Letter from anarchist comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva, outside the prison walls at last (Spain)

“Anarchism concerns the individual, not only with regards to collectivity but also with regards to itself’. Anarchism is not directed at the “citizen” but to people.” Albert Libertad.

Dear comrades,
Finally, after endless games and chicanery by the prison institution and the ministry of the interior they were forced to obey their own laws, which they constantly break, here I am finally free, writing these first words of gratitude and love to all those who over these past 30 years have accompanied me and reaffirmed my own anarchist beliefs, putting into practice the basic values and principles of anarchism like mutual support and solidarity and have finally managed to pluck me from the clutches of the prison beast which I will continue fighting from the street without forgetting, obviously, the combat being waged outside.

I am certain that even in all of this I am very privileged to have had the support of comrades, because there are many who do not have this possibility. In the coming days we will send out statements in more specific terms about what concerns our movement and possible strategies that we must develop so that we can cure the revolutionary anarchism of our elders of all institutionalism and insubstantial chatter. I want to be clear that I will never forget our libertarian comrades imprisoned in the spanish state and around the world, particularly Mónica, Francisco, Claudio, and the latest comrade to be arrested who will soon be extradited to the german state, and many more unnamed.

There is still so much to do, I know, and it will certainly not remain undone due to lack of will, passion and commitment. In these moments I won’t refer to the pettiness implemented by the prison administration to try to impede my release because we will be documenting this with official papers that denote, clearly, how crude and cunning the justice administration in this country is.

I am free and apparently in 45 days they intend to imprison me again, they will unleash their hounds on me. Obviously, I will not go voluntarily or participate in any way in any kind of agreement or negotiated release with those disgusting people. Therefore I suppose that I have no choice but to continue, as always, fighting from the shadows, supporting those processes and anti-authoritarian projects that I consider it necessary to give life to with all the means I can reach from my imposed clandestinity.

It would be impossible to mention here all the people and organisations that have supported me throughout all these years, because they are too many. I only want them to know that they can count on me yesterday, today and forever for anarchism and social revolution.

Today, from a place outside the walls, huge greetings to all my sisters and brothers in latin america and southern europe, with the confidence that we will find ourselves on this journey and project of emancipation that is our lives in struggle.

Gabriel Pombo da Silva

10th June, 2016.

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