Operation Scripta Manent: 6 new arrests and 30 searches for attacks of the FAI/IRF (Italy)

At dawn on September 6, an operation coordinated from Digos [political police] based in Torino led to the search of thirty homes in Piemonte, Liguria, Lazio, Umbria, Lombardia, Abruzzo, Campania, Sardinia and Emilia Romagna, as well as the arrest of six anarchist comrades on charges of subversive association with terrorist aims: Anna, Marco, Sandrone, Daniele, Danilol and Valentina, in addition to the notification in prison for Nicola and Alfredo.

The operation, called “Scripta Manent”, seeks to attribute to a single directing a series of actions in common the claim by the Informal Anarchist Federation, which reproduces the repressive strategies of some earlier as Op. Cervantes and Op. Ardire, and trying to superimpose a membership structure and top-down to expressions of anarchic conflict.

Specifically, the attacks included in this investigation include the explosive packages sent in May 2005 to the Director of the CPT [immigration detention centre] of Modena, the traffic wardens’ barracks in Turin – San Salvario and the superintendent of Lecce [claimed by FAI / Narodnaya Volya], the explosive device against the barracks of the RIS (Italian scientific department) of Parma [24 October 2005 – claimed by FAI / Artisan Cooperative Fire and Similar (occasionally spectacular)], the parcel bomb sent to Sergio Cofferati [2 November 2005 claimed by FAI / Artisan of Cooperative Fire and Similar (occasionally spectacular)], the arsonist device against the barracks of the Carabinieri’s cadets in Fossano [2 June 2006 claimed by FAI / RAT (Rivolta Anonymous and Tremenda)], the
letter bombs sent in Turin in July 2006 to Coema Edilità (company involved in the restructuring of CIE) , the Mayor Sergio Chiamparino and the director of Turin Chronicle [claimed by FAI / RAT (Rivolta Anonymous and Tremenda)], the bombs placed in the Crocetta Turin neighborhood [March 7, 2007 claimed by FAI / RAT]; in addition to other actions also injured Adinolfi [7 May 2012], for which two comrades have already been convicted and have publicly claimed the attack, returns to substantiate the crime of association.

To structure the clues, it seems that the investigators are also equipped with linguistic experts and graphology, in addition to computer surveillance, the eavesdropping and tailing.

Probably the comrades will be transferred in AS2 in Ferrara and her companions in Rebibbia, but we await confirmation before spreading addresses.

Further updates coming soon

At the end of the day there will be two arrest warrants notifications in prison and six arrests, including five concerning the operation and one resulting in the outcome of the searches


During the house search of a mate and the land adjacent to it, two police officers are surprised by Comrade himself, thanks to his vigilant and distrustful attitude, fiddling with a gun, not to order and placed inside a transparent envelope. Perceiving that they were noticed both collect from the ground the gun in question and have placed in your pocket. To you the interpretation of this disturbing episode. To all hit by this latest repressive operation goes our solidarity and closeness. In a world that we would like to complain we are helpless on the side of those who still has enemies, choosing them between those responsible for their misery and is organized to make them pay.

Some anarchists in Bologna

On Tuesday, September 6th, seven comrades were arrested and accused of being members of the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI). The arrests were made by the DIGOS (Division of General Investigations and Special Operations) headed by prosecutor Roberto Sparagna. The charge against our comrades is ‘subversive association with intent to commit terrorist acts’, coordinated by the prosecutor of Turin who has accused them of placing 3 bombs. One in the Crocetta neighborhood of Turin on March 5, 2007, and two in the police training center in Fossano on June 2, 2006.

In addition to the arrests of these individuals 8 other comrades have been placed under investigation. Raids were carried out on 29 homes located in Piemonte, Liguria, Lazio, Emilia Romagna, Lombardia, Sardegna, Abruzzo, Campania and Umbria.

The arrested anarchists are Anna Beniamino (46), Marco Biseti (33), Emiliano Danilo Cremonese (40), Alsessandro Mercogliano (43) and Valentina Spaziale. The identities of the other two comrades are unknown but it is believed to be two women linked to the attack by ‘Olga Cell’ FAI-FRI against nuclear power company executive Robert0 Adinolfi in Genoa, May 2012. Anarchist comrades Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito were sentenced for this action to 9 years, 4 months and 10 years, 8 months respectively.

