'To Comrade Nikos Romanos and all the young fighters who are imprisoned in the jails of Troika and Syriza' : Commission of Convicted Workers, Relatives and Friends of Las Heras (Argentina)

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To Comrade Nikos Romanos and all the young fighters who are imprisoned in the
jails of Troika and Syriza,

We attach the appeal to the international day of struggle for December 12th
that we want to propel with you.
From the south of Argentina we want to send you a warm hug. You are not
alone, we are together!

Here the oil and mine imperialist companies plunder our natural sources
with impunity and get huge profits with our muscles and bones, with daily
shifts of 12 and 14 hs per day. Every time we fight for our rights they
chase us, repress us, imprison us and convict us with the government and
its justice.

Thus on December 12, 2013, the Videlist justice convicted us for fighting
in 2006 against outsourcing and against a tax on our wages that bosses and
government cinically call it “tax on profits”. It is a robbery to our low
wages, even more in the south where the cost of living is two times higher
than the rest of the country.
For this fight, four of us are convicted for life and there are six
comrades who received a sentence of 5 years.

For this enormous fight that all the workers of our carried out shouting
“WE ARE ALL OIL WORKERS!”, the oil companies, the government and justice
imposed a military occupation with gendarmerie, secret services and a huge
operation of prosecution and hunt against us, which remained us the worst
times of the military dictatorships.

Today we stand up with you because we were imprisoned in their dirty jails
of the oil companies for over three years and we will not allow that those
who, like you and us, fight for what is right for us end up in jail,
submitted to wild sufferings and humiliations. But mainly because we do not
that any worker and oppressed of the planet suffer some kind of repression
alone. We were submitted for years to a brutal isolation by the leaderships
of workers organizations, even parties who claim themselves being
“leftists”. They not only leave us alone, but they are also supporting the
current government of Syriza, who keeps you in jail while it lets fascists
walk free, who attack and murder the exploited you and thousands of
refugees who are arriving from Middle East.

They do not hesitate when they have to prosecute, imprison and even kill
us. They do not care if we have political banners of nor, if we belong to
this or that party. They do not want workers to raise our voices. They do
not want us to face exploiters.
Today we are free because, after years of isolation, we lost fear and we
are fighting in the streets, making that hundreds of organizations of the
world and Argentina raise their voices in front of the court that convicted
us. But we know that if we do not keep fighting for the unity of workers
over borders, the government and TNCs can put us in jail again.

Our freedom, and yours and the one of thousands of prosecuted and
imprisoned workers in the world, depends on the fight that we together may
carry out.
We see everyday how refugees -who are political prosecuted refugees- run
away from the massacre in Syria and Middle East, they spill their blood in
the European seas. We feel them as our children and siblings. We cry when
we see a child like Aylan Kurdi die escaping from a genocide that will lead
him to death anyway.
Those who survive and reach the land are received with solidarity by
workers and brave youth, like you. That makes us proud because we would
have done the same. The government of Troika and Syriza has imprisoned tens
of rebel youth like you to end with that huge support.

We want to prepare an international day of struggle on December 12, which
we called the International Day of the Prosecuted Worker, with you and tens
of comrades who are imprisoned and with workers and students organizations
of the world.
But we mainly want to unify our struggle to set up an International Network
so we can fight every day for the freedom of all political prisoners of the
world and for all the prosecuted workers.
We want to meet you face to face and hug you. This is why we are organizing
from our Commission that Paula Medrano travels to meet you in person and
deepen our struggles.
At the same time for December 12 we are going to do a Press Conference and
we would like you to participate actively on it, by saluting or even
talking during it.

A hug of solidarity to all of you comrades.
Never again alone! An injury to one is an injury to all!
Slaves rebellion is not felony, it is justice!

Commission of Convicted Workers, Relatives and Friends of Las Heras

Appeal from the Commission of Condemned Workers, Family and Friends of Las Heras

Las Heras, Santa Cruz, November 5, 2015



This December 12 two years have passed since the brutal life sentence and
jail condemned was put on us and our families. We fight to end with the
repression and persecution against workers like us – oil workers of Las Heras
condemned to life sentence for the only “crime” of demanding a decent
salary and to finish the labor flexibility. For that struggle, we are at
disposition of exploiters’ justice and at any time we can be jailed while
we appeal against the sentence.
After years of isolation, we could break with the fence, hundreds of
Argentinean and world workers organizations have supported us, as well as
left parties and Human Rights organizations. Together with them, we
surrounded the tribunal the day when we received the brutal sentence.

From 2013 we have been propelling on December 12 a fighting day for all the
persecuted workers and anti-imperialist fighters all around the world.
In that way we started the international days every day confronting the
tribunal together with the organizations that defend the cause of the
Palestinian nation occupied by Zionism. There, every day they are
imprisoned, killed and repressed- those who fight for their land and right
for not to be pariahs in their own land. They are the same Palestinian
workers and youth that today keep taking the streets to confront the
occupation; they are who have been side by side us from the first day in
our struggle against the same enemies.

