Osman Evcan on Hunger Strike: Anarchists and animal liberationists went to Kandıra F type prison (Turkey)

From ABC Istanbul:

Anarchists and animal liberationists went to Kandıra F type prison, Osman Evcan is on hunger strike since 10th November with various demands. Also Osman Evcan’s cellmate Hasan Çınar started indefinite hunger strike 3 days ago to support Osman Evcan. On 5th December we went in front of Kandıra F Type Prison with our flags, banners, slogans, drums and torches to show solidarity with Vegan anarchist prisoner Osman Evcan. Our voices passed over the thick walls, and we brought hope to our comrade. Osman is refusing to eat with his own will, using his body, his only weapon to fight. He is resisting and becoming the justice himself. We screamed out loud for the animals, for the World and people,
for the freedom of the prisoners:

Fire to the prisons!
Demolish the prisons, freedom to prisoners!

We made this demo happen to show that we are not scared of the chains of the government capturing people, animals and earth. Our fight will continue against the systems will to include us to its decay.

Everyone who is fighting to abolish oppression is a freedom fighter. We will continue our struggle until the political isolation of Osman Evcan (who is supporting total freedom, and who is fighting against repression and torture for his anarchist ideals) are over. Prison systems are coffins built to control the majority, and to pacify masses for the minorities interest.

Freedom for Osman Evcan!

Until all cages and prisons are destroyed!


In Turkish.

So far there were solidarity actions in Moscow, Nantes and Tbilisi. In Tbilisi there was a protest in front of the Turkish consulate. 1 & 2

A stand opened in İzmir with the name “maneuver against speciesism”. Also in İzmir flyers were distributed to inform people about Osman Evcan’s hunger strike. And a banner was hanged saying “Vegan food for Osman Evcan”. 1 & 2

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