Review of the event about CCF in “Biblioteca Kaos” on May 26 (Brazil)

Dealing with the perpetual technical problems that the comrades who attend the library already know, we present the book “Our day will come” that we translated to Portuguese and we watched the movie made by CCF comrades “Phoenix Project. The Return of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire”.

We began the event with the reading of the words written by the comrades of “Sin Banderas, ni Frontera”, core of agitation and anti-authoritarian propaganda from Chile, of Kataklysma contra information blog, of Spyros Mandylos and of the CCF comrades. We know that these words arrived to us and teased us deeply; that listen to them was an important moment of the event. It would have been difficult not to feel us captivated by the strenght of the messages read and the firmness that they transmit. After the reading, we watched the video of the Phoenix Project, the words and voices of the comrades in the video made all of us feel closer of the comrades, and, at the same time in which we delighted with the accurate attacks against domination.

Breaking grades, frontiers and distance that separates us was one of our aim with the initiative of realizing this event. We believe that in this breaking, resides the solidarity, at the end, transforming distant in near, we bring seeds for the insurrect action in this territory, and we know that it doesn’t exist better solidarity act that the attack. Nevertheless, this event was one more impulse so that we have to keep sharpen ours knives pointing against Power…

Probably the complicities and conspiracies which are growing from this event could be observed only with time going on… and in the darkness of the nights. It can’t exist indifference in front of these convictions. Because, paraphrasing one of the person at the end of the event “ everyone of us can be a cell of fire…” The beauty will be giving the step between words and action.

Our salute, complicity and insurrectional affection for the Cells of Fire Conspiracy comrades and Spyros Mandylas!!!
Strength and solidarity with those who are struggling

Thanks for Sin Banderas ni Fronteras, Kataklysma, for all the comrades with helped in the translation and correction of the text.

Biblioteca Kaos

The book will be available in pdf version and print version in June in our contact by mail: biblioteca-kaos (at) riseup (dot) net.

Presentation of the book “Our day will come” from Biblioteca Kaos

This book, the second edited as Biblioteca Kaos, is the narration of an hunger strike which is inserted in a political and radical struggle into the prisons. This is a narration which shows that, as sharp as would be repression and oppression, it always exists a combative answer.

The translation of the book “Our day will come” is also an embrace for Conspiracy Cells of Fire (FCC), which answers to different motivations: our deep affinity with Conspiracy Cells of Fire, from where rises our solidarity which impulses us to translate and spread their ideas and struggle strategies, the presence of solidarity actions with FCC comrades, but, also our expansion of anarchic ideas and practice project. We translated the text edited by Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras “Our day will Come”, and we presented all the communicates which emerged belong the hunger strike, some actualizations of the case and the communicates of the actions that took place in this territory controlled by Brazilian state in solidarity with the hunger strike of FCC. We also included in the book, Aggeliki and Christos ‘s communicates that they wrote in the begin of the trial, FCC, Spyros Mandylas, Sin Banderas ni Fronteras and Kataklysma blog ‘s words, all of them especially sent for this edition and for the event of may, 26th.

It’s difficult enough to concentrate in FCC words or way of action all the expansiveness of their proposal with FAI-IRF and Phoenix project. Each communicate involves just one moment of their combative trajectory. And right now, if we translated and edited a book that speaks of a specific moment of this combative trajectory, it’s because this moment gave us an important shake.

FCC members are imprisoned, some for more years than others, for acting agreeing with their anarchic ideas, attacking what’s dominates. Since may, 21th of 2008, FCC actions are being claimed in Greek territory and, during two years, the attacks were intensifying, as a tactic- operative level, as in a reflection of the aims to target. In 2009 and 2011, some arrests have produced a descent in the intensity of the confrontation. In the prisons, they assumed a clear position of repulsion for the judicial circus that was going on. The unique way is the struggle, inside and outside grades.

