Parcel bomb sent to the judge who jailed Evi Statiri (Greece)

According to information that appeared in the Greek press, on Thursday June 2nd a parcel bomb was sent to the judge Isadora Poga, who in 2015 rejected the release of Evi Statiri, the wife of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire comrade Gerasimos Tsakalos.

The device contained metal tubes filled with explosives of an unknown origin, screws and pieces of razor blades set to activate via an electrical mechanism, all inserted inside a hollowed-out book that was shipped inside a cardboard box.

According to the Greek press, which parrots the information provided by the police, the judge noticed something suspicious about the parcel and decided to notify the police who confirmed that it was an explosive parcel with the capacity to kill the judge.

The parcel was taken to the crime lab so the device could be analyzed for any fingerprints or DNA material left by it’s makers.

The Greek press reported that the hollowed-out book method had previously been used in a failed parcel bomb that was sent to the Itea Police Department.

While nobody has claimed responsibility for the attempted attack against the judge, the Greek anti-terrorist police suspect that the attack could be related to the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire due to the judge’s active role in rejecting the release of Evi and other relatives of the CCF comrades.

Evi is the wife of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire member Gerasimos Tsakalos and was arrested in January 2015 accused of participating in the foiled CCF escape attempt. The CCF comrades have categorically denied that Evi was a participant.

The Greek press, once again parroting police reports, have been speaking of Gerasimos Tsakalos as one of the ‘leaders of the organization’, seeking to insinuate that there are hierarchies among the CCF comrades who are in fact avowed enemies of any form of authority.

Currently Evi is on the street but her movements are restricted to a one kilometer radius around her home. She is also banned from having contact with her husband Gerasimos apart from as a co-defendant in court for the CCF escape plan trial.

We hope to have more information soon.

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via Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras, translated by Insurrection News

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