Letter from anarchist prisoner Grigoris Tsironis for June 11th (Greece)

A greeting for the international day of solidarity and action for the anarchist prisoners throughout the world

An international day when all prisoners from all corners of the earth, all those who are experiencing the obligatory status of incarceration in the penal prison camps of democracy, those who are being deprived of the most valuable good of freedom, are uniting their voices, their thoughts and feelings, in order to send a signal among them that no one is alone.

Despite the hundreds of kilometers that are separating us, despite that we don’t know each other, despite of all our differences, there is something that surpasses borders and achieves the elimination of all distances, something that can’t be imprisoned, that escapes out of the walls that loom up around us, something that is priceless within the hearts of those who feel it, express it, or receive it.

It is this strong feeling of solidarity that fills us with strength, it gives us courage, in order for us to not give up even in these very difficult circumstances that we are experiencing, but instead to keep on fighting with the same passion.

It is the powerful bond between those who perceive themselves as fellow travelers, among those who transmute theory to action, those who are developing a polymorphous action with the purpose of destroying the existent, those who struggle against every form of enforcement and limitation, who fight back against injustice and exploitation, those who with rage and consciousness follow a decent life choice.

It is solidarity that in our days, more than ever, has been targeted by authority, by repressing and criminalizing it. But it is our weapon as well, no matter how much they’ll try they’ll never succeed in disarming us. Because solidarity’s “bullets” are all these small or big gestures of support from all those who see in us a part of themselves, and those who can’t feel free when at the same time there are imprisoned comrades, hostages in the hands of the state.


Grigoris Tsironis
Korydallos Prison

via Radiofragmata Translation Project

more info about Tsironis here.

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