‘Against the Slander of Civil Anarchism’ by Sureños Incivilizados (Chile)

January 21, 2016 ~ losdelatierramaldecida

Tierra Maldita receive and publish – From the lands of the Chilean southern region I got this text which is about a statement where the authors denied the existence of groups opposed to technology. Somebody that has been there in Chile… Against conspiracies; is the facts that shall speak.

From Tierra Maldita:

Courage, strength and savagery to the eco-extremists of the South!
Death to the civil-social anarchy!

A few days ago it came to our eyes a text* criticizing the initiative of call for “Black December“. While criticism in the first half is held with good arguments and brings its point well, we will focus on the points made in the second half. We would have liked to be first read the aforementioned critique to better understand these words. But it surprises us that the page in account published the text then deleted the entry. A fact that speaks bad about the mentioned website itself, as obviously these responsible of actualizing the blog withdrew its publication, due to things expressed in this vile critique, we can imagine. ¿Do they not read first what they publish?

In short, for those who managed to read the critique will understand us a little more, and for those who did not, we’ll try to be as clear as possible. And we can imagine that also authors of the critique must feel disappointed that an informative blog of “affinity” despised them in this way. We refer to you: “Colectivo Libre Observador”.

We begin by clarifying that we are not anarchists, nor this what we do is impulsed by any particular ideology.

The intention behind us speaking now is simple; according to us such a slander puked out specifically towards a group opposed to technology and civilization (Kapibara Group) can not remain without a clear statement of those who have targeted the technological advancement and progress of the techno-industrial system.

In the text, as we stated earlier, they are taking upon themselves the task of criticizing the call for a Black December and its impact on the lands of the Chilean region, the criticism which in its first half has (pardon, had) good reasons. To which we will not refer, because our point is a different one.

It’s the second half that truly shook us up a bit. We know that the ideas and acts against progress and reclaiming the wild make some anarchists uncomfortable, but then to say such a huge conspiracy-paranoia is an outrage …

To say that groups: Kapibara, Célula Anarquista de Ataque Incendiario Fuego y Conciencia, Columnas Beligerantes y Antagonistas Spyros Drávilas are state frame-ups and / or its members are being used by the enemy is absolutely ridiculous. And all this because, as they say, the attacks perpetrated by these groups have been unclear as to damages, that they have been only threats, that they have mostly been thwarted attacks and that they threatened CHILDREN with death (on this point they are horrified because they’re threatening the families of the gendarmes).

All this led the authors to conclude that they were an assemblage of the powers to discredit their movement and their anarchist struggle. Claiming that such attacks will only benefit the enemy, as because then the enemy begins to label them terrorists and criminals. And that terror is exercised only by the State against the good anarchists and their justified struggle.
But what most irritated us and what led us to write this, are the slanders raised against a specific group; the Kapibara Group. And this because we are in that same point of struggle (of course, with slight differences) and attack against civilization and its structures as they are. For this to say that the arson against the underground installations, the attack that left without electricity much of the capital city [Santiago] last year, the fires against cellular antennas, against the fiber optic network of Entel and the attack on industry are plots of the state perpetrated by infiltrated undercover police… this is slander that we will not tolerate. What do they expect? That they will bring them home the photos of actions?

We believe that defamation against this group (Kapibara) concerns also other individuals who embrace eco-extremist practices contrary to civilization and progress and which in the southern lands they are having a major relevance, with the flourishing of diverse individuals opposed to technology. The idiotic words (the second part of their text) of “colectivo libre pensador” only serve to reinforce the fear that some have for the intensification of the conflict, taking charge of defaming everything that is not in accord with their anarchist principles. Labeling all that goes beyond their ideal as terrorist (anyway the term terrorist for us is a compliment).

They shall know that the war against civilization and its promoters will never stop. On the contrary: we shall ensure that our actions will horrify everyone who stubbornly continues to defend the ideals of social justice and equality, as well as those who defend anarchism -here we distinguish it from anarchy.

Making sure that the conflict deepens further and in a more extreme way on behalf of all the wild. We will make sure that the ideas and actions of radical ecologists in the southern lands are maintained and flourish.

Against the social, civil and fair struggle!
For attacks on civilization and progress!
Long live all that is wild!

Sureños incivilizados

*Here was the text:

and now via Contrainformate:


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