Following such a road we have convened a Global Fighting Day in 2014 with
the comrades of Human Rights Defender. Friends of this Commission of
Condemned workers, and Family of Las Heras travelled to Palestine to take
the solidarity for the thousands of political prisoners, even children that
suffer the worst hardships in the dungeon of Zionism. We took the
solidarity for them and fought together with the Sammer Issawi family.
Sammer Issawi at that moment from the jails organized a hunger strike to
support us at the same moment when the vengeance Court condemned us.
This Fighting Day was also conquered together with the Committees for the
freedom of Georges Abdallah, fighter of the Palestinian cause imprisoned
for 32 years in France, and the pro-independence Basques in jail who also
rejected their food as a repudiate sign against the brutal sentence against
us. Past October 24 we won the streets in a Global Fighting Day for his
The comrades of the JRCL-RMF from Japan and the revolutionary Zengakuren
students in 2013 won the streets against the Videlist Court and the oil
companies-when they were giving us the sentence- and against the repressor
Kirchner government.

We were also side by side the militant students from Chile who carried on
protest action in Italia Square in Santiago and with the family of Juan
Pablo Jiménez, trade union leader killed.
They were part of that international Day brave fighters for the freedom of
political prisoners in England, the Spanish State and Asturias in
In that way we took the streets and started to set up an International Net
to coordinate us. We knew from the very beginning that our freedom, despite
we our condemned, is thanks to the solidarity of workers and oppressed
people around the world and our comrades, workers from Argentina who gave
and give solidarity to our cause.
We have been together with the families of the 43 student teachers from
Mexico disappeared who have gone through all across the world seeking
solidarity and make a common struggle for their children to appear. We
fight together the militant trade unions from South Africa and the Marikana
widows who keep demanding justice for the 34 miners killed. There workers
and exploited fought in Boiketlong for housing and four comrades were
imprisoned and condemned with fake accusations, similarly to what happened
to us. At the same time, hundreds of students in South Africa have been
detained for demanding free education and are accused under the old
Apartheid law of “treason to the mother country” with which they can be
sentenced to spend over 62 years in prison.

In Argentina there are already hundreds of workers and students
organizations that support our demand. Our struggle is propelled by
Internal Commissions and delegates bodies like Paty, Garrahan Hospital, as
well as left currents that in Buenos Aires have set up a Committee for our
acquittal propelled by the trade union of State workers (ATE).
We have fought with the comrades from Corral de Bustos for our freedom and
theirs, who, like us, have passed years in prison for their uprising
against the injustice of the corrupt judges and police.

Las Heras is a city militarized by the gendarme forces of the national
government. It is a city in the middle of the province that is under the
control of the imperialist oil companies. These oil companies are who
organized the big wars in the world for the routes of oil and in the
Argentinean south they enslave the oil workers and punish hard to those who
“dare” to fight for their rights with their forces of repression. Southern
from our city, in the province of Tierra del Fuego, the leaders of the
teachers and truck drivers are in court, as the workers of ATE, Rio
Gallegos have been judged.

For these hard fights and attacks, and because we realized that without
solidarity we would have been condemned and in prison, we and our families
tell Argentinean and world workers our truth: the oil companies with the
Kirchner government, his genocide Armed Forces, his corrupt judges and
politicians demanded our sentence and punishment as it happened in a
National Parliamentary Session in 2014. Those -at the top- have got united
to enslave workers and condemn those who fight, and we –below- must unify
to stop such disregard and injustice.

This December 12, we will carry on again, among all, such International
Fighting Day. But this time we will do with more forces since the brutal
repression, wars, genocides and persecution have increased against workers
and oppressed people, and for that reason, we unify our struggle and

This 12/12 will be an International fighting Day for the freedom of all the
political prisoners, to stop the counterrevolutionary genocides and wars
against the oppressed masses and in defense the political refugees that
like the Syrians reach Europe running away from the massacre, starvation
and cleansing on the part of the murderous governments and regimes.

This December 12 we will be together with the Asturias miners that
conquered their freedom by a heroic struggle.
We also get unified with the teachers from CNTE Oaxaca, México, that fight
to end with the prosecutions and jails against their leaders.
The Greek youth is in jail for the crime of fighting against the fascists
that punch the migrant refugees and workers in struggle in Greece. We see
heroic young people like the comrade Nikos Romanos that while was in hunger
strike affirmed he was reluctant to withdrawal and his convictions are not
negotiable. From the jails the youth call to destroy this system that
oppress, plunder, and starve workers and people. We know what these
valuable youth and workers are suffering because we have suffered it and
for that reason, we are unconditionally with them and all the anti-fascist
fighters and with those who confront the Syriza government and the
oppressors from Greece.

This 12/12, as we have said, we witness that Europe is full of refugees who
are true political prisoners. Tens of thousands coming from the devastated
Syria reach the old continent and are welcomed by the European workers with
great solidarity.
Children and families drown in the Mediterranean that is full of blood.
Hatred of the oppressors, transnationals, and their murderous governments
have reach to the point of massacring and put in jails children as it is
happening in Syria and Yemen; they sink the refugees ship, bomb the cities
as dog Bashar and Putin do; or the bravest children of the world, the
Palestinians who fight against the Zionist occupant, are detained, tortured
and put in jails, even they are condemned to life sentence.
We are not surprised, this capitalist oppressor system emerged
over-exploiting children in the factory and today they massacre children
because they cannot even maintain them as salves.
They not only enslave, put in jail and massacre those who are fighting, but
they kill and imprison our children. THAT’S ENOUGH! They haven’t touched
and killed one; they have touched and killed all of us! We are all refugees!

