Defendants declaration for the raid on Turkish Airlines – Torino (Italy)

In Italy comrades have been touched by the repression, for a solidarity action with Rojava last year… Long live the intenational revolutionary solidarity.

Once again, on July 21, 2016 we’ve been waked at dawn by police. This time, under warrant of prosecutor Rinaudo as usual, they would compel us coming daily to police station twice a day, as precautionary measure, following an action on September 2015, when we visited the Turkish Airlines offices at Caselle (Torino) to denounce Erdogan’s terrorist politics and express support to those both in Turkey and Kurdistan who keep on resisting and fighting to.

Unbelievable but true, just while purges and massive arrests are overflowing and Erdogan states real destitution of Parliament and suspension of human rights Convention, in Italy – like in Europe – they pretend be shocked and try silencing those who since long have been denouncing the terror of the Turkish state, which isn’t any fresh news, rather.

Well, this time we’ve decided not to consent any longer to our restrictions of freedom. First of all, because – as specified in the restrictive ordinance itself – that’s set to prevent us from reiterating our attitudes under question, i.e. support to PKK resistance and to revolutionary struggle in Kurdistan; support to-day needed more than ever and for which, if ever would be anything to blame on us, we are not managing to do enough.

Then, because it’s time to react to this trickle of repressive measures, by which they’re trying to suppress struggling movements: just between Valsusa and Torino we don’t count anymore number of persons submitted to restrictions. That’s enough! A collective reaction can’t be any longer postponed, everyone based on their possibilities. Therefore, most of us will no more co-operate to reduce their freedom and won’t come to police station. Should you want it, you’ll have to take responsibility in dragging us into jail. We are here. At worst, we’ll go and join those comrades – Luca and Giuliano – still serving sentence for their fearless refusal to underlie the house arrest, and to whom we seize the opportunity sending a tight embrace. Should you think to frighten us, you’ve attacked the wrong target.

Defendants for the raid at Turkish Airlines

Torino, July 22, 2016

Link to video filmed at Turkish Airlines offices – Torino, September 2015


Declaration text read at Turkish Airlines offices – Torino
September 2015

… With this raid we wish to break the silence and lies concealing the war unleashed by Erdogan’s government in Turkey against the Kurdish people. As occurred in the nineties, with bombings on villages and towns, fires and torture, are adding racist attacks against Kurdish civilians.

It’s useless being moved in front of photos either of refugees or children escaping the war, while “our” democratic States keep on supporting those responsible for war: Turkey above all, a friend of the West, trading partner, NATO member and, meanwhile, an ISIS supporter and slaughterer of Kurdish people and dissidents.

That’s why we are here. Because Turkish interests in Europe shouldn’t any longer be secure. Because our brothers and sisters resisting among Kurdish mountains should know that they aren’t alone. Nation-states and capitalist globalization have failed. The Empire is crumbling. It’s time for revolution. It’s time for organizing. They have begun in Kurdistan, hence everyone is against them. Therefore, we are with them.
For cohesion of struggling people.

From the Alps to Kurdistan! Long live internationalist solidarity!

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