Report from a Correspondent of the 'Brigade León Sedov' (Syria)

Correspondent in Syria – 7 November of 2015

The true cause of the Syrian genocide: A civil war of exploiters and plunderers of Syria against the Syrian people, which has already been held for 4 years, to punish and to massacre the hungry who fight for bread.

As winter arrives, the price of the dollar increases, wage sinks and millions are without a job and become refugees…

The bombs continue to fall on us… but resistance does not surrender


Thus it was from 2011, when we, the oppressed and exploited rebelled for bread and freedom.

From the Syrian resistance, Declaration of the Brigade Leon Sedov

Little by little the autumn cold is paving way to the harsh winter in a Syria massacred by the holy alliance between Putin, the Ayatollahs, Hezbollah, and Bashar, blessed by the Pope and under Obama’s orders.

However we are facing not only bombs from NATO, Russia and Bashar which never cease to fall on our heads and those of our families; now also the scourge of a harsh winter is looming, aggravated by the sharp shortage of food, the high cost of living that has been imposed today in our cities and towns -reduced almost to rubble- and a total or partial power failure and the scarce provision of something elemental as it is the drinking water and water for hygiene and irrigation.

In recent weeks the US dollar has reached (an exchange value of) 400 Syrian lire, which would raise the price of the family shopping basket to 120.000 lire per month (USD300) for an average family of 6 members while the average wage for a worker since 2006 until today is 15,000 Syrian Liras (37.5 dollars currently) per month. That is, just 15% (of what is needed).

The original plan of Bashar and all lackeys of imperialism in the Maghreb and the Middle East, against which we revolted in 2011, was to impose blood and fire on the workers a miserable salary of $ 30 per month, so the imperialistic banks and their partner Al-Assad are left with all the riches of Syria… for that so much massacre and genocide.

It was against this that our brother Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in Tunisia; it was against the terrible inflation of food prices that our Egyptian and Yemeni brothers and sisters revolted. It was for this reason that lackey of European imperialism Muammar al-Gaddafi lost his head at the hands of our Libyan brothers. It is this claim of a dignified life what has twinned us with our Palestinian neighbors, and ultimately with the world’s working class.

Obviously in the Syrian split and divided between the different bourgeoisie as the FSA [Free Syrian Army], Jabhat Al-Nusra, the Islamic State, Kurdish bourgeoisie and the forces of the Syrian genocidal regime scarce foodstuffs prices vary from zone to zone.

The various bourgeois fractions that today control our divided Syria are profiting from these conditions of the working class. They make juicy business and we are used as slave labor in the construction, in the oil wells and refineries. Although they are warring, they trade with the goods in divided Syria. In the refugee camps in the borders we are cheap labor for the major employers in neighboring countries.

With the massacre on the Syrian people they are chastising and giving a warning to all the workers and oppressed peoples in the world.

We have well clear that we would have never reached such a huge martyrdom of misery and despair, and yet we are still resisting, if only organizations who call themselves left-wing and revolutionary had done something to break the siege imposed by imperialism and the World Social Forum on us and our brothers in all the Maghreb and Middle East who dare stand up to demand for a dignified life and claim the right to have the bread of every day on our table.

Those who defend the regime of Bashar are actually defending its multi-million dollar business of yesterday and those it is performing today with European imperialism, with Putin (its supporter) in war materials; they are in favor that Bashar steal the Syrian national wealth and carries on his business with Iran.

Those who extol the Kurdish bourgeoisie and its armed wing the YPG are favoring this servile bourgeoisie in exploiting and super-exploiting our brothers, fathers, uncles and cousins, while subjecting the Kurdish people and direct it to meet in the end worse conditions than ours. The “democratic bourgeois” supporters of the FSA are actually supporting Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia in making juicy business on our blood. And those who boast of “all against the Islamic State” cover the back of Bashar, legitimize the intervention of NATO and Putin, and ultimately end up not making a working-class solution to put an end to the fierce Sunni bourgeoisie of the Islamic State. A bourgeoisie that arrived with their armed wings to the territories where we kicked the dog Bashar’s troops, just to discipline and submit us with their “Islamic law”, and thus they become the new custodians of large private property and the transnational oil companies in the region.

But for sure whoever controls divided and martyred Syria, there and in the refugee camps we workers are dying of hunger, we are enslaved for 30 dollars a month and our families are already eating grass and roots to survive.

These are the disasters that we have to fight on the day to day of our resistance. We share the miseries suffered by the black proletariat of Africa, and we understand that the enemy is the same. We are workers deprived of our jobs. Today we must emigrate as them. And political refugees are fleeing to Europe in their hundreds of thousands from hunger and the massacre.
In many cases we were forced to go to the fields in order to survive, and now they are depriving us of even the right to eat among the rubble and blood.

