Update from 31.05.16 hearing of the CCF Escape Plan trial (Greece)

The hearing on 31/05 was based on the presentation of witnesses. Once again the presiding judge, A. Yfanti resorted to using dirty tricks with the aim of harming the defendants (the CCF comrades, their relatives and the prisoner Fabio Dusko). The judge urged the prosecution witnesses to reread their statements and try to “remember more things”, however the statements did not add anything of substance to the accusations.

The judge attempted to open up a debate about possible “collateral damage” from CCF bombings and used an attack against the taxation office as an example.

Responding to this, the comrade Christos Tsakalos – who was allowed back into the courtroom for the trial – spoke to the court despite attempts by the judge to silence him and stated that the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire always gave telephone warnings to avoid endangering the lives of people who were not the target of their attacks.

The comrade pointed out that in the case of the explosive attack against the police station in Itea, there was no warning call made because the targets were the police officers. The comrade stated: “The Itea police station was targeted because it was the location where a prisoner was tortured before they were murdered in Nigrita prison”.

The comrade continued: “The collateral damage are the dead from the ‘humanitarian bombing’ of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria…the collateral damage are the people who sleep in the street and look for food in the garbage because of this system that the judges faithfully serve”.

This time the judge’s attempts to silence the comrades were unsuccessful.

The trial continues on Thursday, June 2nd.

Insurrectionary solidarity with the comrades who keep on fighting in the prisons!

via Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras, translated by Insurrection News, information compiled from Mpalothia

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