“Fuck the Nations – Squat the World” : Letter by anarchist comrade Nikos Romanos (Greece)

It’s been about four months since the action campaign of Black December finished. The subversive experience of Black December and the density of anarchist action that developed was a springboard for fermentation and discussions for the reconstruction of anarchist methods in an informal shape. The actions in reference to Black December have continued until today, while cycles of discussions in and out of prisons have reached a number of conclusions, proposals and positions, that have as a common reference point the desire for intensification of our attack on the sites of power.

One part of those discussions was the proposal for an informal anarchist platform that lays the foundations for an informal coordination for diverse anarchist actions, thus enabling them to set in motion autonomous struggle campaigns with our own initiatives and forces, thus producing for ourselves the events and strategies we think necessary for today. A choice that reflects our desire to create centers of autonomous thinking and acting for those who challenge the existing social system. Following the initiative of the comrades from Rethymno, there was the proposal for the informal anarchist platform to be named The Insurrectionary Association of Theory and Practice, a proposal has been accepted by some comrades and is an open and simultaneously informal coordination structure that is still being worked on by those comrades who wish to adhere to it.

Having agreed on the fact that the campaign of Black December liberated dynamic forces, sparked centers of disorganization against the existing order in many corners of the world, and contributed to connecting efforts and coordinations of anarchist projects, we continue to look for the right tools to kick-start appropriate action campaigns directly connected with the facts and circumstances within the subversive space.

With this vision being the driving force behind our thoughts, we opened a new round of discussions between prisoners, anarchists squats, individualities and projects in order to once again gauge moods, to exchange viewpoints on existing conditions, to analyze the situation so we can make an effective division of forces at the points where we think we should focus our attack. At this point came the proposal from the comrades of Papamichelaki squat, an active part of the Insurrectionary Association of Theory and Practice, to conduct a coordinated campaign within the month of May in order to provide an organized response to fascist attacks and evictions facing squats and occupations.

In this recent period repressive machinations against squatting on the part of the state has increased, while the fascists in complete harmony with the design of the repressive state apparatus have intensified their attacks. The political conjuncture that witnesses this particular development is not accidental. The fact that the country is immersed in a new cycle of political instability, with SYRIZA this time the political manager of social reality; the fact that there are considerable efforts being made by comrades to put an end to the movement’s introversion and self-referentiality by producing actions that contribute in a key way to deregulation of normality; the fact that an invigorated ‘internal enemy’ is an essential problem for the regime, since there is a risk it will augment any social unrest and constitute in itself a pole of destabilization, right at the time when any upheaval acquires multiple dynamics due to the inability of the political system to manage the social consequences of economic policies imposed by respective governments; the fact that repression expands simultaneously against anarchist prisoners, either through harsh verdicts or attempting to consolidate a model of militarized management of prison by police and EKAM [anti-terrorist police] who have actually received the keys of the prisons and to come and go undisturbed.

These are all pieces of a puzzle, these are the conditions in which are unfolding the repressive designs of the state. Therefore it is not by chance then, that we can find traces of this planning in attacks against squatting.

Squats are the strongholds of the anarchist struggle in war against authority, they are meeting points between comrades, centers for diffusion of anarchist propaganda which evolve on a daily basis experiments in liberated relations, for a life free from the shackles of authoritarian structures, with all possible contradictions that such an experiment contains. The attacks against squats aim to stifle the growing strength of polymorphic anarchist struggle by hitting the places where live and develop proposals against the existent, and that simultaneously diffuse the virus of liberty in new comrades who come in contact with anarchy.

The choice, therefore, to coordinate horizontally and informally and to go on the offensive, thus putting roadblocks in the way of the repressive goals of state and para-state, is an attempt to concentrate our strategy for the insurrectionary spread of anarchy in the metropolis and to acknowledge the integral role of squatting inside it, with reference to the state strategy mentioned above.

Next month there will set in motion a new campaign of informal coordination of anarchist action, and if the intentions and objectives of the state were analyzed correctly, then what is important now is to make clear our own perspective, as to why we give priority in these attacks to defense of squats, why the combative structures we set up are key expressions of polymorphic anarchist action, these questions that are only the beginning of a dialogue that aims to develop within squats, prisons, direct action groups and that will reinforce its conclusions through action- the only reliable ally for the dialectical development of radical concepts.

The campaign “Fuck the Nations – Squat the World” is a unique opportunity to send a clear message to the state and fascists that their decision of targeting anarchist squats is one that will be answered in an appropriate manner, with attacks, sabotage and polymorphic struggle with all means.

“So the vitality of anarchy should cease to be a palatable product and start to become the opposite, namely a sharp and skeptical stab against the system”
(Mauricio Morales)

To organize our attacks against state and para-state

For the informal coordination of anarchist action

For the insurrectionary association of theory and practice

Nikos Romanos

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