We are not warriors, we are workers, however in order to eat we had to start fighting. And to defend ourselves from the bullets of the lackey of imperialism, Bashar we had to learn how to wield a gun.

The only way to bring bread for our families is expropriating the bourgeoisie, to put the entire economy at the service of war and the hungry that resist every day; opening arsenals than the various bourgeois parties armies keep jealously. Rifle in hand to crush the mercenaries of the Iranian Republican Guard, the Hezbollah, Bashar’s dog troops, expropriating the arsenal of the Russian base in Latakia to be able to go to Damascus and take the power in our hands.

Yet our fate and our destiny is tied to the fighting waged by our Palestinian, Libyan and Yemeni brethren, or by the Egyptian workers, as well as to the enormous solidarity of the working class of the imperialist countries, that have already adopted our brothers in Europe.
We call on workers in the imperialist countries to stop the war machine of NATO and the US government that give it a protective umbrella and leave Putin and Al-Assad’s hands free so they are able to massacre us. We call them to get to the streets of Europe, USA, Japan; and from working-class organizations and all ports only to shipping arms and ammunition for the resistance; in the same way as the workers in U.S. Oakland did, to refuse to ship any weaponry headed to the State of Israel and to either Bashar or Saudi Arabia that are massacring the martyred peoples of the Maghreb and the Middle East.

We call on the workers and oppressed people of the world to send ammunition, drugs, detachments and brigades to help us stop this enormous martyrdom and punishment that is meant to frighten the world’s working classes.

During the war of aggression against the oppressed and the people of Syria, the capitalists and the counter-revolutionary forces that murder us are making fabulous business.
For workers: hunger, misery and massacre.

Our resistance is indomitable. They are still discussing in Vienna if the time has come to “begin a transition”… They are debating whether this should be with or without Al-Assad. Meanwhile, there have been already 4 years of massacre of the Syrian people.

World’s workers should be aware that if the Syrian resistance is defeated, imperialism and his henchmen will get all the riches of Syria, through the “peace of the cemeteries” and a slave labor.

ISIS charges $7 per barrel of oil exported to Turkey, towards the territory controlled by Bashar, to the Shiite region of southern Iraq, to the Mediterranean sea or the Persian Gulf.

The generals of “checkpoints” of Jabhat the Nusra or FSA, charge a fee for every transport of goods. Meanwhile, everything is getting more expensive. Those at the top earn a lot of money, while the workers and the people are killed, with bombs and hunger.

To live, a family in Syria needs $300.
The wages of workers comes short of 37 dollars.

The cold is coming. 10 million are in refugee camps. And in the villages 60% of homes have been destroyed.

This is Putin and Al-Assad’s counter-revolutionary war against the workers and the Syrian people.

Let’s talk about it clearly. The world must know the hunger we workers from Syria suffer, along with the massacre we are enduring… Why we have decided to die fighting rather than starve. The vast majority of us has to go along without a job and the one who has it, is obliged to work 12 hours.

We will then give the prices of the basic basket of food for a family here in Syria. And we just say that 90% of them are inaccessible for the vast majority of the people. They are replaced with roots, cat, rats and grass.

A refugee risks his life to cross the Mediterranean. He/she is fleeing massacre and famine. But even so, that is a “privilege”, because they must pay over 2,500 euros to slave traders, in order to reach Europe and be there brutally repressed, harassed, raped, imprisoned. And if they survive, it is thanks to the solidarity of the workers and the poor peoples of Europe.

The vast majority of the Syrian oppressed doesn’t even have the possibility to be a refugee. We only can beg not to receive a bomb from those that massacre every day our children and women.

Thus, we have decided to fight for our life, our freedom, for all of us. We affirm that to stop this genocide and war, we have to win it, take power in Damascus and to do so, it is necessary to expropriate the expropriators of the people. Our resistance deserves to succeed.

We believe that numbers speak for themselves on our daily sufferings. We will show the prices of some vital supplies sold in the regions controlled by the FSA:
Mixed diesel per litre
Pure diesel per litre
(These values are linked to the state of the routes of transport of hydrocarbons. When the routes are closed due to the combats or bombardments, something that usually happens, these values skyrocketing increase since the local bourgeoisies speculate with fictitious values. The increase of these values are directly proportional to the amount of days the road is closed or obstructed)
180 Syrian Lira 
400 Syrian Lira
0.45 dollars 
1 dollar
Bag with 7 pieces of bread

