‘Circle of Individualists for Anarky’ & ‘Grupo Kapibara FAI-FRI’ claim responsibility for arson of Andrés Bello University in Santiago (Chile)

Translated from Spanish by Palmer Amaranth

“Civilization is the war that some humans have unleashed against nature a few thousand years ago in order to increase their own power. This war continues today. A system of domination increasingly powerful and invasive, thanks to the support of its technological control devices, but which has failed to eliminate from the face of the earth the resistance of certain individuals, of some not yet civilized communities, of the wild which is reborn in every place abandoned by humans. All is not yet domesticated, wrought, alienated. Tangible signs of this are the countless attacks against authority and civilization that happen every day in different parts of the world, keeping in mind that we come to know only a small part of these attacks.”

People look at cell phones, other people look at more cell phones, it is an agreeable atmosphere for our intent. Meanwhile, someone delivers letters and documents, no one makes eye contact, access to the building was pretty easy, our previous observations give us the assurance. The first floor is at our mercy, the first barrier has fallen and there is only 10 meters to go. Scan the place and leave partly hidden the plastic bottle filled with gasoline and oil attached to an incendiary mixture of potassium nitrate and a timing device we hope will do its work in the morning.

The characterization gives unusual security; a formal suit gives an almost impenetrable aspect, these researchers, students, teachers are predictable like most citizens. The Faculty of hard science of the Andrés Bello University is but a grain of sand in the complex of research and attempted domination of nature in its broadest conditions, pillar of technological development for total domination. A building which represents something more than physical structures, housing humans with an camouflaged ideology of death. With the progress of their studies and advances in areas such as physics, mathematics and chemistry, they seek nothing but the improvement of this decadent society’s status quo, ensuring a present of exploitation, torture, and murder against our sisters of all species.

“The seed is within you, that seed that clings to the earth, to the ancient and primeval, that clings to nature. Various factors are needed for that seed to germinate, such as humidity, sun, wind, earth minerals, rain, etc., environmental conditions are closely linked and related for a small wild seed to become a leafy tree.”

We abhor these intellectual authorities. We would love to be face to face with the honorable Dr. Pierre Paul Romagnoli or Eduardo Enrique Chamorro, but all in good time. Today we attacked their research centers, step by step, slowly, we approach their areas of development and well-being. We know that if we keep working methodically very soon this face to face will be possible. The devastators of land and those who sustain them have names, they’ve always had them, only our inertia keeps us away from them.

Towards proliferation of attacks and coordination of groups and individualities to strike harder and constantly against the patriarchal civilization and its techno-industrial framework, the path is arduous and uncertain, only our actions in the present reveal our real convictions.

“The light which puts out our eyes is darkness to us. Only that day dawns to which we are awake. There is more day to dawn. The sun is but a morning star.”

Embraces to all those who defend what we have lost, who do not allow this depraved exploitation and rape of the earth go unpunished.

Especially, this is a small gesture for Marius Jacob Mason and Natalia Collado

Greetings and strength to everyone who is confined in prison cages.

Circulo de individualistas por la anarkia
[Circle of Individualists for Anarky]
Grupo Kapibara.
Federación Anarquista Informal-Frente Revolucionario Internacional

[Kapibara Group. Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front]

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