More updates soon.


At about 5.00 this morning, September 6, almost like an anniversary or the tax on garbage due, a pack of guard dogs materialized outside my door.

They were not begging for nuggets, biscuits or bones but weapons, explosives, claims, Croce Nera Anarchica, Pagine in Rivolta and KNO3 …

With the arrogance typical of watchdogs, they pushed into the house and started rummaging, not before having delivered me the formal invitation signed, not by me of course, but a certain Roberto M. Sparagna who works as inquisitor on behalf of the Prosecutor of Turin.

Apart from a few “Cobra” firecrackers and a smoke bomb they did not find anything else “dangerous” and gave vent their hunger on newspapers, pamphlets and posters, especially from Greece and Mexico, the above Italian anarchist publications and others, posters with FAI / FRI symbols as well as a good amount of correspondence even from decades ago.

After turning my room upside down and visiting those of my roommates, they asked me to accompany them to the police station to list the sum total of the raid and receive a receipt of confiscation.

Once again, with Septembrian surgical precision, they have unleashed raids and issued notifications of impending investigations; but above all some comrades have been kidnapped, 8 to be precise…

This time, in order to gain a place on the State payroll for a few years, the prosecutor R. M. Sparagna had to fish in troubled waters, going back to events that happened in 2003 (who knows if the next inquisitor will accuse and arrest us for the “Matese uprising” or the “revolt of Piombino “…

Those that the “wig” on duty is turning to, and has summed up under “270bis”, are attacks carried out from 2003 onwards with the signature FAI / FRI, not knowing that back in 2004 someone from Rome had tried with “Operation Cervantes” and a couple of years later with the operation against the comrades of the then Croce Nera Anarchica [Anarchist Black Cross].

The arrest of our comrades will not succeed in making us beat a retreat, so arm yourselves with “holy inquisitorial” patience because you will have to wake us up at dawn for a long time…if you can find us still in our beds…Alfredo, Nicola, Anna, Marco, Alessandro, Daniele, Danilo and Valentina will not be left alone even for a second.

Our thoughts will be with them every moment of their sequestered lives, in their every breath, in each one of our steps along the paths of the dark woods.

I, myself and me

Naples, 6 September 2016


Last night the repression arrested six “free” comrades and two who are already prisoners, and invaded the homes of 33 comrades.

This wave of repression has hit an area of ​​the anarchist movement.. this area does not have representatives and has no spokesman, so each one expresses themselves in accordance with their conscience and is responsible for what they say.

The repression as always wants to scare and intimidate, wants to force us to stop or take a step back.

We thank all those who have expressed solidarity .. the solidarity of comrades is always useful and precious.

For our part we invite comrades to express their solidarity in the only way that we believe effective.

Comrades, sisters, brothers, we must not allow the repression to achieve its aim. all together we must strive to multiply our efforts to make the struggle increasingly tough, effective and destructive against every form of power .. of course each one will follow their own conscience and do what they see fit.

Responding to repression means moving forward, only then can we help our comrade prisoners.

a hug to all and everyone

Lello, “the one in the wheelchair”

For the moment, as editors of Croce Nera Anarchica, we are waiting to write about this new operation.

To send solidarity contributions
N° Carta PostePay: 4023 6009 1934 2891
Payable to: Omar Nioi

As for the addresses, at the moment we know that the comrades are in the following prisons:

The comrades arrested in this operation:

BISESTI MARCO: C.R. REBIBBIA via Bartolo Longo n. 72 – 00156 ROME


BENIAMINO ANNA: C.C. CIVITAVECCHIA via Aurelia nord km 79,500 n. snc 00053


SPEZIALE VALENTINA: C.C. via Ettore Ianni n.30 – 66100 CHIETI


While Daniele, comrade editor of CROCE NERA ANARCHICA, was arrested in relation to other proceedings on charges of possession of material for the manufacture of explosive devices, following the discovery in his apartment of some batteries and an electrician’s manual.

CORTELLI DANIELE C.C. Regina Coeli Via della Lungara n29 – 00165 ROME


Omar Nioi-CNA

From CNA Italia, Actforfree, various sources

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