A communiqué by Heriberto Salazar Gang of Saboteurs – FAI/FRI (Chile)

We are far from taking a strong defence of any individual who presents him/herself as enemy of the State and of all forms of dominion (over humans, animals and nature). We see how – and many imprisoned and not imprisoned comrades are right in this – not everyone can be defined a comrade or relations be forged with them.

In particular we want to generate a debate on what’s happening with the groups of action that deny anarchy is political objective and everyday struggle. These are so-called eco-extremists who shout coolly ‘death to anarchy’ thus disowning their own origins and formation, the idea following which they used to take nourishment from the warriors of the urban guerrilla of the past and the present, and then they went on to emphasize certain aspects that have always been within anarchy and its struggle for the liberation of humans, our brothers the animals and the earth.

Being extraneous to the constant tension we want to keep and to our struggle to make anarchy alive, a certain self-proclaimed eco-extremist sector is throwing away the libertarian ideal that manifests itself in the insurrectional struggle.

A certain small group linked to the imaginary category of ‘symbolic populations’ and musical/countercultural university areas (they disown university but they attend it… and they study the subjects they hate so much), despise the human animal and therefore see the enemy everywhere.

In the ‘wild fog’ created by their self-complacency and messianic attitude, they include among their enemies any worker victim of the shitty system of exploitation. They continue to ramble on killing workers, farmers or any person who, let’s say it clearly, has not been considered as valid interlocutor by our affinity comrades in the course of the years. Even if they are accomplices [of the system] the enemy is another one; any anarchist, libertarian, punk and nihilist gets it very clearly. This seems to take something away from the eco-extremists as they aspire to be vanguard and even fashionable.

So we call on all the coordinated individualities and people in affinity to carry on the struggle for the liberation of all living beings and the earth without losing sight of the political claim of our actions and of the real enemies and objectives.

7 years after Mauricio Morales went away we greet warmly the Manada de Choque Anarquico Nihilista for their cool and intelligent insurrectional actions during the demos of May 1 and April 21, when they gave yet another proof of the importance of the coordination between people in affinity. We want to be clear and declare the word of Maldicion Ecoextremista wrong, as they placed those episodes in a context of irresponsible urban guerrilla, with the intent of making the libertarian praxis their own!

We also greet the warriors of the Célula Revolucionaria Paulino Scarfó (FAI-FRI), who in their claim of an attack on the Banco Santander in La Cisterna wrote: ‘Attack has its ethics and is not indiscriminate; we embrace incendiary actions and we don’t agree with what is being said around.’

Jauría Saboteadora Heriberto Salazar (FAI-FRI)

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