Dover: Demo against Neo-Nazi groups – April 2 (UK)

Anti-fascist demo called by Kent Anti-Racist Network to counter violent neo-nazi and far-right nationalist groups who are making a demo themselves in the town.

Stop the Nazis marching – Dover 2 April, 11am

The neo-Nazi South East Alliance (SEA) and others have announced a ‘Unity’ march through Dover on Saturday 2 April.

These groups left a trail of violence and vandalism in the town when they last marched on January 30. They are seig-heiling Hitler-loving neo-Nazis that try whip up hatred and intolerance. They have no support in the town, but bring their hatred to our community, pretending to care about locals and lorry drivers. They are the British equivalent of the groups in Europe that are attacking and murdering migrants.

Dover has a proud history of standing up to fascism and we want to celebrate our open and welcoming community. In October 2015 some 500 people joined a ‘Refugees Welcome Here’ protest in the town, and marched to a rally at the memorial on the seafront to the fifty-eight Chinese migrants that died in a lorry here in 2000. The protest was attended by local councillors, faith communities, disability campaigners, trade unions, refugee support groups, school students and pensioners.

We now see across Europe a climate of bigotry and hatred is on the rise – the scapegoating of migrants, attacks on the Muslim community and an increase in anti-Semitism.

So, on Saturday 2 April, we will take to the streets in peaceful united protest to defend refugees and oppose the neo-Nazis.

We urge everyone to join with us to send our message loud and strong: the neo-Nazi SEA and friends are never welcome here.

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