Reclaim The Cape – Anti-Nuclear action week 22.4.-1.5.2016 (Finland)

So. There’s an anti-nuclear protest site at the west coast of Finland. And it’s
holding an action week between 22th of April – 1th of May, 2016, while celebrating
its first anniversary of existence. What’s all this about? To put it all in a simple

Fennovoima is a Finnish nuclear power company established in 2007 by a consortium of
Finnish power and industrial companies thinking it’s a mighty good idea to put up a
nuke plant at Pyhäjoki, a small municipality at the west coast of Finland – by any
means necessary. Fennovoima’s project nearly faced its much wished-for doom when
German energy giant E.ON, the main investor of the project at that time, decided
nuclear power is bad business and withdrew its money in 2012.

Rosatom is Russian state corporation: it’s the only vendor in the global markets
that offers the nuclear industry’s entire range of products, both civil and weapons.
It’s led in an authoritarian manner by a nine-person strong supervisory board,
elected single-handedly by President Putin – and naturally, famous for projects
riddled with mafia connections, massive delays and accidents.

Fennovoima-Rosatom was born when Rosatom marched in to save Fennovoima: after E.ON
left, it was the only investor willing to participate. Fennovoima needed a financial
saviour – and Rosatom aimed to polish its reputation with a project in the west.
It’s all about the geopolitics, you know: it doesn’t hurt Russia to place a
geopolitical footprint to a region close to Nato-favoured NEAT military test area in
northern Sweden and of that much-talked about Arctic oil.

The Pyhäjoki protest camp saw daylight on April 2015, when first clear cuts started
at Hanhikivi peninsula. While legally shady ”preparing works” advanced, the camp
held its ground at the very construction site for five months, blocking the works,
causing the local police complaining they haven’t got the resources anymore to deal
with the protestors. At the same time newspapers were filled with news of sabotage
and general mischief. In September 2015 the eviction of the camp took place, taking
full eight days to get the last climber out. After the eviction the camp relocated
to a site offered by a local land owner, roughly 4 km outside the construction site.
Direct action and general mischief – still in program.

We know its a bit of a madhouse here, as you get to face with one go the whole
current Russian administration, Nato-West, a nuclear energy giant, private security
firms and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland. But hey, ho told
not to aim high? On April 2016 the camp holds its first anniversary – and it’s time
to pump up the gear. To be mad enough to bring the concept of mass civil
disobedience to Finland in this scale. The goal is simple: to flood the construction
site with people – and hold it as long as possible. May the nearby regions also be
filled with all sorts of anti-nuclear, anti-capitalism, pro-all-things-good actions.
We tip our hats to diversity of tactics – and summon all of you ecofreaks,
antimilitarists and others to join us.

Schedules and infobits:
22th of April – 1th of May: the action week. Pyhäjoki is accessible by public
transportation, hitch-hiking and cars: check the map or contact us for details. We
cook vegan. Accommodation mainly in big heatable army tents – but if you have a tent
on you, bring it in! Remember to dress warm. Solidarity is a verb: we encourage
folks to drop in a voluntarily donation for food and such. Yes, you’ll be able to
wash: but it’ll be chilly. Before arriving we’d love you to drop as a post
beforehand of when, how many, with or without tents etc. you’re coming. Questions
will be answered at: stopfennovoima [at] protonmail.com

22.-23th of April: Opening party! Music! People! Fun!

26th of April: Chernobyl memorial day – and the big action day. Along the week
other activities possible.

1st of May: You get the drift. We bet you do.

For the whole week there will be workshops, lectures and skill sharing stuff to keep
you busy.


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