Kraków: Banner in solidarity with the Warsaw Anarchist 3 (Poland)


In the second half of August 2016 we hung a banner in solidarity with Tadek, Oskar and Michał – the Warsaw 3 anarchists arrested on suspicion of trying to set fire to a police car. This was a minimum gesture as part of the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners.

The democratic regime holds them in isolation within the prison, treating them as dangerous criminals, trying to break their souls and destroy their will to resist.

Despite the feeling that we are separated by thick walls surrounded by barbed wire and surveillance cameras, we know that it depends on us whether they succeed. Our passivity reinforces the superiority of the state and weakens the position of those arrested, disarming the environment of the will to act and quietly learning to accept unwritten compromise with the system – until it leans on you, you can enjoy relative security and vegetate on the margins of society.

Apparently we are free and they are trapped. However, there is an invisible prison, erected in our minds by the system, fulfilling its role as effectively as a real prison of concrete barriers and metal bars. Our consciences are guarded by the police stations where the police officers are our own thoughts, preventing uncontrolled development of rebellion. It is only when the overthrow of these invisible prisons begins that the anarchist revolution will be here with a smoldering spark of flame that explodes in disobedience.

We therefore call on all anarchists to show solidarity with the guys – write to them, do actions for them that break the isolation of the walls and the system. Let us show that we do not sit with folded hands, let us remember our comrades and continue their struggle. Lets break through the walls of fear!

We dedicate this excerpt from the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire to our comrades:

“Prison is a shadow apart in the transparent galley of democracy. Here, time is uncountable and days push slowly against each other, melancholically, indifferent, mechanical. Here, the seasons of the year die within a calendar hung on the wall, and nostalgia takes its revenge, disinterring memories, emotions, loved ones, sceneries and thoughts that never materialized into praxis.

But the wolf that exists within us stays awake and hungry. All these days, all these months, all these years we feed it with thoughts, desires, concerns, plans, rage, and it swallows the bars, the barbed wire, and the locks to run free again some unknown day.”

Several anarchists

via Grecja W Ogniu, translated by Insurrection News

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