So, it emerges the Phoenix Project as a demonstration that the fire of the fight can emerge from ashes. All of this is clearly a demonstration that in adversed conditions, it’s steel possible to struggle. The comrades are showing every day that their convictions are and will be always stronger that the sentences the state insists to set on their shoulders. Yet, in the prisons, without ever stop to render solidarity, agitate and make protests, they try to escape repeatedly. In the escape tentative in the year of 2015, discovered before it would be accomplished, the vengeance of the judicial and political system reaches their relatives and emotionally fellows. The efforts of the state to reduce the comrades are intensifying: mother, brother, wife, comrades are arrested with the accusation of being complicit and FCC members. Once again, the comrades don’t fall into the roper of the power, and answer to repression with fight: they make an hunger strike to death, hunger that this book is talking about. To whom believed that being imprisoned, with the body jammed and emotionally tortured, could paralyze the struggle, it was not the case. The comrades never stopped to struggle and even if death would be a strategy, they would embrace it with dignity.

The repression faced with raised head by the comrades was marked by the strength of their companionship ties and by an unbreakable firmness and politic affinity. The decision that made them realize an hunger strike to death challenges any tentative of dissidence extermination. Inside this experience, the auto-critic as the hunger strike process from FCC comrades reminds us that part of the essence of insurgent struggle lives in the beauty of the relationships that we are able to create with the people we decide to walk, with who we fall, and with who we stand up again. Our relationships become insurgent as we are eager to sharpen the conflict against the existent… The affinity reinforces itself by the action and the obstacles that we have to confront together.

The firmness of unbreakable comrades and their capacity to stay on the warpath in front of every received blow, is for us, one more learning, an inspiration that we see necessary to spread into every insurgent heart.

We have learned a lot from FCC comrades reflections and experiences, that’s why it was important to us to translate their insurrectional words. We believe that the translation is not made only in the “literal” aspect, but also, in the capacity of these experiences of anarchist armed struggle becoming understandable and “possible” in this territory. Because, belong lived experiences, these lines are a bit of a anarchic trajectory, of a international coordination that we feel part of. If we have decided to translate this book, it is because we look straight at the dialogue with FCC and others action groups from these lands, as an individual and collective challenge. In this way, the struggle experiences, the mistakes, the shit, the auto-critics as the ideas and projectualities are meeting points and reflections sources for the intensification of the anarchic conflict.

A conflict that spread itself and pours out frontiers, as the international call of Black December showed us, that for us was in deeply relation with the FCC comrades strike.

If the strike goes on in the beginning of 2015 and the call was for December of this same year, the involved comrades in strike and in solidarity with them, were still (and still are) to confront the trial for escape tentative in which their relatives also were to be judged. The call of Black December as was made to raise the combative memory of our dead and imprisoned comrades, touched deeply the solidarity with FCC comrades.

This call was answered from different part of the world and from different form of anarchist combativeness. Fire, sabotage, book, tags, bands, poster and more, were the forms of lots of anonymous have shown the potency of anarchic coordination in font of an international call. That’s why we present the communicates of the actions that happened in these lands in response to this call. Because seeing the insurgent solidarity going out this territory and reaching Koridallos prison was one more incentive to keep spreading the insurrectional anarchist praxis and proposal.

This initiative points at the sharpening of reflection and action. It follows up the firmness of FCC comrades, the insurrectional project, the accomplished attacks, its aims, well, their way bearing Black Anarchy. Bringing part of this trajectory to these lands is a way to invite the informal and international coordination, coordination that we think necessary for the potencialization of insurrect confrontation.

So that this book can be one more spark to keep illuminating the darkness…

Biblioteca Kaos

Words from contra-information and Radical Ecology “Kataklysma” for the event of May, 26th about FCC

Hey gang of Biblioteca Kaos!

