Call for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan (Turkey)

From KJA – Congress of Free Women.


On 15 August 2016, a military coup d’etat was attempted in Turkey. Within a few hours, heavy weaponry tank and plane attacks killed over 260 people and injured hundreds. State forces bombed many public institutions, including the parliament, and opened a helicopter fire over the civilian people. This chaos experienced, indeed, keeps repeating in Turkey since the formation of the nation-state over the course of past 200 years.

The denial of truths in society and the politics of annihilation executed by power holders present the root causes of his chaos. The denial and annihilation politics are experienced as wars, deaths, tortures, impoverishment, coups and fascism in the society. When the possibility of a life in freedom and dignity diminishes, resistances, conflicts, and wars culminate, where the resisting people have the final say in history.

For the last 40 years, the leader of Kurdish people, Mr. Abdullah Öcalan, has been waging a struggle for our people with tremendous loyalty and labor. The insistence on failing to understand the Democratic Republic Project, the current proposal of this struggle, is the main reason behind today’s chaos that Turkey undergoes. Despite that, unfortunately, both the Government and the President, still continue a discourse resting upon the annihilation of Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom. This eclipse of reason keeps the political arena at the threshold of a perpetual process of ‘‘coup mechanics’’.

Mr. Abdullah Öcalan is held captive at the İmralı Island prison since 15 February 1999. As of 5 April 2015, meeting of Mr. Öcalan with his lawyers, family members, or with the members of the delegation carrying out the peace talks, have not been permitted. What happened at the İmralı Island on the night of the coup, and the reason behind prohibition of the visitations are not announced to the public.

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