A contribution to the event of “Biblioteca Kaos”, that takes place in Porto Alegre, Brazil, from the anarchist-nihilist, Spyros Mandylas (Greece)

Salute comrades,

I would prefer my interference to be face-to-face, being among us. But my restriction orders don’t allow me to move across the borders of Thessaloniki city. The restriction orders is a tactic that is used frequently by the Greek state and it attempts to keep anarchists as political hostages.

I would like to salute this event by highlighting the importance of events such this, in which there is the participation of people who either they have accomplished armed actions or they have been targeted from the repressive mechanisms of the state with the excuse of the anarchist urban guerilla. Also, it’s important the fact that this event has international characteristics, which proves that solidarity can’t be restricted by the borders.

I would like to mention 2 subjects. The first one is the connection between the “public” and the “illegal” parts of anarchy and the second one is my personal opinion about the way the nihilist tendency -the “third pole” as it’s used to be referred to the last years- should be organized.

So let’s begin with the first issue. I believe that in the case of Nadir squat, the state showed its willing with the best possible way. So if someone has been involved, even in the surface, in the case of Nadir, he/she would know that the state forced against us 4 repressive attacks and a barrage of invasions in houses. In most of them in the front line of the attacks was the anti-terrorist service of police. Obviously there is a certain procedure of thinking behind this act of the state. It wants to set a barrier to the expansion of nihilist speech and New Anarchy. As I said in my “defense speech” in the trial for the Phoenix Project “The state considers the connection between the “public” and the “illegal” as an explosive mixture”. It’s widely known that many urban anarchist guerrillas in Greece and abroad (e.g. the comrade Mauricio Morales was a member of Sacco and Vanzetti squat) have grown up politically in squats and self-organized spaces. A practice like this, with offensive characteristics can be used as a tool in the hands of the movement. However, the wrong usage of these practices can cause the opposite results. The fact that spaces with these characteristics are on the target of hard repression from the state, proves the capability of them to threaten the power seriously.

Let’s talk now about the second issue, which is, as I said, the actions that should be taken in order for the so called “Third Pole” to be organized. I believe that its characteristics must be specific. The nihilist tendency isn’t, in any way, the patrol of the official anarchy or a part of the so called “wild youth”. It includes the negation in every point and every move of its. It moves forward offensively and not acting in defense. However, nihilism means acts overall, so I believe that there is no point to extend my opinion more about this subject. I will only say that the state is being organized very seriously against the Black Anarchy (with hundreds of cops staffing the anti-terrorist police service, with powerful machines that intercept cellphones and internet data, with DNA data bases that are being created and enriched constantly). So serious organization among us is the only way left.

I believe that a conversation about these issues has to be started. Finally I would like to salute the comrades that have organised and those who came to attend this event. I believe that practices such as “Biblioteca Kaos” will offer much to the permanent anarchist revolution.

Stay strong,

19th May 2016

Spyros Mandylas

Member of anarchist squat, Nadir

Defendant for the Phoenix Project

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