Hidden here somewhere, in a periphery forest in Latin America, I am sending my fervent greetings for all the comrades congregated in this subversive meeting. I lament to not be, flesh and blood, present in the library, thing that I want to do soon, and, it is because of this absence that I’m sending my accomplice words to all of you, to make me present here in the gang.
More than ever it is our hour. The New Anarchy burns in the heart of the true insurgent, that are walking without return to insurgent tension that confronts without breath ALL the existent. It’s also more than ever, time of Chaotic people who don’t pardon social peace, break the status quo of this rotten robotic and servant society and take it to ruins by the continue action without precedent. New Anarchy’s flame are burning from Greece to Chile, from Chile to Mexico, from Mexico to Italy and all over the planet they spread, causing terror in the slaves that are surviving in the cities and to their masters. Instead of frontiers, barricade and conflicts front are existing. They receive fugitive of this world, all ready for the fight to all-or-nothing in which prison and death can be a way that we would have to go through. But, they are not few people who doesn’t fear the insurgent and salvage conflict, and this makes me happy.

A great example of chaotic fugitives are guerrilla comrades of FCC who, even with uncountable sentences on their shoulders don’t make a step behind and goes forward, conspire day and night to burn Greek prisons, to break their gratings and to pull into savagery and uncertainty of social war again, where, the only certainty is the irremediable praxis.

The translation/subtitles of Kataklysma blog is a complicity and solidarity act with imprisoned greek comrades and to their convictions, including with the fact that they don’t repent themselves for their actions. As there or here, together, we conspire for the elevation of insurgent chaotic tension. Not just in Greece, but in Chile, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Indonesia, USA, Peru, England, France, Germany, Turkey, all around the earth and above all, Brazil, here we are and will always be! Whenever exists injustice it will exit rebellion, and this is the grain that we plant today, here and now!

So that the New Anarchy grain germinates in this fertile ground that we inhabit and can grow wildly as the harmful herbs succumbing the cities! In the front we are and in the front we‘ll meet.

Rage, conscience and anarchy, today, now and always
É nóis rapa!

Words of FCC members

CCF – Urban Guerrilla Core “ Our day will come”

Contribution from jail for the manifestation in Brazil, in library KAOS for the book presentation “Our day will come”.

“Even if you cut all the flowers, you cannot deter spring”

Captivity of an anarchist in jail is first of all a personal confrontation. It’s a confrontation against fear, contradictions, losses and defeat…

It’s a confrontation with the sound that resonates in every corner of the cell and tries to convince you that we lost… that everything is gone. The locks, the railings, the cameras, the wires, the uniforms, they want to remind you the state’s triumph.

But nothing ends…

We may have bled …but we never gave up…

And our day will come…

In the summer of 2013 the international plan “Phoenix Project” is on the move in order to reborn the urban guerilla warfare from its ashes.

The “Phoenix” was travelling across Mexico, Chile, England, Germany, Italy, Czech, Russia, Indonesia, and Greece… blasting and torching vehicles of prison directors, interrogators’ houses, banks, wealth symbols etc

The beginning was made/ And so it started…

The next two years the project is being organized…

Now in prison we do not count days for the ending of our punishment, we only count our hate in order to retaliate to the attack which deprived our freedom… Thoughts, conversations, plans… the decision has been made before we even realize it… escape is our release paper. In the kingdom of democracy, freedom is illegal and we will obtain it with illegal means.

One tall concrete wall separates us, a few railings, wires and the guards in watchtowers.

Concrete cannot beat freedom.

The plan is ready… the tests have been done… one van loaded with 200 kilos of explosives will be parked next to the wall… and freedom will rise from the ruins of the jail…

And then…

It’s the moment, when luck does not choose to stand by those who dare but it favors the cowards in the uniforms…

Arrests, police raids in our safe houses, disclosures of guns, rockets, explosives, vehicles, arrest warrants for those who would assist in the escape plan, investigations in our cells and transfers to the empty underground high-security wing.

The first thing you hear in the underground high-security wing is the sound of silence… total silence that whispers to you about the defeat that you must accept…

The state counterattacks…

Cops, judges, journalists, take their revenge for the escape plan we didn’t complete…

Television since the morning until late at night vomits bile and organizes panic… “terrorist from CCF were organizing a massacre”, “They were planning to kill people”, “CCF was organizing a massive terror escape” “CCF has relations with the mafia”, ” Terror in jail”.

