Working together for real peace in Afghanistan

A better way to make real and stable peace in Afghanistan

In the same week that David Cameron accused Afghanistan of being ‘fantastically corrupt’, the UK donated £200 million.

”Why does Cameron continue to prop up the puppet government of Afghanistan and whilst ignoring the grassroots initiatives that are making such a huge difference with limited resources?’ says Dr. Sanaul Haq Ahmadzai, the Chairman and Trustee of International Committee for Rehabilitation Aid to Afghanistan (ICRAA). ‘ICRAA leads different projects that have helped hundreds of thousands of rural Afghans adopt skills for sustainable agricultural practices that alleviate hunger and provide income for family needs.’

In Afghanistan democracy only exists on paper, and what passes for government is really just fighting over who gets to sit at a large desk and collect money. Whenever I hear about a “peace conference” like the one that just took place in Kabul, I have to laugh and shake my head. The United States, Pakistan and China met with our so-called leaders and do you think that they worked together to make a better life for the people who live outside Kabul? It’s a joke that’s called a peace conference. They are not interested in real peace, just their own self interest and taking resources from Afghanistan.” The organization has a novel idea for making real change for the future and peace of Afghanistan.‘’

It is not going to be quick, after all our country has been under siege for more than 3 decades. But rather than wasting millions of UK pounds on so called peace conferences that don’t leave Kabul, ICRAA proposes holding peace conferences with delegates from every part and every tribe in our country to educate rural Afghans about their rights and give them an opportunity to tell their stories to the world. Then, instead of simply having everybody go home and have nothing change, Dr. Sana says that the conference can produce a realistic plan for peace made by Afghans for Afghanistan. He is in the U.K. now, calling upon non-profit organizations, M.P.s, and individuals to support the project. For more information please check the International Committee for Rehabilitation Aid to Afghanistan (ICRAA) or call Dr Sana Ul Haq Ahmadzai 0752 985 7209

Best regards, Dr Sana Ul Haq Ahmadzai
Chairman and Trustee
International Committee for Rehabilitation
Aid to Afghanistan (ICRAA)

Telephone: +44 (0) 752 985 7209
Email: ahmadzai_sana@yahoo.com
Address: 3 Shakespeare GrangeLeeds,
West Yorkshire LS9 7UA (UK)

Find out more on www.icraaukcharity.wordpress.com

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