Words in solidarity with the comrade arrested in Barcelona (Catalunya)

Every heart is a time bomb

On 13th April 2016 the Mossos d’Esquadra in collaboration with the German police raided three places, two of which were private homes and one was the squat Blokes Fantasma.

The repressive operation concluded with the arrest of our comrade, for whom there was a European arrest warrant after Germany accused her of participating in a bank expropriation in the country in 2014.

The comrade has been held in solitary confinement in the prison of Soto del Real (Madrid) since 14th April and has expressed her opposition to being extradited; but judge Angela Murillo of the fourth section of the Audiencia Nacional gave in (as usual) to the request of the German state and on 26th May she ordered our comrade to be extradited within 10 days, after which she’ll be put in a maximum security prison.

The prosecutor in Aachen (Germany) is the same one that issued a European arrest warrant on 24th June 2015 against a Dutch anarchist comrade, who was arrested on the Greek-Bulgarian border and imprisoned for two months.
She was then extradited to Cologne, where she spent 4 months in jail, also charged with expropriating a German bank in 2013. She was released on bail on 16th December 2015 and is awaiting trial.

What the powerful call crisis is nothing more than capitalist restructuring, which on the one hand leads us to precariousness, pauperization and uncertainty in our lives, and on the other has to repress and imprison all the people who decide to struggle and rebel against a life of misery they want to condemn us to. Obvious examples are the ‘ley mordaza’ (the gag bill), the new penal code, new antiterrorism legislation…

In order to enforce all the political and economic measures to maintain the status quo, they need to constantly sharpen their apparatus of repression and control.

In the name of security and democracy collaboration between states in matters of repression is something that they are refining more and more: European warrants, meetings between colleagues in uniform from various countries, ‘undesirable persons’ databases and DNA archives are all part of their arsenal of control.

The hypocrisy of the Europe of profit opens the borders to the circulation of capital and goods and at the same time closes them to those who don’t resign themselves to living on crumbs and flee from misery, devastated areas and the wars made by those who are on the other side of the same borders.

Unperturbed and in horrible normality, this Europe observes the barbarities it has provoked. Past and recent history shows that it is possible to break normality: by challenging the law of dominion, power, consensus and capital, by taking back our lives.

The experience of the defence of Banc Expropiat in the neighbourhood of Gracia in Barcelona opened up a crack in the social peace that they try to impose on us daily, but it has also shown possibility and hope towards building an autonomous and dignified way of living.

We know that the rebel fire burning in Gracia in recent days warmed our comrade’s heart during her solitary confinement in Madrid; and in spite of the distance she was close to us in the actions and passions of these nights, as she has done many other times.

It matters little whether the comrade is guilty of what she is accused of or not, a job we leave to the bastards who defend the system.

All the ways of expropriating the enemy who’s been robbing us for centuries, are not only legitimate but also desirable.

All our support to anyone who risks their freedom to expropriate Capital.

Rebel and internationalist solidarity with all the fighters Freedom for the comrade arrested on 13th April in Barcelona and for all anarchist prisoners


Anarchists in solidarity

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