Winter European Speaking Tour – Learning from SHAC/Free Sven and Natasha

From Free Sven and Natasha:

We are pleased to announce our Winter European Speaking Tour across
France, the Basque Country & Spain.

Dates, Locations & Times:

Friday 29th January – Dijon | 7pm | Eternel Detour, 16ter rue de
Fontaine-lès-Dijon 21000 Dijon

Saturday 30th January – Grenoble | 2pm (Vegan food from 12pm) |
Parpaing Paillette (habitation and events squat), 104 avenue Ambroise
Croizat, Saint Martin D’here

Saturday 30th January – Lyon | 8pm | l’Atelier des Canulars Canulars
Workshop, 91 rue Montesquieu, Lyon

Sunday 31st January – Marseille | 7pm | Le Raccoon, 3, Place du
Lycée, Marseille

Monday 1st February – Toulouse | 5.30pm | Self-managed Social Centre
of Toulouse (CREA)

Wednesday 3rd February – Pamplona | 6pm | Iruñeko Gaztetxea,
Konpania Kalea, 3, Pamplona

Thursday 4th February – San Sebastian | 12pm | EHU Gipuzkoako
Kanpusa, Donostia

Thursday 4th February – Zarautz | 8.30pm | Putzuzulo, 20800 Zarautz

Saturday 6th February – Bilbao | 5pm | Izar Beltz Social Centre,

Sunday 7th February – Gijon | 5pm | Centru Social La Llume. C/Nava 1
(Esq. Avenida de Portugal), Xixón, Asturies

About the Talks

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) was the most powerful and
effective international grassroots animal liberation campaign the world
has ever seen. After more than a decade of using innovative and
groundbreaking activism against Europe`s largest animal testing
laboratory HLS, the campaign finally ended in 2014, following years of
state repression and the imprisonment of dozens of activists.

This presentation will analyse and critically reflect on the history,
tactics and repression of the SHAC campaign. It will look at the
importance of SHAC and what can be learned from the successes and
failures of the campaign. There will be discussion of the use and
effects of repression on the animal liberation movement and how this is
affecting our activism today. We will learn about the importance of
solidarity and understanding the role of the state when fighting
dominant industries and how we can work differently to make our activism
more sustainable and resilient to repression in future. The presentation
will include the personal stories of one of the SOCPA7 defendants and an
ex-prisoner from one of the earlier Conspiracy to Blackmail cases.

There will also be information on the ongoing SHAC case against Sven and
Natasha, who are currently waiting to be extradited to the UK for their
trial and face up to 14 years in prison.
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