El Dios que han creado es un Dictador Eterno – Solidaridad con Mónica y Francisco (Spain)

Video informativo y agitativo en solidaridad con lxs compañerxs Francisco Solar y Monica Caballero en prisión desde el 13 de Noviembre del 2013 en las cárceles Españolas. El 8,9 y 10 de Marzo del 2016 enfrentaran un juicio donde se le solicita 44 años de prisión a cada uno: Solidaridad Anárquica Insurrecta e internacionalista con lxs compañerxs Francisco y Monica!

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Informative and agitational video in solidarity with comrades Francisco Solar and Monica Caballero imprisoned in Spain since November 13th, 2013.
On March, 8th, 9th, 10th, 2016, Mónica and Francisco will face a trial in which they are looking at 44 years in prison.
Anarchic, Insurgent and Internationalist Solidarity with comrades Francisco and Monica!


The God who they have created is an eternal dictator
Solidarity with comrades Francisco and Monica detained in the Spanish prisons

Communities which practiced freedoms forged away from the stunted and misogynist morality of Christianity were condemned as witchcraft and thousands of rebels were executed during the Inquisition.
They conquered territories imposing their religion to justify their looting and oppression, torturing and executing those who refused to obey and believe in their God.
Always an ally of fascism and complicit in the dictatorships, the Church actively participated by introducing the culture of fear, guilt and betrayal.

Spanish Revolution 1936
“If priests and monks knew of the beating they were going to take, they went to the streets shouting: ‘freedom, freedom, freedom!’”
Historically, revolutionary action always seeks to reclaim our lives, destroying what makes us slaves. As pillars of Dominion, the Church and its priests have always been attacked by those without Gods or Masters.

October 2nd, 2013
“A homemade device made of a camping gas cylinder exploded inside the Basílica del Pilar at Zaragoza, causing no injuries even though at that time the temple was open to the public according to police sources.”
“Police suspect that behind this action are members of anarchist groups.”
“The artifact, a canister of camping gas, has exploded about 1:45 pm inside the hall of the church, without causing injuries.”
“The medical services have only treated an old woman who has come to the nearest center in the area to complain that she felt a strong pain in her ears.”

November 13th, 2013
Jorge Fernandez Diaz. Secretary of Spanish Government
“This is a group that although it names itself as insurrectionist anarchist, it was very organized and has extensive international connections, which according to the police, is a group of extreme professionalism and dangerousness.”
“They are initially regarded as responsible for the attack on the Basilica del Pilar, a similar way of operating that as occurred in the Cathedral of Almudena in Madrid.”
“About those arrested for the attack on the Basilica del Pilar de Zaragoza, police suspect that Spain is becoming a haven for radical anarchism. Among those arrested are three Chileans, an Italian and an Argentine.”

The judicial process and imprisonment stands only against comrades Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar

“It is a group that has already made 30 attacks in their country.”
“The Investigations Police of Chile collaborates in the case from September 4th, 2013.”
Pedro Cuevas, Police Boss of Interpol in Chile

“The offense for which they are accused corresponds to the use of explosives for terrorist purposes, the Chilean Police Department confirmed the identity of the arrested people and provided information from open sources to Spanish Police authorities.”

‘Bombs Case’ – August 14th, 2010. Chile
“Police have dismantled many of the terrorist cells accused of at least 23 explosive attacks which occurred throughout the country. In simultaneous raids in Santiago and Valparaiso they arrested 14 anarchists linked to the case.”

Alejandro Peña – Special Prosecutor in the ‘Bombs Case’
“The crimes of Illicit Terrorist Association and Placement of an Explosive Device with the Aim to Produce Fear in the Population.”
“That the highest possible sanctions are applied according to the law”
“They are groups of absolutely informal people.”
“They were already ‘terrorists’ in their country, where they planted bombs in several churches in Chile. They were arrested there and could not be judged because there was a procedural defect.”
“I understand that they were actually judged in Chile, contrary to what we pointed out, however these people were absolved in the process.”
“There was a fault in the trial that allows these people to come here and attack curiously at the Basilica del Pillar for a host of reasons, for example, by the fact that the Virgin of the Pillar is the protector of the Guardia Civil, and because they say it is a fascist site.”
“They’re living here in Barcelona? From what?”
– “By crime”
– “So, in addition to their activity, their way of life was doing robberies.”
– “They could commit any related crimes to survive…”
– “It is a terrorist group but based on common crime, like so many terrorist groups that reach higher, but they live by stealing, cheating.”
After more than two years in custody, persecutors requested 44 years against comrades Mónica and Francisco under the anti-terrorist law.
The charges against the comrades are:
– Membership of a terrorist organization: 9 years
– Hearing damage suffered by an alleged victim: 12 years
– Terrorist havoc (detonation of a device in the Basilica del Pilar): 18 years
– Conspiracy to commit another terrorist crime (Supposed surveillance in the Basilica of Montserrat in Barcelona): 5 years
On March, 8th, 9th, 10th, 2016 , at the National Court in Madrid, a new trial of the democratic inquisition will begin against the comrades.
Insurrectionist, internationalist and active solidarity with Monica and Francisco!

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