Comrades, this December 12, unify all the struggles and demands. The
comrades imprisoned in Guantanamo, the comrades in jail of Ayo, Ayo and the
miners from Huanuni under prosecution in Bolivia, the thousands political
prisoners in Egypt, the combatant dock workers from Chile must know that
day that they are not alone in their struggle. The killers and repressors
must know we have unified and won the world’s streets to say: STOP
massacres, repression and prisoners with whom they try to blackmail and
punish those who fight for their demands all across the world!
From Spain to England, from Russia of the killer Putin to USA and Europe
devastated by the MNCs, from America to Africa and the Pacific must be
heard the voice of freedom of all the political prisoners and no more
barbarism against the oppressed!

From Argentina, you have all our forces at your disposition. Here we have
more than 7000 comrades under prosecution for fighting. At this moment, 34
teachers of SUTEF and truck drivers are in court in Tierra del Fuego, they
want to condemn them to demand their rights. They want to do the same with
the teachers and self-organized parents from Caleta Olivia (Santa Cruz). In
this way, they submit each condemned before the judges under a single
command: of the powerful ones, of the transnational companies.

For that reason, along with dozens of workers and student organizations, we
fight for a Coordinating Board for all accused to unite in a single demand.
So we have been launching with the relatives of our comrades Corral de
Bustos who have been imprisoned over five years, with Paty workers,
metallurgists and workers of Acindar of ATE.
Here also in Argentina, the murderous police killed the youth and minors
for the crime of not having a job and education in a real slaughter of
“easy trigger” (Translation Note people killed by the police), preparing
the most ferocious state repression against workers who go on fighting.
The Kirchner`s government of Argentina leave the office with the hands full
of blood. So the families of the workers still cry for justice for the
colleagues killed on December 20, 2001 as Teresa Rodriguez, the protesters
killed in northern Salta, the comrades Fuentealba, Mariano Ferreyra,
Kostequi and Santillan, and the comrade Angel Veron who have just died
handcuffed to a hospital bed after a fierce beating by the police while he
was fighting for decent housing.

On December 12, we will have the opportunity among all of us to unify and
to show to our executioners we are not alone. If even our enemies keep ours
in prison, it is because we have not joined our forces worldwide. It’s time
to do this December 12 and every day of the year!
Let’s unite over the borders, as do the large banks and companies to
exploit and repress all of us. We will fight for our rights. Because the
rebellion of the slaves is not a crime, it is justice!

In Buenos Aires we will make a press conference of the colleagues of Las
Heras who are sentenced to life sentence and prison. We hope and we know
that that day, you all make dozens of actions around the world. We will act
on the central streets of Buenos Aires and demonstrate to the embassies of
Israel and Syria that represent the worst of the attacks and genocides
against the workers and oppressed peoples of the world.

We call on all those who fight for the freedom and against oppression and
plunder of peoples to conquer December 12 a day of international struggle.
Workers and oppressed people of Argentina need to unite to fight against
persecution, fighting for our demands and join together with our class
worldwide; along the Syrian and Palestinian resistance and all committees
of solidarity with our brothers who are refugees in the planet; together
with the family members and committees of solidarity with the comrade
Abdallah and the separatists Basque; with student organizations who fight
for free and quality education as in South Africa, Chile, Mexico and
Colombia; with African labor organizations fighting against looting and
exploitation of Anglo American and other monopolies; alongside the heroic
workers and students facing Japan Abe’s government; with Chinese workers
who fight against sweatshop conditions in the prison and maquila factories;
with Mumia Abu Jamal and young workers struggling for $ 15 an hour in the
United States and the black and Latin workers struggling against racism and
the murderer police of Obama; together with the workers of SIDOR in
Venezuela; along with health workers and miners in Peru; with miners and
exploited of Donbass in Ukraine; along with state workers and students in
Spain as Asturias en Pie and all the organizations who fight against the
persecution, repression and jail against the Bourbon and its murderous

This December 12 should have a privileged place in our demand, the struggle
to end the slaughter, repression and even jail against children and young
people at international level. They are the vanguard of the struggle of the
oppressed people around the world. This 12/12, together with convicted
prisoners and condemned to fight, political refugees have a place of honor.
For them we demand housing, health, education, work. They come from nations
like Syria, Yemen and throughout the Middle East, which are plundered by
the big oil companies of the imperialist powers also thrown into misery and
attack all the wealth of European workers. Let stand a day of struggle of
the exploited workers and youth to end the slaughter of the children of the
people who stand up with political refugees worldwide!


Comrades, let’s unite every link of the oppressed into a powerful chain
that once can put the shackles and impose justice against the worst
murderers and oppressors of this planet.


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