Istanbul: Demo for Osman Evcan, vegan anarchist on hungerstrike (Turkey)

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A demonstration took place in Taksim (Istanbul) to show solidarity with
vegan anarchist Osman Evcan who is on hunger strike for 37 days, and
with the political prisoner Hasan Çınar who is on hunger strike for 15
days. The demo continued by constant threats by the riot police and
ended by police attack after the public statement.

Public statement

Vegan anarchist prisoner Osman Evcan- who is resisting against authority
in prisons for 23 years- is demanding total freedom against the
ecological destruction and slaughter, hunger, poverty and war politics
that state, civilization and capitalism created.

Osman’s first hungerstrike was at 2011 to access vegan food in jail
which lasted 42 days. During his hungerstrike the anarchists, animal
liberationists all over the World and in Turkey supported Osman’s fight
to access vegan food in prison. After 42 days of hungerstrike the
government took a step back and made regulations for the vegan and
vegeterian prisoners in prison: ”Vegan or vegetarian prisoners demands
will be accepted as long as its limited by subsistence allowance”

After his hunger strike for 33 days on June 2015 he took vegan food
supplies one step further and he gained the right to get vegan food from
outside the prisons.

After the last November elections in the geography of Turkey with the
approval of the hegemony of Islamic fascism of AKP, in this oppressive
climate Osman Evcan also got his share and all the vital rights and
benefits of a vegan diet gained as a result of a continuous fight and
struggle was taken from him. The reason behind the lasting mistreatment
and abuse of rights of Osman Evcan, who is holding an ongoing indefinite
hunger strike since November 10th is obvious. Today is the 37th day of
his hunger strike. To show solidarity with Osman also his cellmate Hasan
Çınar- who is suffering from serious stomach diseases- started his
indefinite hunger strike on 1. December. Instead of giving Osman back
the rights he gained, the prison administration and prosecutor is
putting pressure on Osman by threatening him, so that he stops his
resistance. Osman is at a critical stage of the hunger strike. And
Hasan’s stomach problems are worsening day by day. But Osman and Hasan
are determined to continue their hunger strike till the end.

About Osman Evcan, Ministry of Justice was also informed but no one
took a single step to solve this problem. Not to damage their authority
a little they are taking the risk to mutilate or slaughter Osman. This
slaughter attempt made an impact all over the world: there were
solidarity actions in Istanbul, in İzmir, in Russia, İn France, in
Greece, in Chile, in Georgia to support Osman Evcan and to stop the
Turkish state massacre in Kürdistan.

The rights that vegan and vegetarian prisoners have it’s not a grace of
public authorities, it’s a gain of Osman’s hunger strikes, and
solidarity actions in Turkey and all over the world. Eating is not only
a vital need it’s also a political choice. Refusing to eat the dead body
of a living creature, drinking the milk as a result of rape, eating the
egg of captivity; is also a rejection of government domination on an
individual. The rights that Osman Evcan gained are too important to not
to hand over them to arbitrary treatments, unstable prison
administration, systematic intimidation politics against political

States have been imposing intimidation to deter prisoners of their
principles and struggles, through physical, psychological and political
oppression, which has existed for years in prisons. Punishment does not
end by stepping in the prison. Prisons aim to destroy the inmates in
every sense.

Every day we hear that, even the most basic needs of LGBT prisoners are
not met and they are intentionally subjected to discrimination; sick
prisoners are nearly abandoned to death by insistently blocking their
eviction from prisons even for their treatment; female prisoners’
children in prisons are forced to live and grow up every day with a
great trauma of being under a gun-point and being locked-up. All the
various forms of intimidation and repression against political prisoners
are towards forcing the political consciousness and self-confidence to
leave their body. We do not accept any of such intimidation and
repression policies. We will continue to maintain solidarity with Osman
Evcan and all political prisoners who have been victimized because of
the authoritarian state practices and attitude of the prison
administrations. We report that we hold the government, the Justice
Department, General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Houses, the
related prosecutors and prison administration responsible for any health
problems that our comrades who are on hunger strike might face.

Osman Evcan is not alone! Osman Evcan’s demands are clear against this
state domination, which spreads into society through prisons. Until
these demands are met, until Osman Evcan and all vegan-vegetarian
prisoners get vegan food, until all sick prisoners are released, until
all the rights of prisoners are granted to them in Turkey’s prisons and
until this dirty, bloody war ends, we affirm once more that we will
continue to fight.

The state does not need an ammo depot, it is possible to implement all of it
in a democratic system. Our struggle is with this system. Our struggle
will continue until all the walls are destroyed, which is built against
anyone opposing the world we live in, anyone who rebels.



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