Urgent call to stop Turkish massacres in Rojava and Northern Syria by the Kurdish Women’s Relation Office (Iraq)

On 24 August 2016 Turkish Special Forces together with elements of the so-called Free Syrian Army started a cross-border offensive against the Northern Syrian town of Jarablus. According to official statements by both, Turkish officials and representatives of the FSA, target of this offensive is Islamic State as well as Kurdish People’s Defense Units (YPG).

It was clear from the start that only Kurds would be targeted. During the last 5 days not a single confrontation took place between Turkish/FSA forces and ISIS. But from the beginning YPG and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) – the most effective forces on ground against ISIS – are being attacked by Turkish state forces.

The first day of the ‘Euphrates Shield’ operation, what Turkish officials have called an ‘assault on Islamic State and YPG terrorists’ as result of Turkish shelling of Kurdish majority neighborhoods in the east and west of Jarablus, at least 49 civilians have been killed.

Today (28 August 2016) the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) and several other media outlets have confirmed that Turkish airstrikes and tank shelling has killed at least 40 civilians in the village of Bir/Jubba al-Kusa 13 km south of Jarablus. This village was previously liberated by SDF from ISIS.

Hours after the massacre in Jubba al-Kusa another 20 civilians were killed and 25 wounded in Turkish air strikes near the town of Al-Amarneh. According to not confirmed news at least four Kurdish fighters had been killed and 15 injured in Turkish bombardments of the two areas. It is clear that they will continue with their massacres as long as the US-led International Coalition remains silent.

Twitter accounts of FSA elements that cooperate with Turkey show that 7 FSA fighters are hold captive. There are pictures and videos showing how the FSA fighters are tortured by so-called ‘moderate’ FSA fighters.

US officials and the German government have declared their support for this Turkish operation against Kurds in Northern Syria/Rojava. Therefore many commentators are calling the US’s stance “treason” against the Kurds.

The whole Western world is losing credibility in the struggle against ISIS as it is supporting – directly or indirectly – Turkish aggression against Kurds, which are the most effective forces on the ground against the Islamic State.

The Turkish state is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity under the eyes and support of the USA, European Union and NATO. This makes them also guilty and responsible.

– We call the United Nations Security Council to take the necessary measures to stop Turkey’s massacres and invasion in Northern Syria.

– We call on the US-led International Coalition against ISIL to stop Turkish attacks against US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

REPAK Kurdish Women’s Relation Office رێکخراووی پەیوەندییەکانی ئافرەتانی
کورد Navenda Pêwendiyan a Jinên Kurd منظمة المرأة الكردية للعلاقات

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