165 Syrian Lira
0.4 dollars

Powdered milk for children

2.500 Syrian Lira
6.25 dollars


1500 Syrian Lira
3.75 dollars

Burgol (Cereal) per kilo

200 Syrian LIra
0.5 dollars

Rice per kg

266 Syrian Lira
0.66 dollars

Black lentils per kilo

290 Syrian Lira
0.70 dollars

Red lentils per kilo

465 Syrian Lira
1.16 dollars

Lamb meat per kg

3.325 Syrian Lira
8.30 dollars

 Cow meat per kg

2.400 Syrian Lira
6 dollars

 Turkish chicken meat per kg

730 Syrian Lira
1.8 dollars

Syrian chicken meat per kg

1.200 Syrian Lira
3 dollars

Tea per kg

3.000 Syrian Lira
7.5 dollars

Coffee per kg

4.000 Syrian Lira
10 dollars

Mate per ¼  kg

500 Syrian Lira
1.25 dollars

Metal Straw for mate

200 Syrian Lira 
0.5 dollars

Sugar per kg

360 Syrian Lira 
0.9 dollars

Sunflower seed per kg

1.060 Syrian Lira 
2.65 dollars

Tomato per kg

330 Syrian Lira
0.80 dollars

Cucumber per kg

300 Syrian Lira 
0.75 dollars

Potatoes per kg
266 Syrian Lira 
0.66 dollars

Bananas per kg

800 Syrian Lira
2 dollars

Apple per kg

400 Syrian Lira 
1 dollars

Olive oil per litre

930 Syrian Lira
2.30 dollars

Oil for cooking  per litre

600  Syrian Lira
1.5 dollars

Tractor of potable water of 4.000 litres

(taking into account that a family of 6 members need as maximum 4000 litres of water per week)
3.325 Syrian Lira 
8.30 dollars

Cow milk per litre

266 Syrian Lira 
0.66 dollars

Sheep milk per litre

425 Syrian Lira 
1 dollars

Yogurt x 1 ½ kg

730 Syrian Lira 
1.8 dollars

Energetic drink 220 ml

266 Syrian Lira 
0.66 dollars

Pepsi x 2 ¼

530 Syrian Lira 
1.3 dollars

Firewood in summer per kg

50 Syrian Lira 
0.12 dollars

Firewood in Winter per kg

4.000 Syrian Lira  
10 dollars

Minute of telephone calling from mobile phone to mobile phone within Syria

12 Syrian Lira 
0.3 dollars


20.000 Syrian Lira 
50 dollars

Total if we buy a kilo of each product mention above

(without taking into account rent, diesel, communication, etc.)
51.889 Syrian Lira 
129.7 dollars


120.020 Syrian Lira 
300 Dollars
37 Dollars

A construction workers per 12 hours labor shift earns 1 dollar=30 dollars

This is complete with roots, grass with olive oil, cat and rodents.
Besides we receive bombs, massacre, refugee camps and blood in the Mediterranean.

Facing the starvation and destruction of our cities, many of us have migrated towards the countryside having the illusion to be able to cultivate and breed cattle to survive. However, day by day, the prices of the raw material to breed farm animal have risen up so high that it is impossible to raise them and the shortage of water have made difficult the agriculture, even self-supply is difficult at a extreme way.

Starvation and massacre at very few kilometers from the government house of the dog Bashar.

The suffering of Ghouta and Duma

An exclusive paragraph deserved for our brothers from Ghouta and Duma. They come from suffering military enclosure for 2 years; they have been attacked by bombs of the dog Bashar almost every day leaving approximately 100 martyrs per day. There the shortage of food has raised up the prices at a extreme way, for example, a piece of Arabian bread costs 50 dollars. Our brothers: workers and families sink in the barbarism of war and have been led to eat cat meat, dogs, rats, doves, sparrows, grass, tree roots and leaves to survive.

This is our war, a class war. We are the army of the hungry people against the army slaver of big capital. The forces of Bashar, Putin, Hezbollah and Iran come from the big banks, the imperialist trans-national corporations. Our determined resistance is to calm down the hunger in the empty stomachs of our children and families. Don’t believe the slanders and infamy the bourgeoisie and his lackeys -who cover them from the left side- launch on our revolution. The world’s working classes must be an ambassador of our struggle since we have a common enemy.

We see the imperialism and his dogs get gathered in Vienna. Because they have a huge crisis and they get unified by the panic they feel for our struggle. Not even the imperialist European armies with Germany at the head were able to stop our 200,000 brothers reaching Europe seeking to survive; let alone they will be able to stop 8 million of displaced people within Syria. Displaced people who have lost everything, but we will not rest till we recover everything and we have already realized –from our own experience- that the leaders of the FSA as well as Jabhat Al-Nusra, Islamic State and the Kurdish bourgeoisie, all of them are here to prevent the working class from defeating Bashar and taking power. The resistance will succeed!

The attacks of Putin and his huge counter-offensive have achieved nothing more than to propel us to continue fighting against the dogs of Obama.

The decisive battle of the revolutions of Maghreb and Middle East has started to be fought.

Come to the aid for the resistance. If we succeed in Syria, all of us will succeed!

Brigade León Sedov – November 7, 2015

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