards to
respond with. Also Magazines, zines, stickers and paperback books could
be a great morale boost…

Background Info on the Present Situation:
RWE Lignite Corporation has commenced its yearly cutting season of the
last 5000 hectares(before mining operations over 40,000 hectares) of one
of the last unprotected millenarian, there since the end of the last ice
age, forests in Europe.

The Hambach Mine named after the forest it is destroying along with
villages, towns and local water table is also the largest net CO2
emitter in Europe with a network of 4 coal fuel power plants around the
mine itself(one exclusively powering the mine itself.) In response to
the 3 year occupation of the forest and blockade of the expansion of the
mine the 3 security companies involved in setting up a perimeter around
the biodiversity/climate destruction zone have resorted to justifying
their not just detention but severe injuries of activist involved in
lock-on and scouting actions with counter charges of assault(with no
physical injuries whatsoever on the part of security guards and all
activist involved either being locked-on at the moment or attempting to
escape and only facing possible trespassing charges. This is nothing
new as last year a supporter who was a doctor was subjected to a head
injuries while assisting in resupplying food to a tree sitter who was
also in the cutting zone while being surrounded for over a month by
“secus”. There has also been a rising level of intimidation and
assaults on activists walking on a public road to our support camp and
beginning this year security guards have been verbally engaging in rape
fantasies as they intimidated locked on female activists while awaiting
the police.

The level of violence we are currently experiencing is nothing but still
a bubble of privilege that surrounds us for the time being as the level
of violence and extrajudicial killings of the ecological activist in the
global south is reaching an all time high with as many as 2 being killed
a week. Whether we extend our solidarity and assistance to them who are
in even greater peril than ourselves is a true indicator of whether not
only the climate justice movement is achieving a degree of global unity
and solidarity but also whether we are heeding the warning of 350 Parts
Per Million of CO2 in our atmosphere as the threshold of a livable and
stable planet and whether we are responding appropriately. Especially
when the global concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – the
primary driver of recent climate change – has just reached 400 parts per
million (ppm) for the first time in recorded history, according to data
from the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. Among the multiplicity of new
run-away effects: of arctic tundra fires, methane being released from
permafrost and arctic becoming progressively more ice free, we are
presently crossing another threshold of the acidity of the ocean as it
acts as a carbon sink increasing pass the point of already wide spread
corral bleaching and die-off to being unlivable to the next most
sensitive life-forms: plankton, the very foundation of the ocean habitat
in effect collapsing the very foundation of the whole ocean
eco-system (in its present already decimated state being used by a quarter
of world’s population to relay or significantly supplement their
nutrition). This on top of rising water levels, super-storms and
unprecedented biodiversity destruction and peak-everything reality is a
harbinger of a state of permanent emergency in which if unopposed the
progressing criminalization of dissent and violence will not only
continue but eventually, most likely sooner than we think, the
aforementioned privilege of the global north will break down.

We are reaching a point of not just asking ourselves of what have we,
and are doing about this right now but rather what have we been doing
and have done about it during the proverbial “yesterday”.
It is not just our Climate-Justice movement unity and solidarity that is
at stake here but our historical relevance..

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