New Book : ‘Anarcha-Feminists in the Philippines’ launched at Equality Fest 2016

We just collectively organized recently a one week event called “Equality Fest” March 6, 2016- March 13, 2016. This event was our solidarity activities in celebration of women’s month. There was a book launched/discussion and presentation about Anarcha-Feminists in the Philippines, there were also art exhibition, film screening, skill-sharing/workshops, free market and Food Not Bombs, interpretative dance and gig.

The Anarcha-Feminists in the Philippines Book was made by three entities, Mobile Anarchist School Project who conceptualize the book making project, Die Media who made the research studies, Etniko Bandido Infoshop who print and publish the book in English.

Etniko Bandido Infoshop are selling this book to raise funds for future printing and finance other initiatives. If someone of you who are interested to support and buy a copy of this book, we will appreciate it.

In rebellion

Etniko Bandido

etnikobandido [ at ] riseup [ dot ] net

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