War against AKP-ISIS/Daesh: YPG defeat the Islamic-fascists again in Girê Spî, denounce the attacks as a breach of the ceasefire (Turkey, Kurdistan, Syria)

TEV-DEM: AKP and its gangs attack Rojava

Monday, February 29, 2016 1:15 PM

Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) issued a written statement on the 25 separate attacks ISIS gangs carried out on Girê Spî from Turkey and Raqqa on February 27.

TEV-DEM announced its positive approach to the ceasefire in Syria and invited everyone to support the ceasefire.

In its statement, TEV-DEM highlighted the AKP’s aggressive policies and stated the following:

‘‘SDF forces composed of Kurdish, Arab and Turkmen peoples resisted the attacks of the AKP and its gangs targeting Efrîn and Şehba, and succeeded in liberating the region of Shaddadi. AKP and its gangs began to attack Girê Spî, the symbol of shared life and sisterhood, in order to end people’s solidarity.

ISIS gangs’ attacks on Girê Spî and Silûk took place on February 27. Some of the gangs entered Rojava from Turkey and others infiltrated from Raqqa. Turkish armed forces began to shell YPG positions right after the gangs began their assault. The gangs used the regions that were previously occupied by Turkish soldiers. YPG, Asayish, and SDF forces successfully resisted the gang’s attacks on Girê Spî, and the few remaining clashes continue to the south of the town.’’

TEV-DEM called upon the international community to bring Turkey to account for its violation of the ceasefire in Syria.

YPG: Attacks by gang groups constitute a breach of ceasefire

Sunday, February 28, 2016 9:50 PM

Efrîn and Aleppo General Command of People’s Defense Forces (YPG) has released a written statement reporting a breach of ceasefire against Efrîn and Sheikh Maqsoud.

The statement reported intensified attacks against YPG and Kurds as some groups made efforts to invalidate the ceasefire that went into effect in Syria on February 27 upon the approval of the United Nations Security Council.

Stressing that YPG abides by the truce and acts in accordance with it, the statement said Jabhat Al-Nusra and Ahrar Al-Sham gangs deployed in Atmê town of İdlib launched an attack on Dêrbelût village of Efrîn’s Cindirêsê town at the dawn of the night when the ceasefire went into effect as of 00:00 o’clock.

Gang groups in Qubtan Al-Cabal village also attacked the Bashemrê village of Shêrewa district with mortar fire and homemade explosives. Many families were displaced and the local people suffered material damage as a result of the bombardment.

On the other hand, -YPG said- Jabhat Al-Nusra, Ahrar Al-Sham and collaborator groups acting with them are continuing their uninterrupted attacks against the civilian population in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo. 27 civilians died and hundreds of others got wounded as a result of the attacks. Gang groups didn’t stop but on the contrary escalated their barbaric attacks after the beginning of the ceasefire. One YPG combatant and one child were martyred as a result of the attacks intensified during the past two days, while 12 people including children were wounded.

YPG Efrîn and Aleppo General Command announced that the attacks pushed their patience, but they still didn’t use their right to self-defense.

AKP-ISIS defeated once again in Girê Spî

Sunday, February 28, 2016 2:30 PM

Hours before the announcement of a truce agreed on by international powers to end the conflict and pave the way for a political solution in Syria, ISIS, Al-Nusra and AKP-backed gangs announced they would not abide by such a cease-fire.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu’s remarks “We won’t recognize the truce in Syria” was followed by a dispatchment of gang groups from İdlip to Azaz and Jarablus

During the same hours, ISIS gangs started a fresh occupation campaign by attacking Girê Spî (Tal Abyad) under the supervision of Turkish soldiers at Akçakale border.

Through this occupation campaign, the Turkish state wanted to regain the reputation it had lost, and to revive its failed Syria-Rojava policy. They activated gang groups in 25 separate locations against Gire Spî town centre and the Siluk-Mebruka-Ayn İsa line just like what they had done in Kobanê case. They wanted to open a windpipe for the gangs by means of this aggression.

These heinous attacks of the Turkish state were expelled owing to an early intervention by YPG and SDF combatants before achieving the goal. Most of the gangs participating in the attack were annihilated.

It would be of use to reveal some details provided by the reporters on the ground in Girê Spî and scenes of clashes, which expose the dirty background of the attack.


Gang groups entered Girê Spî from three directions through the paths opened by Turkish soldiers particularly for this aggression that had been organized by the Turkish state. In other words, it is Turkish soldiers that brought these gangs to the border and then enabled their crossing into Girê Spî to carry out this attack. This activity at the border was also witnessed by a number of local people living in the area. Upon the beginning of clashes, Turkish soldiers continued to support the gangs by shelling YPG and SDF positions with artillery fire.


The fighting began at 01:00 at night and continued throughout the next day. Those gang members that survived the confrontation did cross back into Akçakale side through the paths opened by Turkish soldiers. Ambulances were also held ready in Akçakale to carry wounded members of gangs groups.

A YPG/SDF fighter that intervened the ISIS gangs fleeing towards the Turkish border was shot and martyred by Turkish soldiers.


The gangs that attacked Girê Spî acted within the scope of a major plan in the same way they did in Kobanê massacre. The plan was to attack the Îskan area, Ayn Arûs, Watanî Hospital and Hemam Tirkman village and to gain control over these strategic points before conducting another aggression on 25 more locations. They meant to cut off the connection of the town from surroundings and thus hinder the access of reinforcements with the final objective of re-occupying the town.

In the same way gangs had been wearing YPG uniforms while attacking Kobanê, those attacking Girê Spî were dressed in uniforms of Self-Defense Forces (HPC) to avoid grabbing attention while moving and reach their target in a shorter while. This tactics can be said to have helped the gangs as they managed to reach some locations of importance in the town. Yet, they could neither get out of the town alive nor achieved the goal of the attack.


Similar to the manner Kobanê massacre was perpetrated, the gang groups attacked civilian people after suffering a defeat at the hands of YPG and SDF combatants. In the southern Girê Spî area where they managed to advance, gangs savagely massacred 15 people from a family of Arab origin. These were children, women and elderly.

The night truce in Syria took effect, the Turkish state and gangs organised by it attempted to occupy Girê Spî and committed a massacre, exposing the heinous plans they together are after.

YPS: 9 members of Turkish forces killed in İdil and Sur

Saturday, February 27, 2016 2:35 PM

The General Coordination of Civilian Defense Units (Yekîneyên Parastina Sivîl, YPS) has released a statement reporting enduring resistance against the attacks of Turkish state forces targeting the castles of resistance.

YPS stated that 8 members of Turkish forces were killed and 10 others were wounded as a result of actions conducted by their side in Şırnak’s İdil (Hezex) district. Accordingly;

Combatants of the YPS hit Turkish forces as they tried to get deployed on Alanya Street at 11:00 yesterday morning. 2 of them were killed and 3 others were wounded.

Turkish units once again attempted to advance on Alanya Street at 11:30 the same day. Detonation of explosives left two Turkish vehicles completely destroyed, killing 5 members of Turkish units and injuring 7 others.

One special operation member was killed in another action by YPS members who hit the Turkish forces gathering on Midyat road.

In Amed’s Sur district, one high ranking Turkish officer was killed and one soldier was injured in yesterday’s clashes.


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