Anarchist Black Cross Solidarity Fund (Italy)

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As already announced in the first meetings for the presentation of the Anarchist Black Cross editorial project, besides the contribution made with information and discussions through the paper and the blog, we’ve been proposing the creation of a solidarity fund for anarchist prisoners, as we want to give economic support to those who fall into the tangles of repression of which they are active conscious enemies.

We’ve now done it and created the fund.

Anarchists are intrinsically reluctant to all political categorization, they are anti-political by nature and therefore shouldn’t be referred to as political prisoners. At the same time, anarchists end up in prison on the grounds of ideas, actions and behaviour that are the result of ethical, political and existential awareness. Painful awareness, intellectual conscience, joyous revolt and any other mixtures of feelings, actions and knowledge, is a natural process that leads us to be informed, alert and critical towards certain trajectories of struggle and repression. We are anarchists, alien to the concept of politics, no matter what the name; if we fall into the net of the enemy, we don’t claim to be political objects but are subjects of a different sociality/a-sociality, a different view on the existent. We look for allies, accomplices, comrades among the others oppressed by the machinery of dominion. But that doesn’t mean mythologizing class belonging as the old communist Vulgate did, or making clumsy attempts at social entomology and looking for the oppressed we talk about, be they outside or inside prison, from the pulpit of our analysis, as though the oppressed were objects of study.

We are well aware that in this context making distinctions can be unpleasant and misleading, as this can lead to simplifications liable to be exploited on a political level and by the repression; that is why we decided to clearly specify the discriminating factors we have chosen, for the time being.

A solidarity fund in support of anarchist prisoners, which obviously goes beyond the fictitious distinction between political and social prisoners.
We’re also aware of the increased repressive clampdown as a result of recent legal measures, which makes the need to use instruments that the enemy would like to suppress even more obvious.
We want to add that we don’t intend to give any ‘geographical connotation’ to the prisoners we are about to support, and that this is a solidarity fund for them, not a fund for legal expenses or a tool of legal support.
We want to become active on these grounds, aware as we are of the effort required and our current possibilities.


To send solidarity contributions:

PostePay Card Number: 4023 6009 1934 2891

Account name: Omar Nioi

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