Crows of authority thirst for more blood. They set up coordinated raids and they arrest comrade Angeliki Spiropoulou, who was fugitive because of the escape plan.

Even though the concert of revenge does not stop there…

They set up a filthy emotional racketeering and the anti-terrorist agency captures and interrogators imprison our relatives, charging them as members of CCF.

They say that the character of a person does not show from the way they enjoy their victories but from the way they manage to overcome their defeats.

So we begin a hunger strike until death, demanding the release of our relatives. A struggle with a bitter taste in our bodies, watching our relatives behind bars… We will win half a victory, since the mother of comrades Christos and Gerasimos Tsakalos was released but another hunger strike will be needed from Gerasimos Tsakalos and his partner Evi Statiri for Evi’s release.

One more attempt followed in cooperation with the comrades from “Revolutionary Struggle” in order to escape by helicopter; we wanted to flee organizing the day that we would not be there for the prison counting.

However an engagement inside the helicopter will cancel the freedom flight…

Too many thoughts, grief and even more tantrum… But a sullen face is the face of defeat… and we do not intend to lose…

They may have buried us in the deep underground cells of their jails, but they forget that some seeds grow even in the most sunless places…

We know for sure that freedom is not won on prayers not even with entreaties but with the loud noise that breaks the curse of captivity.

So today after 5,5 years of imprisonment we know that the reality we want is totally different from the reality we live in…

But the distance between desire and reality is only.. boldness…

“One day in prison, two days in prison, three days in prison… Today the day is passing so slowly… What is going on outside? Are they thinking of me? Four hundred seventy three days in prison. Four hundred seventy… I lost count… Fuck it… it is for the best. In prison counting is not good. .

I cannot sleep. Yesterday I completed three prison diaries… glang glang… the door key… they came in the middle of the night to search.

One thousand five hundred fifty two days in prison… Satisfied “lovely” judges? If I get out you’ll see…

Today I vomited my soul. I vomited bars, walls, disappointment, betrayals… I do not want to count any more.

I am thinking of all the stuff they locked out from me… all of the stuff they stole from me… all of the things they are trying to make me forget… a smile, a look that doesn’t stumble at bars, a night that does not end with the lock… I stop thinking… Open my hand… I stare at the rasp that I am holding… Now I know… Let’s go once again… Our day will come…”

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – FAI/IRF.
Urban Guerilla Core

Christos Tsakalos
Gerasimos Tsakalos
Giorgos Polydoros
Olga Okonomidou

Translated in English by some comrades from Papamihelaki Squat (Rethymno)

Words of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

Your event, creates cracks in the concrete universe surrounding us, as it tries to lighten things and situations concerning a reality we have experienced and we’re still experiencing.

The video for the Phoenix plan you re going to show, was a video made for an event in Athens where we were going to intervene telephonically to describe the new charges that led us to one more trial. It was about the charges of inciting some attacks that were carried out in the context of the Phoenix project, which starts with the blowing of the Korydallos prison director’s personal car by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire / Sole Boleno Cell.

At that time, all imprisoned members of CCF in their letter had hailed this action, and on that letter they based the new indictment. In the video one can hear the voices of the imprisoned members.

The book “Our day will come” is an editorial attempt of comrades from Chile who tried to record the story of an attempted escape of the CCF members and all that followed. Arrests of CCF members’ relatives and the hunger strike they had for the release of those relatives.

In both cases there is a (common) central axis: the desire of some imprisoned anarchists not to accept the conditions of their captivity.Through these stories one can see that either one way or the other, the unquenchable thirst for action and for freedom can not be stifled.

We hope this message will warm your hearts and make you feel closer to us despite the countless kilometers separating us.

We send our warmest greetings to the comrades who took the initiative to contact us and who prepared this event, as well as all the comrades attending it.

A flaming hug from the prison cells of the Greek republic.

Τhe members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire:

Panagiotis Argyrou
Michalis Nikolopoulos
Giorgos Nikolopoulos
Haris Hatzimichelakis
Theofilos Mavropoulos
Damianos Bolano


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