Butcher Shops Sabotaged in Santiago by Animal Liberation Front (Chile)

“…with simple materials we sabotaged the locks so that the owners of this so-called ‘job’ can have it clear in their heads that there are subjects that do not want and do not respect the commercialization of humiliation, suffering and death of animals.”Javier Recabarren affiliate cell of ALF

The ALF assumes the low-scale sabotage committed during the night of July 28 in the periphery of Santiago against 2 butcher shops, 1 private dwelling (butcher owner’s house), 1 access fence into the butcher and other shops, and lastly, 1 shop selling chicken.

The flow of commercialization in the shops selling dead animals was interrupted as we filled tens of their locks with liquid steel, which the bastard owners discovered later that morning with surprise. In the following days, we left a message on paper, making it very clear why this action was committed.

We undertook this action because we position ourselves against the exploitation of any species; we do not tolerate the commercialization of death for some human’s palate tasting who doesn’t question for one minute their rotten lives aligned with this capitalist system–a system that sees everything in terms of profit and who’s citizens blindly enjoy. This also is the least we can do to contribute to the fight for animal liberation, moved by anarchist ideas, and, let it be clear, we have always had our eye on going further with boycotts and sabotage.

We send our greetings and act in solidarity with the subversive, vegan, and libertarian Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda, who is currently serving time in a high-security jail for bank hold-ups under the name “Moyano case” and who also must serve decades of time for guerrilla actions when he was part of the Mapu-Lautaro group during the 1990’s.

For every animal, dead or in a cage waiting for their hour, and for our imprisoned comrades in democracy’s dungeons who propel animal, human, and earth liberation, in definitive total liberation. The eternal calling is clear: struggle and solidarity.

For the destruction of all the cages!
Prisoners to the streets!
At war for total liberation!

Animal Liberation Front – ALF

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