Athens, Korydallos Prison Court: Statement of Giorgos Petrakakos when leaving the trial procedure, the reading of which was forbidden by the judge Ifanti (Greece)

On February 15th 2016 began my second trial, concerning robberies for which I am accused of since 2002. This trial takes place at different times, but on the same days, in the same court room and by the same judges who are trying the escape case of members of the CCF.

Just like in the case of the CCF, there were repeated attempts by the judges to provocatively bypass the strike of the DSA (Athens Bar Association).

Specifically, the chairwoman Mrs Ifanti initially proposed to me to be tried without an advocate, because according to her my legal representation will offer me nothing, since I accept the charges and because I have already been convicted and sentenced to 36 years for another case. So either way my final sentence will be merged to 25 years! Thus, she proved to me that she perceives my trial as mathematical equation which will simply add years to my sentence,
without even examining the real incidents.

I refused her proposal and insisted on my initial choice to be represented by a lawyer. In the following session Mrs.Ifanti came back with a new proposal, suggested to my appointed advocate Athanasios V. Stamou, to bypass the decision of DSA so they can “get it over with”, for her to receive mine and my advocate’s refusal.

The third time she returned with a vengeance, again suggesting to my advocate “to just break the law a little bit so we can get it over with…”, meeting our surprise and refusal once again. I did not want to elaborate on the above, based on the thought that disregarding formalities is not as important as violating the essence.

Just a few days before I had been convicted by carriers of the same authority for a robbery in which I did participate, as well as two more and participation in the Revolutionary Struggle group, without any proof whatsoever. Also, I had experienced the irregularities from representatives of justice from the start of my case, when they detained my partner, as well as my childhood friend Th.A., who had nothing to do with the case.

However, the incidents that took place at the expense of the accused for the escape plan of members of the CCF on May 18th 2016, and to which I was an eye witness, with chairwoman Ifanti exchanging swears with the accused such as “you shut up”, “you fuck off… Go say that to your girlfriend”, lead me to decide to not appear in the procedure of my trial, as a token of support to my fellow inmates and because I do not accept to be tried by such judges, legitimizing it with my presence.

Giorgos Petrakakos.

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